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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ONESELF

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Astrology, 325:for it necessitates the ability to identify oneself with the One Who thus breathes - the planetaryAstrology, 434:Sensitivity to that which is found within oneself. This, when the consciousness is adequatelyAstrology, 624:see the vision and increased power to identify oneself with the vision - a race of men will beAtom, 136:not a negative thing, and means the putting of oneself in direct conscious alignment with one'sAtom, 138:and through the medium of that, to put oneself en rapport with that individual, or with a group ofAtom, 138:to take an eye, and by means of that eye to put oneself en rapport with all other eyes in the solarAtom, 138:pebble off the beach, and by means of it to put oneself in accord with the entire planet. Now inAutobiography, 100:I mean a sense of fun but an ability to laugh at oneself and events and circumstances as they areAutobiography, 208:hard up. I'm no believer in hoarding things for oneself and I have known what it is to need aAutobiography, 222:ever forget. Such are the things one pictures to oneself in moments of fatigue and disillusionment,Autobiography, 292:that to be an esotericist means that one holds oneself aloof from mundane affairs and that esotericBethlehem, 81:the overcoming of inertia, and the will to exert oneself so that the initial journey can be taken.Bethlehem, 127:sensed ability to rule others because one rules oneself, have in them the germs of temptation, andBethlehem, 247:the concept of an endless eternity lived with oneself, have for most of us no allurementBethlehem, 247:of us no allurement whatsoever. Yet an aspect of oneself longs for immortality and the sense ofDiscipleship1, 81:the processes of initiation: the adapting of oneself to the needed integration and, secondly, toDiscipleship1, 358:and steadfast meditation and the freeing of oneself from self attention. Can you grasp theDiscipleship1, 414:humor, a real (not forced) capacity to laugh at oneself and with the world. This is one of theDiscipleship1, 703:the instinct to serve even with the sacrifice of oneself. The law of "death unto life" controls.Discipleship1, 746:come about as the result of any effort to fit oneself for this position of power and of influenceDiscipleship2, 235:plan useful and effective is meditation; laying oneself open to spiritual impression and thus toExternalisation, 613:ever assumes undue proportions, and divorcing oneself from those details as they deluge one's dailyFire, 418:This is the ability to distinguish between oneself and all other forms extant. It is universallyFire, 882:Selfishness. It is only safe when: One gives oneself up to it, body, soul and spirit. - S. D., III,Fire, 882:one's own immortal Principle. One knows oneself - S. D., III, 435, 436. All the virtues areFire, 984:25-27. All magical operations consist in freeing oneself from the coils of the Ancient Serpent. -Glamour, 4:intuition is therefore the recognition in [4] oneself, not theoretically but as a fact in one'sGlamour, 5:all happenings, all phenomena, all group work to oneself as the center. I cannot enlarge furtherGlamour, 82:with reality, through insulation of oneself against the unreal. It is this idea which lies [83]Glamour, 83:it is much easier to sit down and hypnotize oneself into the belief that one is "calling in theGlamour, 83:up the mind with the soul and then focusing oneself consciously and with precision in the mindGlamour, 85:and to discover the effects of force; one finds oneself consciously the victim of force currents;Glamour, 203:the desire for that which is material and not oneself (as identified with the Whole) dies out.Healing, 357:itself in intense criticism of each other, or of oneself; in a vivid sureness of personal rectitudeHealing, 360:emphasis - it must be the image arrived at by oneself through the medium of the expansion of theHercules, 168:presupposes our harmfulness. Talking about oneself, we are always occupied with our own problems,Initiation, 64:between theory and making that theory part of oneself. One can have a perfect image or picture, butIntellect, 106:may be asked, what is the easiest way to teach oneself to concentrate? One might reply, in theIntellect, 229:in the process. It is quite easy to induce in oneself an hypnotic condition by the rhythmicIntellect, 234:This must be done without a constant plucking of oneself up by the roots to see how one is growing.Magic, 21:triplicities with which one can familiarize oneself the more one will be in rapport with a widerMagic, 187:to wait and work gradually and intelligently oneself than force one's way unprepared into lines ofMagic, 188:as the center of a group, the longing to hear oneself speaking, teaching, lecturing, or writing areMagic, 316:altogether, and a complete capacity to isolate oneself from any sensory impression at will - inMagic, 394:The sense of drama and the capacity to visualize oneself as the center of one's environment. TheMagic, 397:step of the ladder and in which phase one finds oneself at any particular time. Behind each humanMagic, 428:of one's life on the basis of surrender, asking oneself all the time: What can I relinquish inMagic, 457:the formulations of the lower mind, so equipping oneself to leap readily into activity, and,Magic, 492:Clear thinking involves capacity to dissociate oneself, temporarily at least, from all reactionsMagic, 504:as one falls to sleep. One should not permit oneself to drift off to sleep, but should endeavor toMagic, 585:Lord. It is no easy or flattering task to find oneself out and to discover that perhaps even theMagic, 602:that individual status is rigidly kept to oneself, and the point of evolution (which may beMagic, 603:through that capacity to include and to identify oneself with all that breathes and feels which isMeditation, 145:It presumes a determination to consider oneself at all times as the Ego, and not as a differentialMeditation, 145:it will involve also the ability to look upon oneself as part of a group, with no interests andMeditation, 179:- guarded against, not in the sense of shutting oneself off from stimulating force but of receivingMeditation, 309:endeavor to think in group terms and clearly for oneself, not depending upon the word of others forPatanjali, 124:devotee to realize. A capacity to decentralize oneself, to change one's attitude fromPatanjali, 187:no matter what the locality in which one finds oneself, and no matter what age one may be or whatPatanjali, 189:but a recognition of present assets, an availing oneself of one's opportunities and letting themPatanjali, 254:that reality is identical with the reality in oneself. 4. The illumining of the intellect. UnlessPatanjali, 288:states. It is the practical ability to identify oneself with another in all the three worldPatanjali, 321:from the form is developed. One knows oneself in truth to be, not the form but the indweller, notPsychology1, 81:and the well-known? Quality - power to detach oneself. Can you arrest the waters of the sixth greatPsychology1, 322:is relatively rare. Conscious adapting of oneself to circumstances is the result of evolutionaryPsychology1, 323:A conscious and purely selfish adapting of oneself to the environment. In these cases, the man isPsychology2, 43:powers for spiritual ends; The identification of oneself with reality; Right order through rightPsychology2, 72:are included in it. It is more than a hiding of oneself in the shadow of the will of God. ItPsychology2, 76:upon that which is desired, and of detaching oneself from that which has been held. The variousPsychology2, 247:to age. Secondly, the constant effort to render oneself sensitive to the world of significantPsychology2, 355:not love of being loved. The power to draw unto oneself must dominate, but into the worlds of formPsychology2, 449:following attitudes: By a determination to avail oneself of the tide which is forcing humanity toPsychology2, 481:not that the blind, unreasoning subjecting of oneself to guidance (as at present practiced) rendersPsychology2, 604:be transformed into the power to depersonalize oneself, prior to world service and cooperation withPsychology2, 743:will be seen and the power to identify oneself with the group and not with one's own selfishRays, 305:The effort to remove hindrances within oneself, such as those implied in the rule for probationaryRays, 521:Its technique was the process of fitting oneself for the revelation of that divinity, of achievingReappearance, 158:Its technique was the process of fitting oneself for the revelation of that divinity, of achievingSoul, 125:John XI). Mahima - the power to include or make oneself large or to comprehend the universe. ChristSoul, 125:24, John VI, 64.) Laghima - the power to make oneself light so that one could float in the air orSoul, 125:25, 26, Mark VI, 48). Garima - the power to make oneself heavy. There is no record in the ChristianSoul, 154:One may be helped to such a definition by asking oneself what element has tended to fall out of theTelepathy, 12:and, at the same time, the power to focus oneself in the soul consciousness. The mind and the brain
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