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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPEN

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Magic, 400:and sense of proportion. They look with open eyes upon the world of men and recognize those whomMagic, 403:make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. This next developmentMagic, 433:sense it. At the same time, there is found the open door of initiation. Both these opportunitiesMagic, 436:the day of opportunity. The door stands open. The particular month in which a soul comes intoMagic, 461:for this work, provided their minds are open and focused. According to the simplicity of theirMagic, 467:long path has been traveled. Another door stands open now. The words sound forth: "Enter upon theMagic, 469:the living soul, eyes fixed upon the cross, ears open to the wailing cries of all his brotherMagic, 478:lines of subjective communication [478] will lie open. Men will recognize that noise acts as aMagic, 499:usher them out of incarnation. I seek today to open the door in the occident to a newer and moreMagic, 520:of World Mystics, and they must keep the path open and the way clear of obstructions. OtherwiseMeditationendeavor to do two things: Read always with an open mind, remembering that the truth is aMeditation, 59:vibration in one or other of his bodies, should open up the channel to a greater extent, and soMeditation, 73:his emotional body is moved by high desire, and open to the downflow of force from the causal andMeditation, 114:the matter that will (if pondered on with care) open up to the earnest seeker after truth manyMeditation, 121:of the personality receptive and quiescent, and open therefore to the attack of the watchingMeditation, 122:I may use so unusual a term) to be receptive and open to transmission from the causal or theMeditation, 125:for some one incarnation and so lay themselves open to the evil force. Sin (as you call it) in theMeditation, 177:Therefore he who unwittingly lays [177] himself open to direct contact with any elemental, runs aMeditation, 179:obviate the need of speech. [179] These forms open the avenues of mutual comprehension. MantramsMeditation, 191:forms, in employing sound and rhythm, should open up a funnel of communication between those takingMeditation, 220:the same relationship will be found, and will open the portal to the "Kingdom of God within." RedMeditation, 223:the foot firmly on the next step ahead lies the open road to the Master, and the incidentalPatanjali, 22:activities. In this condition of sleep, a man is open to hallucination, to delusion, to wrongPatanjali, 257:and standing on his feet, viewing life with his open eyes." Patanjali, 275:of nature. The realm of the soul will stand open to him and this, when it includes recognition ofPatanjali, 287:unifying principle all hearts everywhere are open to him. Through tenderness, that compassionatePatanjali, 352:this is realized, the infinite possibilities open to the aspirant, begin to appear. Later to thePatanjali, 427:is his and all avenues of knowledge are open to him. He stands free of the field of knowledge, yetProblems, 54:will seek to throw the entire world of effort open to him, pointing out that apparent barriers toProblems, 59:to investigate and the world of science will open up before him. Behind all these appliedProblems, 59:both historical and psychological. This will open up before the youth of the world the entireProblems, 59:him in a truer perspective and the future thrown open to him also in an appeal for his individualProblems, 102:been given equal opportunity as citizens in all open-minded [103] countries. Their contribution toProblems, 104:also exists wherein no country anywhere wants to open its doors and offer the unwanted Jews asylum.Problems, 115:tie the hands of the selfishly aggressive and open the door of opportunity to those who have as yetProblems, 122:will inevitably go on; the way stands eternally open to pilgrims and all such pilgrims, all souls,Problems, 123:universe. Churchianity has, however, laid itself open to attack and the mass of thinking peopleProblems, 139:minded in all churches, whose minds are open to the new inspirations of God's Mind, who are liberalPsychology1, 36:that our platform is understood and we are not open to the criticism that we neglect reality, andPsychology1, 63:reveal the past, destroy the form that is, and open up the golden door. This door reveals the wayPsychology1, 84:light. Out from the east, the Word went forth: Open the door to all the sons of men who come fromPsychology1, 84:Then shall the gate into the north remain wide open, for there the unseen Master stands withPsychology1, 85:wide intention (during the coming cycle) [85] to open the door wide into the temple of the hiddenPsychology1, 100:Through this study, carried forward with an open mind, modern psychology will eventually arrive atPsychology1, 114:to an individual group member, but all of it is open and can be read, known and considered by everyPsychology1, 160:a way that the path to the outer world is left open, and that to the inner world is also cleared ofPsychology1, 272:the fruits of experience. They are however open to the magnetic attractive power of those who arePsychology1, 312:the beauty of the heavenly vision, or they are open but fixed upon the mud and slime with which hisPsychology1, 312:with which his feet are covered. But when his open eyes are lifted for a brief moment, and see thePsychology1, 349:Who passes on His way and leaves behind an open door through which another Brother can pass uponPsychology1, 364:of water, which will revolutionize its uses and open to man the free passage to the astral plane.Psychology1, 373:then have been recovered, all doors will fly open, and the consciousness of man will respond toPsychology1, 398:Law. He sinned wilfuly and with his eyes wide open to results. Hence he knows the law as no otherPsychology1, 399:would have caused the gates of resurrection to open wide. We are told that these three swore anPsychology2, 30:and in all references to the seven Paths which open up before the adept of the fifth initiation.Psychology2, 36:from whence I came? Is the word strong enough to open wide the door? What shall I do?' The answerPsychology2, 38:who is the shadow of the Blessed One, reveal the open door. That Angel too must disappear. ThePsychology2, 45:the third initiation takes place and the wider open door looms before the initiate, he will thenPsychology2, 65:received and passed. This enters in through "the open gateway" of the splenic force center, andPsychology2, 114:conditions in this needy world. It will open men's eyes to the basic realities, which are, as yet,Psychology2, 114:and the Hierarchy, and thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom, strength andPsychology2, 122:major idea to be grasped for (in grasping it) we open ourselves wide to the new incomingPsychology2, 169:upward to the summit. There a wide window stood, open unto the blue of heaven, and carrying onePsychology2, 174:the prison walls. He passes into light with open eyes, he who for aeons long has groped thePsychology2, 187:These are followed willingly and with the eyes open, but no rigid adherence to the letter of thePsychology2, 237:the light, to seek the vision of reality, to open our eyes and see truth as it is. Down the ages,Psychology2, 303:and that within himself has to be found the open door to the universe. What is here presented is ofPsychology2, 312:and who faces the Angel of the Presence open-eyed, as the ancient Scriptures call it. The DwellerPsychology2, 377:It is occultly said that "the pentagram is open and a place [378] of danger when the disciple knowsPsychology2, 378:to say that "if the disciple enters through the open pentagram, he dies. If he passes over into thePsychology2, 421:explanations and so start investigators with open minds and the willingness to accept unusualPsychology2, 432:been unrecognized, and new powers begin to open up. Each man is, therefore, within himself, aPsychology2, 448:and then again new areas of consciousness open up before the advancing pilgrim. The great planetaryPsychology2, 468:his troubles, though small in the beginning, can open the door to serious situations. There arePsychology2, 487:etheric barriers, and throwing the doors wide open on to the astral plane. Such are some of thePsychology2, 491:the sixth ray. Those who have laid themselves open to the glamors of the astral plane through overPsychology2, 496:there may be somewhere those minds which will be open enough to accept some of the suggestions andPsychology2, 497:only is this the case, but also - through the open door of his own astral life - he can tap or tunePsychology2, 498:it) can carry over into past lives, and thus open doors which it might be well to leave shut untilPsychology2, 519:soul body or the egoic lotus, are basically only open doors into the larger whole of which [520]Psychology2, 540:plane, to which the solar plexus is the wide open door. The increased and constant use of thisPsychology2, 563:A close study of the above will bring to the open-minded student two major points which he would doPsychology2, 586:the solar plexus center (and consequently of the open door to the lower levels of the astral plane)Psychology2, 588:and the door to the astral plane stands wide open? He seeks to shut it and to function normally; hePsychology2, 589:of moment. 2. If the door to the astral plane is open because of natural birthright, the activityPsychology2, 598:hypotheses and acted upon. The result would open the door to a new understanding of the psychicPsychology2, 682:Servers. Secret societies are organizations ever open to attack and suspicion. The New Group hasPsychology2, 682:and their files and methods of work must ever be open to investigation. The Secret Services andPsychology2, 686:as a form of planetary alignment and the needed open channel through which these extra-planetaryPsychology2, 698:conditions in this needy world. It will open men's eyes to the basic realities, which are as yetPsychology2, 698:and the Hierarchy, and thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom, strength andPsychology2, 720:and if we read with the eye of the inner vision open, and with our intuition alert and awake,Rays, 34:The "Way of the Higher Evolution" lies open to the aspirant to the Greater Mysteries, but he is oftRays, 69:of the Purpose is to keep the channel open between our Earth, the planet Venus and the CentralRays, 86:the rocky grave of humanity is breaking open and releasing men to a life of resurrection. ForgetRays, 175:him upright, [175] standing, unafraid, with open eye before the One Who from the very first hasRays, 199:but will be comprehended by those whose eyes are open to be blinded. Students must remember thatRays, 223:and the Way of the Higher Evolution stands open before the initiate. It will be obvious that thisRays, 224:"It is finished" is my earnest hope. Then will open for you as for others, the Way of the [225]Rays, 237:of disaster and suffering, are blasting open hitherto sealed areas in the minds of men, letting in
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