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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPEN

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Rays, 243:Higher Evolution; for this the five initiations open to humanity (as today constituted) prepare theRays, 253:see little in it. I have given enough, could the open-minded astrologer but realize, to establishRays, 328:the Higher Evolution and that nothing else will open it. This Way leads the Master off the cosmicRays, 345:times, when the Door of Initiation stood wide open, the aspirants to the Mysteries were admitted inRays, 348:until suddenly one day he stands before an open door through which he may joyously pass has noRays, 348:portrayed in such books (by Annie Besant) as The Open Court and the Path of Discipleship, whichRays, 350:door of initiation and take the needed steps to open it on two similar occasions. Both overcomeRays, 350:system. When the door of initiation is ready to open for the third time, the parting of the waysRays, 361:governed by the seven rays. Any one of them is open to a Master of the Wisdom, and His choice willRays, 386:and then, esoterically speaking, "the Way lay open toward the Cross"; the initiate faced theRays, 388:(for I have told you much) anent the Ashrams open today and the requirements for acceptance. It isRays, 402:through this triangle of force, as through an open door, He sends the potency of love into ourRays, 410:causes account for this: The decision to throw open initiations higher than the fifth to the readyRays, 412:not only the one or two cosmic Paths hitherto open to them, but all of them, if given the rightRays, 422:This triangle is in the nature of an open door, presenting unique and unprecedented opportunity toRays, 423:our system, our planets and the universe. This "open" triangle presents opportunity to Those LivesRays, 619:state of positive contact; when this channel is open and unobstructed, then the Christ will come.Rays, 650:for the promised revelation, thus laying himself open to an entirely new inflow of force. This heRays, 662:phase or revealed area of the "lighted Way" is open to souls on all the rays and to every type ofRays, 753:are the weights which keep the door of evil open and which precipitated upon the world the horrorsRays, 766:located. When this is so, door the first will open. Key the second lies across the Threshold, overRays, 766:secret. Seek you them. Then door the second will open to your touch. Key the third lies half wayRays, 766:love, that key is turned. The door swings wide open. With hasty feet the one who hastens towardsReappearance, 58:will entail and the new possibilities which will open up before us. But through Him, light and lifeReappearance, 78:God, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, in open expression on Earth, thus leading to theReappearance, 88:of God is known" will be brought into a more open and general relationship. The mystical approachReappearance, 106:to life, giving the teaching which [106] would open the door to the work of the Christ Who would,Reappearance, 139:to truth? There is, however, a spiritual, open-minded minority. Why do the young people refuse toReappearance, 140:Churchianity has, however, laid itself wide open to attack, and the mass of thinking people areSoul, 15:second instance, certain other paths are most open. Fortunate those people in whom the mostSoul, 17:to investigate fairly; questioning, yet open to conviction when supposed facts are proved to beSoul, 138:field for investigation in these matters lies open to all psychical investigators, and when theSoul, 144:student regards as hypothetical and given an open mind what can be done of specific and practicalSoul, 146:in nature and the portals of a new world will open before humanity. Dr. Leary appreciates this whenSoul, 147:its effects on the nervous system and the glands open up an immense field for study; whilst theTelepathy, 107:is a deep occult significance to the words "an open mind"; it is as essential to correctTelepathy, 117:contact with the soul and are therefore wide open to those intuitive ideas which are the source ofTelepathy, 186:the externalization of the Hierarchy and its open functioning upon the physical plane. Then, some
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