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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPENED

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Hercules, 114:the man with swift attack and roaring loud, opened his mouth. Down the red tunnel of his throatHercules, 126:belonged unto the group. But Hercules and Pholos opened it in the absence of their brothers,Hercules, 129:they broached the cask of wine which was to be opened only by and for the group. A whole sermonHercules, 159:a beautiful hidden something, and his eyes were opened. In Libra he went through a difficult stageHercules, 211:the angle of soul, "I see and when the Eye is opened, all is illumined". Gemini, the Twins Element:Initiation, 34:the human and animal kingdoms will again be opened during the next great cycle, or "round" as it isInitiation, 116:stands in the "Presence" with his eyes occultly opened. As a many tinted Lotus of nine petals.Intellect, 7:the Western mind and with it more doors can be opened than with bare hands. Thus it is part andIntellect, 17:reveals itself and that secret door is found and opened which leads from darkness to light, fromIntellect, 30:The New Decalogue of Science. The door must be opened for those who can go beyond the academicIntellect, 222:of his well-intentioned ignorance was that he opened up the inner hearing in the psychic sense. HeIntellect, 229:activity, confined within the field of ideas opened up by any particular "seed-thought" or objectIntellect, 231:disastrous. More than one unripe personality has opened within itself receptivity to power whichMagic, 221:astral plane when first definitely seen by the "opened eye" of the aspirant is one of dense fog,Magic, 321:it until such time as the heart center is opened and functioning. This stream of living energy canMagic, 322:Only those, however, whose "hearts are opened and lifted up unto the Lord" will know whereof IMagic, 379:to Manchuria, including the Gobi desert, are opened up, it is planned that much of the earlyMagic, 379:human was closed and the door of initiation was opened. It was felt at that time that man was thenMagic, 381:years. 8. At the time the door of initiation was opened, many millions of years ago the Lodge cameMagic, 381:the kingdom of self-consciousness will again be opened. That the path of mysticism must leadMagic, 440:mind I rule. Taurus - I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined. Gemini - I recognize myMagic, 583:qualities of positive harmlessness and the opened eye which sees at will into the world of reality.Meditation, 16:and the forcing upward had a like result; the opened channel admitted the downflow of force or fireMeditation, 46:the virtues and remedy the defects. The field opened up by these ideas is so vast that I cannotMeditation, 137:The door whereby entrance is effected must be opened by the man himself; the opening wherebyMeditation, 220:system, and continue their alliance here. I have opened up for all true students vast realms ofPatanjali, 424:of its own accord, a very door of heaven will be opened; happy the warriors... who find such aProblems, 73:The war has, however, acted like a purge. It has opened the eyes of men to the underlying cause ofProblems, 150:and the door into the Kingdom of God was opened. Man learned that the way into the Holy Place couldPsychology1, 70:a higher vision blazes forth before the opened inner eye. The three are one, and not alone the two.Psychology1, 84:on, the sounds of life were heard. The door was opened, and the door was shut. Each time it opened,Psychology1, 84:was opened, and the door was shut. Each time it opened, the power within the temple grew; each timePsychology1, 371:but under the new influence it will be partially opened; it will be set ajar, so that a few animalsPsychology2, 167:natural things. His eye is closed. His eyes are opened wide. He dwells within his world in deepPsychology2, 167:not as yet... Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly the love of that which is the true,Psychology2, 167:upon a hill, and not deep under ground. Only the opened eye can find this way." Psychology2, 169:blue; the winds blew free; the trees and flowers opened themselves unto the sun. But in thePsychology2, 209:round. In Atlantis, the door of initiation opened, and forced initiation became the objective ofPsychology2, 212:will occur before so very long. The door will be opened, for the admittance of rare and peculiarPsychology2, 212:new qualities of Deity, though it will not be opened for ordinary individualization. These rare andPsychology2, 220:vision) as difficult to comprehend as those opened up when we pass, in dim and nebulous imaginativePsychology2, 271:lotus (the world) is to be revealed by the opened lotus of the kingdom of souls. The secret of thePsychology2, 278:has been greatly facilitated. The Way is now opened so that the ascent of the sons of men canPsychology2, 338:from that of the "closed bud to that of the opened lotus". This takes place during the period ofPsychology2, 363:you stand. Move on a pace. See truly with the opened eye of inner vision and you will find, not twoPsychology2, 439:the vast field of mental activity which has opened up before him, he may for a long time becomePsychology2, 465:say, that the man's efforts in meditation have opened a door through which he can pass at will (andPsychology2, 467:have wandered in and out of the door we have opened, and we have accustomed ourselves to the lightPsychology2, 498:well to leave shut until they can be more safely opened. The second method which is sometimesPsychology2, 588:1. If the door to the astral plane has been opened by following certain breathing exercises, plusPsychology2, 690:and consecrated aspirants. Its ranks have been opened during the past ten months to all those menPsychology2, 691:accomplished; the gates of the new life can be opened, and the inflow of the new spiritual forcesPsychology2, 695:full moon - so that a channel can be cleared, opened and established between the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 706:through the channel of contact which the man has opened, will give to psychology the four [707]Rays, 113:to be achieved, of spiritual satisfaction and an opened door to greater wonders. In the occult ageRays, 317:- which confronts the higher initiates - has now opened up. The three aspects of the will, asRays, 327:of the cosmic physical plane. III. I therefore opened up the subject of the possibility of theRays, 347:which bars the way, of that which must be opened, or of that which hides or stands between theRays, 424:Revelation." He can thus make His decision with opened eyes and unblended by the glory. Rays, 429:his soul vision), the Jews have partially again opened the door [430] to the Forces of Evil, whichRays, 492:closed lotus bud or jewel at the center of the opened lotus. This he does when the sacrifice petalsRays, 501:between soul and brain, via the mind, has been opened, and that he has mastered the first stage inRays, 524:the new aspects of the future teaching. He opened the door to the Way of the Higher Evolution,Rays, 526:our planetary scheme millions of years ago. He opened a door into the human kingdom through HisRays, 527:Whole. [527] Eventually Hercules came forth and opened the door on to the Path of Discipleship, HisRays, 527:the various initiations. Shri Krishna came and opened the door through which mankind could pass toRays, 527:came the Christ and performed a triple work: He opened the door to the third initiation. HeRays, 554:separative and hateful evil. This, in its turn, "opened the door where evil dwelt" and let loose onRays, 673:spine, there is a lifting up; when the eyes are opened in the light, that which must be loweredRays, 753:where evil dwells was unimpeded, and humanity opened wide the door. The entrance for what might beRays, 753:what might be regarded as cosmic evil was first opened in the decadent days of the Roman EmpireRays, 753:the Christ chose to manifest in those days), was opened wider under the corrupt regime of the KingsRays, 753:Kings of France and, in our own day, has been opened still wider by evil men in every land.Rays, 767:Remember, those behind know not the door has opened or the door has closed. They see it not. RestReappearance, 135:where the Love of God demonstrates has been opened and enlarged, and the contact between these twoSoul, 11:or even rejection. But that the author has opened up new possibilities which may eventually lead toTelepathy, 58:something we all register. Our five senses have opened to all people five great realms from which
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