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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPENING

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Hercules, 85:life, and the other into spiritual life; one opening the door into the mass form of the humanHercules, 98:the light of day and found no lion, only another opening in the cave that led into the light ofHercules, 99:of sticks and bundles of small twigs within the opening near at hand and piled them there, blockingHercules, 103:the lion into the cave through the unblocked opening and, leaving all weapons behind, even the clubHercules, 109:had two openings? [109] Why did he stop up one opening and enter in through the other? And what isHercules, 111:mind. For it was only when he had blocked the opening of the personal emotions (post-pituitary),Hercules, 111:selfish life, that he could, entering by the opening represented by the ante-pituitary, subdue theInitiation, 33:- Chapter IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy The Opening of the Door of Initiation It is notInitiation, 124:basic unity. During the Initiation ceremony, the opening of the eyes of the Initiate to see andInitiation, 138:to ray and tendency. This brings about the opening of the central bud, the revelation of the jewel,Initiation, 194:voice of the disciple be heard, demanding the opening of the door. When the lower life upon theInitiation, 194:lies the other side of the door produces its opening, an when the key of the disciple's life isIntellect, 70:passwords which lead to the door and procure its opening. It is here that meditation plays its partIntellect, 83:hems it in, ...and to know Rather consists in opening out a way Whence the imprisoned splendor mayMagic, 180:and necessitates the use of atomic matter, thus opening up a wide range of communicators. It spellsMagic, 406:man en rapport with the world in which he lived, opening his eyes not only to the nature of matterMagic, 469:bathes the bud in light and causes future opening. Let the light shine. Magic, 469:off, dim and most vaguely seen, appears an oval opening, its color blue. Stretched athwart thisMagic, 500:are orifices of exit for the life force. One opening is in the solar plexus and the other is in theMagic, 501:the web produces eventually a puncturing or opening. Out of this the life force pours as theMagic, 501:the web in the brain which is punctured and the opening in that region permits the inflow of light,Meditation, 137:effected must be opened by the man himself; the opening whereby malignant force can be poured inMeditation, 195:specified here. The time is not ripe for the opening up of accurate information on this matter. WePatanjali, 212:via the etheric body, using the brahmarandra or opening at the top of the head. At no point is thePsychology1, 84:where the true light shines forth. "Why this opening of the temple?" demand the greater Seven.Psychology1, 105:on His ray, the fourth ray. Much that is opening in the world of psychology today is due to thePsychology1, 315:we shall have what I might pictorially call the opening of a great station of light on earth, andPsychology1, 344:the long agony of humanity's test, and the opening to man of the door into the fifth kingdom ofPsychology2, 169:me the key.' Then silence reigned... Through the opening on the summit of the pyramid, dropped fromPsychology2, 170:search; he whipped himself to effort new. The opening dimmed its light. A shutter seemed to close.Psychology2, 203:Lotuses wherein the flower is on the point of opening. Lotuses of closed and sealed condition. ThePsychology2, 508:of souls. The "things of the kingdom of God" are opening up before them and the phenomena, thePsychology2, 534:to the new fields of consciousness and the opening areas of awareness, and to become used to thePsychology2, 535:soul inflow, the energy pours through the opening at the top of the head and finds its way to somePsychology2, 591:lead to The closing of the different centers The opening of the higher centers The transference ofPsychology2, 595:over-stimulation of the sex life, and also the opening up of the astral plane and hence muchPsychology2, 609:the light in the head irradiates the central opening at the top of the head. Through this openingPsychology2, 609:opening at the top of the head. Through this opening the various energies of the soul and thePsychology2, 625:us bring to the work of the new cycle which is opening before us a renewed aspiration, a deepenedRays, 42:life of the soul. That center is in reality an opening, a door leading somewhere, a way of escape,Rays, 43:symbolism of the head, the light and the central opening) that many occasions arise in meditationRays, 269:This involves what has been called a "moment of opening-up," during which the initiate sees thatRays, 277:Right Human Relations. I have written these opening remarks because it is this elevatedRays, 404:quoting the Old Commentary) "the door once opening inward now opens outward and permits the exit ofRays, 435:an Ashram, familiarizing himself with new and opening spiritual environments, widening his horizon,Rays, 459:with consequent monadic realization and the opening up to the initiate of the Way to the HigherRays, 524:of all knowledge and wisdom. Christ, in opening this "greater door beyond the lesser door,"Rays, 528:possible their unimpeded progress, as far as the opening of each stage of the planetary antahkaranaRays, 557:the circulation of energies is furthered by the opening or the awakening of certain planetary andRays, 767:the left. In the apprehension of the key, in the opening and shutting of doors, lies life eternal.Reappearance, 102:of the Christ It might be useful to make a few opening remarks upon the general subject of theReappearance, 188:we shall be making way for that which is new and opening the door to the activities [189] of theSoul, 86:The second ventricle, connected by a minute opening with the first, was fixed upon as the seat ofSoul, 114:passing into the medulla, and finally opening into the fourth ventricle of the brain, and descendsTelepathy, 58:contact, emanating from the Spiritual Triad and opening up areas of interaction hitherto known onlyTelepathy, 92:Science of Impression. It involves the constant opening up of a new environment - an environment
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