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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPERATION

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Astrology, 584:to consider the techniques of the will of God in operation. According to them, that will isAutobiography, 300:is our greatest guarantee of successful operation in the days to come. Autobiography, 301:consideration, which has affected the whole operation, has been the rule that the life work [302]Discipleship2was a new age group forcing process, tested in operation by the use of this group of chelas all ofDiscipleship2, 205:of the Plan which must immediately be put into operation; this is the apportioned duty of theEducation, 111:World War was in the nature of a major surgical operation made in an effort to save the patient'sEducation, 111:life of humanity (speaking in symbols) and an operation was made in order to prolong opportunityEducation, 111:and save life, not to save the form. This operation was largely successful. The germ, to be sure,Education, 112:in the body of humanity. [112] Another surgical operation may be necessary, not in order to destroyExternalisation, 345:to consider the techniques of the Will of God in operation. According to them, that Will isExternalisation, 461:three groups, however, indicate the successful operation of the Forces of Restoration. These areFire, 49:existence becomes ever more perfected. The operation of this fire under the Law of Attraction. TheFire, 279:either attracts and swings into its own field of operation, or it repulses and drives them outsideFire, 712:cosmic mental plane - a force which has been in operation ever since the individualization of theFire, 1166:thing supplies the basis and opportunity for the operation of preservation, which, in strictness,Fire, 1236:effects, with the results produced through the operation of the subjective side of nature (thatHealing, 273:field little is known about the results of an operation as it may affect the etheric body andHercules, 42:and the energizing Life. Sex, that Life in operation, attracting spirit and matter and institutingIntellect, 186:both intellectual and spiritual, through the operation of which the soul is enabled to break theMagic, 276:and controlling them [276] within his field of operation. This is now taking place. Knowledge ofMagic, 404:is based upon the Law of Cycles. It concerns the operation of certain periods of opportunity whichMagic, 533:principle of periodic appearance - a beneficent operation of the love-wisdom of innate divinity,Meditation, 147:attains by the recognition of the law in operation and by the wielding of the law which bindsPatanjali, 112:in process of elimination, overcome, or in full operation. 5. Avidya is the condition of confusingPatanjali, 128:in process of elimination, overcome, or in full operation. The comprehensiveness of this sutra isPsychology1, 163:system only one of these seven great rays is in operation. The seven subdivisions constitute thePsychology1, 165:of Devotion, and that this ray was already in operation before the dawn of Christianity; also thatPsychology1, 169:of a man during the one lifetime of its operation. I say one lifetime, but it may of course be onePsychology1, 354:a third ray, the fifth, was called into operation, and thus with the united effort of the [355]Psychology2, 161:steadily the Law of Repulse begins to swing into operation. When the third initiation is taken,Psychology2, 228:embody the key ideas which will reveal Deity in operation as the Soul of all things; They willRays, 299:Oneness as it demonstrates [299] in practicing operation. When he has, through his own life andSoul, 57:or potential activity, and needs a field of operation. Substance furnishes this and in the union ofSoul, 128:mind is how to achieve greater efficiency in operation. Man, the soul, is limited in his operatingTelepathy, 6:governed by these two laws, has always been in operation among the adepts, the initiates and theTelepathy, 6:who are in physical plane bodies. Now the operation of this process is to be extended and steadily
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