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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPINION

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Astrology, 242:in the present time, there was a divergence of opinion among the astrological scientists; theyAstrology, 285:of Hitler. No matter what may be our personal opinion of him, there is no question that he hasAstrology, 632:in the life of humanity which we call 'public opinion.' This is now being brought into theAstrology, 632:clear to you. A trained and enlightened public opinion is an unknown thing on a world wide scale,Astrology, 632:groups are rapidly appearing. Out of public opinion (which is the focused expression of the growthAtom, 35:the wise man can do just now is to reserve his opinion, ascertain for himself what appeals to himAtom, 152:shall meet with a vast amount of contradictory opinion; we shall find that some astronomers sayAutobiography, 255:names and functions. A.A.B. has been of the same opinion. The Masters, as portrayed in theBethlehem, 56:these important points. But evidently, in the opinion of the apostle, they were not of paramountBethlehem, 203:care too much about our reputations and public opinion to transgress them now. There are boundariesDestiny, 18:people," which is in reality the voice of public opinion is, for the first time and with noDestiny, 57:formulation of a theory. The growth of public opinion. The imposition of the new and developingDiscipleship1, 22:realize, for instance, that any differences of opinion which may occur in the relations of thisDiscipleship1, 32:in the primary [32] work of educating public opinion - the only potent means of work and of farDiscipleship1, 33:of esoteric schools and the educating of public opinion has been committed to a group of us whoDiscipleship1, 153:of right cooperators, I might endorse your own opinion that up till now no true well-balancedDiscipleship1, 161:be indicated, such as the educating of public opinion in the principle of non-separativeness. ButDiscipleship1, 572:to progress. I, therefore, beg you to reserve opinion as to my techniques and objectives until youDiscipleship1, 686:of Accepted Discipleship limit his freedom of opinion or choice, coerce his judgment and make himDiscipleship1, 687:established, no fundamental divergences of opinion can appear; the aims of the soul and theDiscipleship1, 787:and functions. A. A. B. has been of the same opinion. The Masters, as portrayed in the TheosophicalDiscipleship2, 174:slowly close through the sheer weight of public opinion and through right human desire. Nothing canDiscipleship2, 297:the truth of what I say when I express the opinion that your individual or personal love ofDiscipleship2, 340:the smallness and the inaccuracy of his past opinion and interpretation of experience. [341] 6.Discipleship2, 457:- an organized, ready and worldwide public opinion of such strength and organization that it cannotDiscipleship2, 658:many lives. This tends to give you a surety of opinion, in relation to others, which conditions andDiscipleship2, 682:very frequently on a certain section of public opinion and when this happens (as it is happeningDiscipleship2, 707:and who force you to live in the blaze of public opinion; what will you do when your chosen workersDiscipleship2, 752:may be circumstance, or the race mind or popular opinion or the people with whom they areExternalisation, 5:The Hierarchy of Adepts has been divided in opinion (if so unsuitable a word can be applied to aExternalisation, 22:its mission. Its objective is to educate public opinion. It carries both inspiration and the powerExternalisation, 23:to be done at this time is to educate public opinion and to familiarize the thinking people of theExternalisation, 24:thought, to salvage the world, to educate public opinion and so bring in the New Day. Externalisation, 50:ability to make them the molders of public opinion. They will then be the most important group,Externalisation, 189:private citizen [189] will have no right to an opinion. Men will be drafted like slaves into theExternalisation, 210:in the planned focusing of enlightened public opinion, and in defining and teaching the realExternalisation, 211:and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion which desires the greatest good of theExternalisation, 219:begin to think in terms of mankind, then public opinion will become so potent and so right in itsExternalisation, 219:the larger whole. It is this arousing of public opinion to world rights, to inclusive humanExternalisation, 327:these problems; they are actively molding public opinion; [328] free minds in all countries, orExternalisation, 329:of their thought and attitude in moulding public opinion should make itself dynamically felt - ifExternalisation, 367:Axis aggression, is definitely steadying public opinion and evoking an unalterable determination toExternalisation, 379:is that focused, determined, enlightened public opinion is the most potent force in the world. ItExternalisation, 379:(which does not deserve the name of public opinion) can be as easily turned to good ends as bad,Externalisation, 380:change and make a sound and intelligent public opinion one of the major factors in worldExternalisation, 380:In all these cases, however, the value of mass opinion is recognized and the need to sway the massExternalisation, 383:is being discussed. Cultivate an intelligent opinion, based on goodwill and on what you, as aExternalisation, 383:definite contribution to the moulding of public opinion and as a method of building up thatExternalisation, 385:They will form a body of synchronized public opinion, sufficiently strong to mould ideas, influenceExternalisation, 426:humanitarian is saying, and this is the opinion of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy stands firmly onExternalisation, 478:the minds of army leaders, and arousing public opinion to take those steps which will eventuallyExternalisation, 484:and direct public thinking and mould public opinion. The energy which I have called the Forces ofExternalisation, 504:these words anent the second Coming, to reserve opinion as to the exact nature of that event. KeepExternalisation, 580:of selfish and self-seeking people, but public opinion will be such that certain fundamental idealsExternalisation, 580:business, being forced upon business by public opinion; the fact that the new general ideas will inExternalisation, 638:interest of the State, and - because of a low opinion of the human masses - everywhereExternalisation, 698:and in every field of human expression the opinion of these men and women, and of the MastersFire, 193:manifested pentagon in the proper order. In the opinion of our old philosophers sound or speech isFire, 312:and its Alter Ego (according to our humble opinion) - electricity will always appear, as eitherFire, 453:freeing people from the onus of adverse public opinion, and enabling them to reveal what they haveFire, 483:by H. P. B. in the Secret Doctrine as follows: Opinion must be reserved because: CompleteFire, 663:the conscious whole, he should reserve his opinion as to the meaning thereof. It will be apparent,Fire, 1085:law of oneness which connects the many, in the opinion of all true yogis and Shri Krishna. TheFire, 1248:waves of ideas and surging currents of public opinion on astral levels as well as on the higherGlamour, 19:and teaching for the race; they can mould public opinion and change the current of men's thoughts.Healing, 237:or other of the centers. An enlightened public opinion - informed as to man's constitution andHercules, 24:soldiers at the crucifixion. It is the general opinion that the robe is the symbol of vocation. TheHercules, 192:a large scale has to be brought about by public opinion, and this is of slow growth and largelyHercules, 192:via the mind is ruling, we will have public opinion moulded by thought and not by emotion, and weInitiation, 187:waves of ideas and surging currents of public opinion on astral levels, as well as on the higherIntellect, 24:is largely mass thinking, and haphazard public opinion now moulds thought just as much asIntellect, 28:educational thought, though not by the popular opinion of the day..." "The new education has forIntellect, 34:thinkers will decide. But out of the welter of opinion emerges the basic fact of the wide range ofIntellect, 98:external circumstances, the slave of fluctuating opinion. The continuity of the inner life couldIntellect, 101:vibrations, such as those incorporated in public opinion and in the books written throughout theIntellect, 240:of energies and of forces. The power of public opinion (emotional as it usually is, and frequentlyIntellect, 240:knowledge) energy pours through. The "public opinion" of the [241] soul realm seeps little byIntellect, 252:to pride; they are not interested in the good opinion of any person, incarnate or discarnate, andMagic, 131:it makes an emotional appeal, becoming public opinion. It is now practically ready to take shapeMagic, 315:and of mob rule lie. Also the roots of public opinion, so-called, are to be found here, but it willMagic, 358:conduct are not of the highest, that public opinion is proverbially molded by personal and selfishMagic, 359:grasp the nature and use of mind, is that public opinion has to give place to individualMagic, 368:Thus you see the value of educating public opinion; it brings the many helpers to the aid of theMagic, 417:to organize, slowly and steadily, that public opinion which will eventually divorce man fromMagic, 461:of desire, and the nurturing of right public opinion. They thus bring about the needed physicalMagic, 464:molded unthinkingly by tradition and public opinion, are frankly immersed in selfish interests, andMagic, 476:of creative enterprise? The training of public opinion, the utilization of catch words and slogans,Magic, 477:races of humanity in an effort to mould public opinion and bring certain ideas and concepts intoMagic, 541:few there are who can think creatively. Public opinion, mass ideas, the tendencies of [542] humanMagic, 586:him to run counter consistently to the world's opinion, and to the very best expression of thatMagic, 586:opinion, and to the very best expression of that opinion, and this with frequency. He has to learnMagic, 586:as he sees and knows it, irrespective of the opinion of earth's greatest and most quoted. He mustMagic, 630:has peculiar concern? What of the fear of public opinion, and fear of failure? These are two potentMagic, 631:of worldly or intellectual counselors. Public opinion and the advice of those who are Piscean inMagic, 633:works necessarily under the glamor of public opinion. The intermediate group has a most difficultMagic, 636:of power. The refusal to pay attention to public opinion or to failure. This is done by theMeditation, 21:may be the purely intellectual. Reservation of opinion is the best line for the wise onlooker toMeditation, 214:and the student will wisely reserve his opinion. Yellow is another of the colors that have come toMeditation, 231:elasticity of view, and an ability to reserve opinion until further facts are demonstrated, andMeditation, 338:discouragement, over-sensitiveness to public opinion; then he must overcome that vibration, by
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