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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPINIONS

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Discipleship1, 11:proves attachment to the personality and to the opinions of others. Secondly: It is essential thatDiscipleship1, 16:coherence and integrity - no matter what diverse opinions you may hold or what may occur as timeDiscipleship1, 412:slow to move, slow to decide, slow to form opinions. There is much to be done by this group ofDiscipleship1, 720:their critical minds say or to act upon the opinions they may have formed through the use of theEducation, 107:enough to be making the attempt to form his own opinions and come to his own conclusions. This isExternalisation, 222:indicate a Coming One and their many differing opinions seem to converge on Him; occultists invokeExternalisation, 378:of the unfolding task, by the diversity of opinions expressed, by the many suggestions, plans andGlamour, 54:used to signify lack of knowledge, unsettled opinions, glamor, misunderstandings, psychicIntellect, 185:Buddha who towered above all conflicting opinions and arguments of the various sects and creeds..."Magic, 491:higher mind. The stream of human thoughts and of opinions is that of the public consciousness andMagic, 610:the [610] members of the Hierarchy profit by the opinions and advice of those disinterestedPatanjali, 411:Hindu positions. The clue to the diversity of opinions on these two points may perhaps be found in
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