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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITIES

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Astrology, 116:sacrificing their high position and opportunities upon the higher planes of manifestation in orderAutobiography, 22:To me, they indicate parental and tuitional opportunities. This period could be utilized in a mostAutobiography, 224:and to have in it the promise of wide future opportunities for expansion. The first year we wereAutobiography, 274:presenting humanity with new concepts and fresh opportunities. This is happening today. EnquirersAutobiography, 285:with them; if he does not avail himself of the opportunities presented, that again is his business.Bethlehem, 103:who are in process of awakening to their divine opportunities: the illumination which comes when weBethlehem, 166:drastic disciplining, and produces many more opportunities to forget God and reality than doBethlehem, 166:each other and seeing in both of them simply opportunities for divine expression and fields for theDiscipleship1, 95:view himself dispassionately and his presented opportunities with equal dispassion. Undoubtedly allDiscipleship1, 133:to you, giving you those difficulties and those opportunities which lead eventually to expansionsDiscipleship1, 294:carrying with it the consequent tests and new opportunities to aid and help. This expansion shouldDiscipleship1, 325:The potency of your work is so real and the opportunities opening before you are so great that ifDiscipleship1, 338:on the verge of new happenings, of increased opportunities, fresh complexities and of definiteDiscipleship1, 384:have had much to discipline you lately, and many opportunities have been offered to you wherein youDiscipleship1, 432:line and will find release and the reward of opportunities to serve in this new development whichDiscipleship1, 509:you struggle for liberation. These are but the opportunities offered by your soul which, whenDiscipleship1, 532:not, that under the Law governing disciples, opportunities will inevitably arise which will enableDiscipleship1, 588:of my disciples has failed to measure up to his opportunities and that my entire group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 596:to prevent mistakes or the misuse of the worldly opportunities, nor did your active worldly lifeDiscipleship1, 653:upon the public consciousness in spite of your opportunities, and your natural equipment. But youDiscipleship1, 661:importance of the work, the uniqueness of your opportunities at this time, and your reallyDiscipleship2, 20:new world which we shall start to study, the new opportunities and the new complexities, as well asDiscipleship2, 24:to your own souls, having in mind the peculiar opportunities of the present cycle and theDiscipleship2, 135:a tremendous stimulation with all the attendant opportunities, manifestations, and dangers. MastersDiscipleship2, 325:presents its own peculiar difficulties and opportunities. One of the most important of the latterDiscipleship2, 332:life, with all that that signifies, and in the opportunities which are thus presented. The sharingDiscipleship2, 475:years will hold for you three crises. Make them opportunities for expansive work. The diadem, theDiscipleship2, 536:theoretically, is one long series of presented opportunities - opportunities to make decisions. AsDiscipleship2, 536:is one long series of presented opportunities - opportunities to make decisions. As a disciple isDiscipleship2, 545:for you a perfect floodgate of relationships and opportunities. Your aim should therefore be theDiscipleship2, 567:action of the will of the soul as you face the opportunities and crises of life. I would thereforeDiscipleship2, 762:in order to ascertain the implications and the opportunities that this word - given you at thisEducation, 44:tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities and the powerful activity of theExternalisation, 5:is to be rightly appreciated and its splendid opportunities rightly employed. I have felt it wiseExternalisation, 70:tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities, and the powerful activity of theExternalisation, 85:in any nation, the point of attainment and the opportunities for work and advancement, or theExternalisation, 96:of tension which constituted for you the major opportunities and the moments of "moving forward."Externalisation, 96:and the moments of "moving forward." Of these opportunities you either profited or - by neglectingExternalisation, 241:upon the recognition of equal educational opportunities for all men, for all races and all nations,Externalisation, 341:stage wherein will come the recognition of the opportunities of peace, the right use of security,Externalisation, 595:Who has never left us) and of the new spiritual opportunities which this event will make possible.Fire, 427:in cycles, will be comprehended, and vast opportunities will be seized by man to bring aboutGlamour, 88:and grow out of our limitations and our opportunities. The result of this test was the passing onHealing, 267:now does to dominate in all fields, to grasp all opportunities away from other people, and soHercules, 220:earth distinctive energies, new concepts and new opportunities. It can also be shown that theseHercules, 227:His failure is, however, only temporary. Fresh opportunities occur. The consequence of his mistakeIntellect, 209:sought seclusion and ascertained for us the opportunities, and safeguarded for us the rules. TheyMagic, 136:to other channels, the consequent withholding of opportunities and the ultimate discarding of theMagic, 138:ready then to lift them up and to offer to them opportunities for service, knowing that service isMagic, 168:watches his reaction to life's occurrences and opportunities. He practically assumes, pro tem, theMagic, 370:or of satisfaction with one's mental opportunities and contacts. Happiness is the goal of theMagic, 404:with its distinctive energies and its amazing opportunities. These [405] They noted and They soughtMagic, 427:when they meet together. World needs, world opportunities, and the rapid development of theMagic, 433:is found the open door of initiation. Both these opportunities (if I might so term them) are foundMeditation, 306:of the incarnating jivas to seize upon the opportunities and fulfil their destiny. We touchedPatanjali, 189:of present assets, an availing oneself of one's opportunities and letting them form a backgroundProblems, 113:rights, equal commercial and business opportunities, equal educational facilities and equally goodPsychology1, 285:to the deeper spiritual energies and to the new opportunities is, for the first time, adequate andPsychology1, 304:its demanded sacrifices and service, and its opportunities for the full expression of every part ofPsychology2, 310:self-imposed and grow out of our limitations and opportunities. The result of this test was thePsychology2, 360:rate) cease from weaving; he must no longer make opportunities for himself but - meeting thePsychology2, 360:make opportunities for himself but - meeting the opportunities which come his way (a very differentPsychology2, 438:larger [438] world, a wider horizon, and greater opportunities. This larger sense can bring,Psychology2, 453:centers, plus a grasp of possibilities and of opportunities. These results may work out either inPsychology2, 466:nature, his environment, his equipment and his opportunities appear somehow to frustrate himPsychology2, 731:in the field of economic enterprise, and thus opportunities are provided for certain recognitionsRays, 116:Old Commentary which throws light upon the great opportunities which are found in the criticalRays, 474:[474] seek to meet all the planetary changes and opportunities with corresponding changes in theirRays, 693:Cross, with all its cosmic implications and opportunities which are then conferred. This - as farRays, 720:preparatory to other much greater events and opportunities. They put the Master or the Chohan (weRays, 729:the light reveals to him his future opportunities once his final choice or decision is made, and -Reappearance, 20:which presents the Christ with unique opportunities and unique problems. All these spiritual forcesReappearance, 41:Who has never left us!) and of the new spiritual opportunities which this event will make possible.Reappearance, 160:in the place where he is and with the equipment, opportunities and assets of which he stands
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