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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITY

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Discipleship1, 595:particular training of any of you. I only offer opportunity. NOTE: It will be apparent from theDiscipleship1, 597:that I am only one who stands by and who offers opportunity, seeking for those who will loseDiscipleship1, 602:feels himself. Life has offered you much of opportunity for progress, but you entered life andDiscipleship1, 605:the method. I can but indicate need [605] and opportunity. As for the method you should follow inDiscipleship1, 609:you follow instructions with care, but it is the opportunity to serve which is the result to whichDiscipleship1, 611:you (as a sixth ray person) you were prone. The opportunity to service. To relax and lead a normalDiscipleship1, 611:you not, there is nothing more that I can do. An opportunity to serve and make a new start wasDiscipleship1, 611:to help you serve, and who opened the door of opportunity for you.You have endeavored to initiateDiscipleship1, 615:The door still stands wide open for you. But the opportunity for you to go forward with your groupDiscipleship1, 618:which, in the early days, you aided me to start. Opportunity opens up before you; you can be and doDiscipleship1, 628:If all my disciples take hold of the present opportunity with fresh endeavor and enthusiasm, theyDiscipleship1, 629:introspection. The day of the Full Moon with its opportunity to tune in with your fellow disciplesDiscipleship1, 652:in your inner life and on the threshold of great opportunity. Upon the progress made during theDiscipleship1, 652:in a place of wide possibility for service. Your opportunity to make a real impact upon theDiscipleship1, 653:and meeting people [653] of every nation, your opportunity to fire other lives, to hand the torchDiscipleship1, 654:for service, for you are free to serve, and the opportunity so to serve is given to you. You haveDiscipleship1, 662:need you. I offer you neither suspension nor the opportunity to resign. I ask you to face the issueDiscipleship1, 665:the monad manifests), provide your field of opportunity and your main avenue of knowledge in theDiscipleship1, 690:Such is the task in which all of you have the opportunity to help. Your ability to become worldDiscipleship1, 693:love and such a realization of today's opportunity that the personality aspects of their lives willDiscipleship1, 695:spiritual determination. It also signifies an opportunity of an unprecedented nature. You have beenDiscipleship1, 695:sphere of directed influence. This is the opportunity which is held out today before the aspirantsDiscipleship1, 716:teacher to another, according to inclination, opportunity and necessity. He is an example ofDiscipleship1, 728:so as to give the less advanced the time and opportunity to measure up to them? The questionDiscipleship1, 730:groups are asked to cooperate and this offers opportunity to many everywhere. As they seek toDiscipleship1, 730:three Masters and their initiate groups, their opportunity will emerge. This triangle of energy isDiscipleship1, 738:them a steady flow of teaching and increased opportunity to serve. His work is primarily to helpDiscipleship1, 744:not hesitate to take firm action as need and opportunity arise. The disciple has developed a senseDiscipleship1, 744:Ashram life. He is engrossed in the task and the opportunity and not with the Master and with hisDiscipleship1, 768:of all the rays. The world today offers opportunity to all disciples to become world disciples,Discipleship1, 768:the earlier stages of discipleship. It offers opportunity to world disciples to begin theirDiscipleship1, 768:to prove to yourselves. This group has had much opportunity [769] offered to it and much teaching.Discipleship1, 784:so far that members in the school were given the opportunity to help in the movement. They wereDiscipleship1, 785:of the human soul. They stand for liberty, for opportunity for all to move forward along the way ofDiscipleship2also as "The Tibetan," took advantage of the opportunity of the availability of A.A.B. as a trainedDiscipleship2to A.A.B., to whom this unique and transcendent opportunity was offered. Almost everyone acceptedDiscipleship2, 6:needed humility. You are being tendered another opportunity. I would ask you to remember this andDiscipleship2, 20:so that its present problems and its immediate opportunity may emerge clearly in your minds, andDiscipleship2, 25:friend (under the pressure of the present world opportunity), can spare the time to aid the groupDiscipleship2, 35:cannot avoid if you are true disciples, gives opportunity for planned integration and also proffersDiscipleship2, 44:the war, and a period of renewed and different opportunity opens before all world servers. It isDiscipleship2, 44:during the war period measured up to your opportunity; it is for you to decide what part you willDiscipleship2, 45:like again to refer in the light of the emerging opportunity. My task is not to change you or toDiscipleship2, 61:safely? Will the aspirants of the world - given opportunity to pass off the Probationary Path on toDiscipleship2, 63:they are faced with a vital and beneficent opportunity, they are also faced with the problem ofDiscipleship2, 63:break under the impact of self-discovery and the opportunity to eliminate personality? Or will theyDiscipleship2, 69:of my Ashram, and so preoccupied with the opportunity to serve which confronts every disciple theseDiscipleship2, 74:or if mankind will profit from proffered opportunity. Equally so, the Master of an Ashram does notDiscipleship2, 77:individual teaching, much indication of opportunity and of the work which you are individuallyDiscipleship2, 82:It was the knowledge of this coming inflow and opportunity for increased usefulness which promptedDiscipleship2, 90:book is to awaken the aspirational public to the opportunity for training which is theirs if theyDiscipleship2, 91:the Master; he must then give the disciple the opportunity to move closer, if the capacity for suchDiscipleship2, 91:Many of those who have been given the opportunity to work with me have had some relationship withDiscipleship2, 91:of certain activities - have warranted the opportunity to work in a still closer relationship. ThisDiscipleship2, 91:am controlled by esoteric Law and must proffer opportunity. Among those chosen there has been muchDiscipleship2, 92:the students did not spiritually appreciate the opportunity with which they were faced. It was inDiscipleship2, 96:is to clarify your minds as to your problems and opportunity and latent knowledge, gained as theDiscipleship2, 96:of instruction. If you avail yourselves of the opportunity for this personal research work,Discipleship2, 96:discover yourselves being presented with the opportunity to learn in a new and subjective manner,Discipleship2, 101:your lack of comprehension and of understood opportunity which has distressed me and bewilderedDiscipleship2, 110:The coming cycle is momentous in its offering of opportunity, and I would have you - again asDiscipleship2, 134:objectives which should provide you with ample opportunity for effort during the coming year'sDiscipleship2, 145:You then relate that theme to the present world opportunity, thus universalizing the concept,Discipleship2, 146:to those you seek to help and to humanity - when opportunity offers. Think the idea throughDiscipleship2, 148:received. Relation of theme to present world opportunity. Write down first thought then received.Discipleship2, 158:in humanity, and the superhuman kingdoms their opportunity, and through the human kingdom allDiscipleship2, 159:lies the promise of the future and its hope and opportunity. Here and here alone can all the divineDiscipleship2, 162:been a period in our planetary history in which opportunity has loomed so large or when so muchDiscipleship2, 180:in its history. Had you realized that and the opportunity with which you were presented? The worldDiscipleship2, 243:to assume a different attitude towards the opportunity to prepare for initiation with which theyDiscipleship2, 288:of salvage, of revitalizing and of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as aDiscipleship2, 293:In all these spiritual points of crisis or of opportunity for vision, for fresh spiritual insightDiscipleship2, 310:of salvage, of revitalizing and of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as aDiscipleship2, 312:of contact and present - the opening up of a new opportunity. The two succeeding words indicateDiscipleship2, 318:way out into expression as need arises and as opportunity is offered to the disciples who are itsDiscipleship2, 326:that I do ask you to do - just accept. A great opportunity is presented to you, and the success ofDiscipleship2, 338:his great decision on the basis of the seen opportunity, and through his response to the sevenDiscipleship2, 340:of predetermined choice, of Plan and of cosmic opportunity. This latter threefold vision is a veryDiscipleship2, 349:occult student faces up to the recognition of opportunity and prepares definitely and consciouslyDiscipleship2, 364:also gives intelligent appreciation of present opportunity as well as an intuitive perception ofDiscipleship2, 365:and has relation to the presentation of opportunity. Discipleship2, 378:and that therefore he is being given his first opportunity to work with Light under the inspirationDiscipleship2, 410:None of you would have been offered this opportunity had you not been capable of this dual life. IDiscipleship2, 428:motivated, is faced with an imperative opportunity. This opportunity is unprecedented in humanDiscipleship2, 428:is faced with an imperative opportunity. This opportunity is unprecedented in human history and isDiscipleship2, 428:there comes one of the major periods of opportunity and decision in general human affairs; henceDiscipleship2, 430:there comes one of the major periods of opportunity and of decision. Hence the extreme gravity ofDiscipleship2, 448:find a release which will give you a definite opportunity in your next life. What motives areDiscipleship2, 451:for assessment, for recognition of presented opportunity in both karma and service, and forDiscipleship2, 454:but also the recognition of unfolding spiritual opportunity. As a beginning, and in order to helpDiscipleship2, 475:without questioning, choose the field of largest opportunity. Discipleship2, 483:world is so set at this time that there is full opportunity for you to find a wide sphere ofDiscipleship2, 493:and to be prepared to work where the opportunity confronts you. The glamor to which I referred inDiscipleship2, 497:oriented servers. I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my appreciation (if suchDiscipleship2, 500:this line, and the reflection upon emerging opportunity and the planning for the reopening workDiscipleship2, 504:(even affiliated groups, such as yours) with the opportunity to preserve intact and free from allDiscipleship2, 513:conditions embody your problem and hence your opportunity: The intense difficulty of shifting fromDiscipleship2, 555:humbly, speak wisely and work ceaselessly. The opportunity today is great for all disciplesDiscipleship2, 562:under clear, inner impression. Such is now your opportunity. But, my brother, to make this dulyDiscipleship2, 562:and to get true and real benefit out of the opportunity, the disciple must accustom himself to a
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