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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITY

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Discipleship2, 563:life (next life, if you profit by the presented opportunity) for transfer into the Ashram of theDiscipleship2, 598:correct when she says that your major hour of opportunity is now upon you as slowly she withdrawsDiscipleship2, 603:sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment. Oft have I told you this.Discipleship2, 606:have you come closer into the work. Seize upon opportunity when it may come. Move forward in myDiscipleship2, 609:is relation and contact; there is increased opportunity and inspiration; there are focal points ofDiscipleship2, 611:The future holds much of true service and opportunity for you, and in the place where your heartDiscipleship2, 617:hard for disciples to realize what of beauty and opportunity lies ahead when confronted with aDiscipleship2, 628:understanding or in prompt reaction to spiritual opportunity. That is inevitable, and the methodDiscipleship2, 631:in your present field of labor present adequate opportunity for living and progress. My love andDiscipleship2, 636:disciples, will be one of crisis and of supreme opportunity, and towards that point you should lookDiscipleship2, 637:disciples - will be one of crisis and of supreme opportunity. These two statements are closelyDiscipleship2, 637:or the mental planes, and they then present opportunity for action, but mostly for action connectedDiscipleship2, 637:sure that you can recognize the crisis for the opportunity it is, when confronted by it? Here areDiscipleship2, 639:to your chosen daily work and consider where opportunity there arises which can be fitted into theDiscipleship2, 643:decisions. Leave people, brother of old, the opportunity which you yourself so much welcome, ofDiscipleship2, 644:their lives: There is first of all the crisis of opportunity and its wise recognition. At someDiscipleship2, 644:to you in your earlier years. This crisis of opportunity relates ever to life service. This is trueDiscipleship2, 645:and triumph. Behind you lies a crisis of opportunity; you met it well. Today you face your crisisDiscipleship2, 651:which stretches out before you; they will hold opportunity for you also, if you learn the hardDiscipleship2, 652:except that expectation which concerns spiritual opportunity and your relation to my Ashram.Discipleship2, 657:a period of preparation for disciples and is an opportunity for greatly increased inner, spiritualDiscipleship2, 659:the teaching line as you are, he then handles opportunity on the basis of his truly enlightenedDiscipleship2, 659:lesson, there will open for you a wider field of opportunity. Decentralization in mind fromDiscipleship2, 670:the quality of the unfoldments which presented opportunity can give you. Be not mistaken, myDiscipleship2, 675:He, therefore, handles both the situations and opportunity from an inner point of enlightenment andDiscipleship2, 677:done much to help with this work and the door of opportunity stands wide open to you, provided theDiscipleship2, 684:urgency of the time and the uniqueness of the opportunity seem little understood by most of you.Discipleship2, 684:to another. In this life, you are faced with the opportunity to free yourself from such personalityDiscipleship2, 689:up in truth and sincerity to the presented opportunity. You are prone to think that life must beDiscipleship2, 698:and settle in your heart? Health, strength and opportunity confront your steps. A new departure canDiscipleship2, 698:to cease from strife and struggle, and thus give opportunity for the evolution of that lovingDiscipleship2, 700:practical suggestion, but give your mind the opportunity, through the massed sound of music, toDiscipleship2, 713:entanglements than heretofore; you face fresh opportunity for service and for growth. My problem isDiscipleship2, 726:you earned the reward of this recognition and opportunity by being the first to appreciate theDiscipleship2, 735:body, hence consequent conflict and proffered opportunity, plus an expressed ambition for theDiscipleship2, 736:of karma which is unavoidable but which presents opportunity, or it can be due to the free choiceDiscipleship2, 746:a phantom of fear; you move elsewhere but the opportunity for service proffered measures not up toDiscipleship2, 751:in some future life; learn to recognize opportunity when it stands before your thought and be readyDiscipleship2, 760:years you have all been utilizing this monthly opportunity but with relatively little results; thisDiscipleship2, 763:life immeasurably. Welcome, therefore, this opportunity. As regards the outer group, I would askEducation, 10:in which one would include such a wide range of opportunity as that of the mechanical factoryEducation, 10:most probably run. In the first fourteen years, opportunity should be given to experiment in manyEducation, 10:should be given to experiment in many fields of opportunity. Pure vocational training should not beEducation, 22:or God. Educators are therefore faced with the opportunity of dealing intelligently with the innateEducation, 23:of that unit in the group, leaving him little opportunity for the free play of the individual will,Education, 29:group revelation. This provides the modern opportunity in the field of education. It indicates theEducation, 46:The educators who face the present world opportunity [47] should see to it that a sound foundationEducation, 70:When this becomes possible there will be an opportunity to train the child from its earliestEducation, 87:What is needed is a realization of the immediate opportunity, plus the recognition that theEducation, 87:I have endeavored to show that now is the day of opportunity, for everything has to be built upEducation, 111:forward into a future of widest possibility and opportunity, let us always remember that to theEducation, 111:and an operation was made in order to prolong opportunity and save life, not to save the form. ThisEducation, 128:of the Law of Necessity. This law has provided opportunity for the development of the sense ofEducation, 129:to the ignorant. Thereby the need of providing opportunity for the unfoldment of knowledge isEducation, 136:with the conscious intent of [136] offering the opportunity to hasten the "birth into the light" ofEducation, 139:will be concerned primarily with the time, opportunity and correctness of producing the forms whichEducation, 140:physical form of the child, waiting [140] for an opportunity to enter and irradiate theEducation, 142:of living and teaching the truth about light, as opportunity offers. [143] Externalisation, 5:the evolutionary plan and the providing of the opportunity whereby humanity may take its next stepExternalisation, 7:a period of tremendous spiritual potency and of opportunity to all upon the probationary path andExternalisation, 9:can be grasped, the significance of the opportunity proffered can be understood, and the right useExternalisation, 10:they are sometimes called, make right use of the opportunity? Let us speak first of the trainingExternalisation, 11:veil of separation, are souls aided and given opportunity to hear or serve. But these, too, wouldExternalisation, 13:and cease to pander so much to the public. The opportunity [14] offered them is great and the needExternalisation, 22:Remarks My sole responsibility is to put the opportunity before the world aspirants, to point outExternalisation, 23:and disciples which, [23] given time and opportunity, can salvage a distressed world and bringExternalisation, 23:people of the world with the urgency and the opportunity of the next two years. If this is indeedExternalisation, 24:- Section I - Introductory Remarks A Challenging Opportunity April 1935 During the Wesak FestivalExternalisation, 25:effort which will be spread over many years. The opportunity will be offered to all true serversExternalisation, 25:to self-forgetfulness and attentiveness to opportunity and not to your own inner aspiration toExternalisation, 25:response of this Festival will submit a gauge of opportunity for the guidance of the Great Ones.Externalisation, 35:husk of the old age and the old forms. Hence the opportunity, the service and the problems of theseExternalisation, 35:groups can measure up to the threefold demand or opportunity mentioned above. They conceal andExternalisation, 35:physical plane. You will note that the first opportunity concerns the spirit aspect or the vitalExternalisation, 41:upon earth. From the above analysis of opportunity it is evident how the groups have a definiteExternalisation, 41:of more general interest, and to their threefold opportunity. It is [42] of interest to note thatExternalisation, 45:the world healers, the above is a statement of opportunity. This they face as the nucleus or one ofExternalisation, 81:with our brothers everywhere, conscious of opportunity, of strength, of responsibility and of theExternalisation, 95:of the individual a man is confronted with the opportunity to function as a disciple in trainingExternalisation, 97:and has prepared the hearts of men. Their opportunity and responsibility is great, because theyExternalisation, 97:you could hold, for these groups have a definite opportunity to bring about this world fusion andExternalisation, 130:and hold back their own people from useful opportunity. I would point out here also that as in allExternalisation, 131:divergent elements and yet to present equal opportunity to all. This is brought about very largelyExternalisation, 136:the masses - waiting for the emergence of fresh opportunity and new revelations. It is theExternalisation, 136:that have made this period one of planetary opportunity and planetary initiation. Initiation isExternalisation, 140:is to you any real satisfaction. But a renewed opportunity lies in front of you and it is of aExternalisation, 141:first of all, to [141] prepare for the great opportunity which will come at the close of thisExternalisation, 141:to all people the cause which produces the opportunity and which is dedicated to the ending of theExternalisation, 173:of Peace is hovering close to humanity, seeking opportunity to make His Presence felt. The SpiritExternalisation, 175:time for the readjustment of views, and the opportunity also to give direction - along withExternalisation, 175:of the present situation, to present its amazing opportunity to bring about needed changes, and toExternalisation, 175:of tension. Those who perceive the risks, the opportunity, and the important decision to be madeExternalisation, 182:cause of the problem provides humanity with the opportunity to end it. The time has arrived inExternalisation, 191:greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it that the individualExternalisation, 192:on the recognition of inherited rights, on opportunity for all - irrespective of race, color orExternalisation, 197:lines. This period of adjustment offers the opportunity to effect drastic and deeply needed changesExternalisation, 209:adequate food, the necessities of life, and opportunity then to express themselves, and to makeExternalisation, 211:those of you who receive it to the present opportunity and to the spiritual urgency of this highExternalisation, 212:to the processes of daily living. The immediate opportunity and situation in which we findExternalisation, 218:thinking, nor do they provide an alibi or the opportunity to shirk individual or national
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