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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITY

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Externalisation, 222:spiritual Forces and Entities, awaiting the opportunity to participate actively in the work ofExternalisation, 226:Moons of May and June present to you [226] a new opportunity to participate in the release of theExternalisation, 232:again through the processes of rebirth and fresh opportunity. I would say to those who preach aExternalisation, 234:preparation. Today the Allies stand waiting the opportunity for the final struggle with that potentExternalisation, 250:and aspirants of the world measured up to their opportunity and responsibilities. The GreatExternalisation, 255:the reinstatement of men in freedom and with due opportunity to express themselves through rightExternalisation, 255:attitude and desire. It is the presenting of the opportunity to change; this grows out of pastExternalisation, 260:the medium of humanity itself if the present opportunity is to be met correctly and in line withExternalisation, 279:knows it, can ever be trusted with power and opportunity and will never betray that trust. It willExternalisation, 285:of the immanent significance of the presented opportunity, and also if there is any way in which IExternalisation, 302:and disciples of the world will awaken to the opportunity and the imminent and waiting possibility.Externalisation, 305:and aspirants appreciate the crisis and opportunity? They have not yet, as a whole, done so. TheExternalisation, 309:and the present time cycle testify to the opportunity. This possible dual event - the coming of theExternalisation, 309:world disciples and aspirants measure up to the opportunity. Externalisation, 320:interfere. Humanity has the privilege and the opportunity to take right action now. The Coming OneExternalisation, 324:workable mode of procedure, once it is given an opportunity to spread. 7. The inauguration of anExternalisation, 324:In this group which I have now formed, opportunity will arise to demonstrate the practicality ofExternalisation, 339:welfare, of general security, of widespread opportunity, irrespective of race, color or creed. ThisExternalisation, 341:is again in full swing and humanity has now the opportunity to settle it once and for all, and -Externalisation, 350:Do you recognize the urgency of the opportunity? The two Full Moons form one complete cycle of workExternalisation, 350:Buddha, and that the Full Moon of June is the opportunity for the men and women of goodwill - aidedExternalisation, 352:Full Moon of June, and in preparation for the opportunity during the entire month of May, the pointExternalisation, 353:I have held before you for years the vision of opportunity, service and discipleship. I haveExternalisation, 357:between an illumined future of liberty and opportunity and the dark future of slavery. FellowshipExternalisation, 362:know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what is transpiring. But the success ofExternalisation, 377:should hold before itself when the war ends and opportunity faces each and all? It is surely thatExternalisation, 386:It nevertheless constitutes the most important opportunity confronting the men and women ofExternalisation, 390:past and open the door to a better future. The opportunity to lay the foundations for that newExternalisation, 393:love humanity are to measure up to the immediate opportunity. It is necessary that you should graspExternalisation, 394:I gave you. Now, seven years later, comes the opportunity to carry forward the work then startedExternalisation, 395:of a few. But they were too few. Now again comes opportunity and the possibility of a GreatExternalisation, 411:necessity for tensity of effort on his part. The opportunity which was to be presented to humanityExternalisation, 412:neighbor as yourself." Individual effort, group opportunity and men's identification with eachExternalisation, 429:of the ages and that humanity is faced with the opportunity [430] of erasing past errors, ancientExternalisation, 430:world there will be freedom of approach to God, opportunity for individual expression, freedom toExternalisation, 433:of awakening the souls of men to their presented opportunity and to the need of bringing [434] toExternalisation, 434:demonstrate true love and to provide scope and opportunity for a civilization in which love,Externalisation, 443:it remained empty (as symbol of unused opportunity and ignored responsibility) and then, as theExternalisation, 461:They see in the present world situation a grand opportunity to engineer moves which will benefit anExternalisation, 462:to the Forces of Enlightenment and offer Them opportunity to change the ways of human thinking;Externalisation, 463:crumbling, devastated world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish, materialisticExternalisation, 466:affect the entire world. This is the immediate opportunity ahead, and when I say "immediate" IExternalisation, 466:He has released this light and has presented opportunity to the Forces of Enlightenment toExternalisation, 468:if the followers of the Christ realize their opportunity and shoulder their responsibilities. IExternalisation, 475:circumstances was the Hierarchy to do? Full opportunity had been given to humanity to arrest theExternalisation, 483:world war. Today humanity is being given a fresh opportunity to build again on sounder and moreExternalisation, 483:past, then humanity will rise again. The unique opportunity which confronts the Christ as His greatExternalisation, 485:beauty of this synthesis and the wonder of this opportunity are surely apparent as we study what isExternalisation, 503:organizations must be awakened to the hour of opportunity and must change from staticExternalisation, 503:the chance to see and hear, and be offered the opportunity to weigh and judge the significance ofExternalisation, 503:minds, and the reactionary masses may have opportunity proffered them, to the measure of theirExternalisation, 514:with Him or with the Master Jesus, will have the opportunity to cooperate at this time. EachExternalisation, 517:of the world measure up to their proffered opportunity and make due sacrifice and effort. MuchExternalisation, 518:and to prepare mankind for the great day of opportunity. You who know of these times and canExternalisation, 520:Ashrams of the Masters. Offering Their disciples opportunity to serve in relation to the emergingExternalisation, 520:can measure up to their present and presented opportunity, it should be possible for all of thisExternalisation, 524:on the periphery," for they indicate great opportunity for service. The Masters need many such asExternalisation, 552:of development warrants this. Presents a nearing opportunity for revelation. An Effort to avertExternalisation, 554:evoke. This year will mark a unique and peculiar opportunity, based on the fact that there has notExternalisation, 563:spiritual energy, and this seizing of spiritual opportunity - is due to humanity itself; aboveExternalisation, 574:advanced humanitarians and intelligentsia to the opportunity to rebuild, to recreate and toExternalisation, 591:laid emphasis upon the immediate spiritual opportunity. Every year I have prepared these messagesExternalisation, 596:have been fulfiled and humanity faces renewed opportunity. The disaster which has overtaken mankindExternalisation, 612:am speaking to all aspirants and disciples. The opportunity is so great at this time that I seek toExternalisation, 619:only two factors which condition the present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completelyExternalisation, 619:aware of the challenge of the times and the opportunity which spiritual events may offer. TheExternalisation, 620:ordinary outer life, struggling to find time and opportunity for it in a gentle, futile andExternalisation, 621:intruding. They therefore preserve silence, lose opportunity, and never discover how ready peopleExternalisation, 628:is not yet truly grasped, yet there is a vast opportunity before them if they have the courage andExternalisation, 634:third and final decade of my work, the time and opportunity came to announce, in a new and moreExternalisation, 649:- are sensitive to spiritual impression; the opportunity of the moment is unique, because mindsExternalisation, 658:first evidence, clarifying issues, presenting opportunity, purifying human thinking and destroyingExternalisation, 685:made it possible for the Hierarchy to grasp the opportunity to bring to an end the long silenceExternalisation, 696:of Rebirth but submit to it and be grateful that opportunity continues to present itself. AsFire, 176:but little realized. We might here also take the opportunity to point out that we are not dealingFire, 300:incarnations do to a human being. This gives the opportunity here to bring out perhaps a littleFire, 356:of his mind playing upon them. Here comes the opportunity to make clear something that is oft lostFire, 362:order, there is consequently a moment of special opportunity afforded our planetary Logos throughFire, 362:very grave moment. This carries with it special opportunity, and permits of the entry of force fromFire, 365:esoterically with the second scheme. This gives opportunity for the units in the body of any LogosFire, 389:Mars. Jupiter. It is necessary here to take the opportunity to sound a note of warning to studentsFire, 431:interest for the present race and the day of its opportunity. Here can be seen the awakening of theFire, 435:electrical phenomena will be seen, and the opportunity of the [436] Manu to separate races, toFire, 441:and the fifth subrace, and consequently the opportunity is great. In all that has been said anentFire, 461:As we have seen, during the third root-race, opportunity for the animal kingdom occurred and manyFire, 461:In the fourth root-race this cycle of opportunity ceased temporarily, and something happened whichFire, 461:proceeded on their way holding the promise of opportunity for all in time, and the guarantee ofFire, 544:by the life of the third Logos) only responds to opportunity when the above mentioned stage isFire, 592:condition, until in a later period a fresh opportunity will come; old forms will break, and inFire, 678:with the great devas - utilize cyclic opportunity to effect definitely constructive results. AFire, 706:in abeyance until the next round, when fresh opportunity will arise for certain groups of theFire, 710:petals and their vibratory capacity lies hid all opportunity, all innate capacity to progress, andFire, 715:knowledge of natural law and its adaptation to opportunity. In the fourth root-race anotherFire, 715:adaptation of force occurred. Again time and opportunity were taken advantage of to open the doorFire, 719:They will be rejected. In the next round opportunity will again occur, and the Manasadevas willFire, 719:of self-consciousness. The Egos awaiting opportunity will not, of course, enter in until the humanFire, 725:administration of karma. It is Their work, and opportunity to progress. An avatar can learn nothingFire, 727:of an earlier solar cycle Who now again take the opportunity to effect (in an active sense andFire, 739:time. As this concerns the seven paths of opportunity for a Master we will not deal with it here.Fire, 756:significance in the occident is desirable, and opportunity will be offered to all who are willing
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