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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITY

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Fire, 757:in every country, disciples who have the opportunity offered them to respond to the need ofFire, 759:on earth who undergo the necessary discipline, opportunity will be offered to work on the astralFire, 814:an occult turn to mystic thought. Now comes the opportunity for man to realize the laws of his ownFire, 825:Monads to incarnate at the dawn of manvantaric opportunity. No real "sin" was committed; it wasFire, 847:the dawning of a new system brings him conscious opportunity. More we may not say. It must beFire, 851:spheres where they have been in pralaya awaiting opportunity is produced in a triple manner and isFire, 878:these entities until the return of manvantaric opportunity. The final sacrifice involves also theFire, 905:life, however small and unimportant, may fail in opportunity. These agnichaitans of the thirdFire, 911:always inherent on these levels, and the great opportunity therefore for contact between the twoFire, 992:a setback for a lesser period, but still having opportunity within the system. Second, a cycle ofFire, 1080:thinkers of that race. It will be their day of opportunity, and so great is the importance attachedFire, 1125:to man in this solar system, repudiated opportunity and linked themselves with that great devaFire, 1141:knowledge as to past achievement, present opportunity and the immediate [1142] future of any unitFire, 1163:evolution, Position in the general plan, Karmic opportunity, Rate of vibration. The mainFire, 1166:the making of the thing supplies the basis and opportunity for the operation of preservation,Fire, 1175:with certain spheres on the inner round, a dual opportunity exists for mankind, which facilitates,Fire, 1175:The inner round, which carries with it vast opportunity for those who can surmount its problems andFire, 1198:own plane, being too sinless and holy to find opportunity in that very material and intellectualFire, 1199:Eight," They are the eightfold points awaiting opportunity to flame forth. They are the devas whoFire, 1214:aspects; time and space or "divine opportunity" play their parts in microcosmic group work as theyFire, 1255:Logoi, and there trains them, giving them opportunity for wide experience. Even the LogoiFire, 1263:is of special power at this time and the day of opportunity is therefore great. It is one of theGlamour, 7:before aspirants can measure up to their full opportunity. In the study of symbols, I would urgeGlamour, 23:of this material age comes the great opportunity to strike a deadly blow on the planetary DwellerGlamour, 36:given to the group - if they measure up to the opportunity - which will enable them to aid in theGlamour, 69:take your stand, realizing the magnitude of the opportunity and the imminence of the hour ofGlamour, 92:of man, making all circumstances the vehicles of opportunity and all conditions the medium ofGlamour, 102:to another, from one point of discriminative opportunity to another until he has developed inGlamour, 114:in the fact that these conditions offer the opportunity to the man of evoking the understanding andGlamour, 124:[124] members, and had, therefore, earned the opportunity to participate in this activity. EachGlamour, 124:karmic relation cannot be ignored and that group opportunity must be offered, even though it delayGlamour, 158:both angles of vision and the immediacy of the opportunity. This opportunity for active fusion hasGlamour, 158:and the immediacy of the opportunity. This opportunity for active fusion has never been so true asGlamour, 160:the influence of the Angel, refusing imminent opportunity and postponing - until a much later cycleGlamour, 164:between an illumined future of liberty and opportunity, and the dark future of slavery. FellowshipGlamour, 169:know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what is transpiring. But the success ofGlamour, 267:their sole value is to depict the unending opportunity which presents itself at every stage andHealing, 118:his personality, its problems and its impending opportunity. The spiritual technique, however, isHealing, 215:active effect; karmic adjustments provide opportunity or hindrance, and the intricacies of theHealing, 269:Jew and Gentile, and the two groups have now the opportunity to originate a newer and happierHealing, 283:was both too high and too low, and a great opportunity was lost. Christian Science has failed fromHealing, 313:present incarnation, and incidentally, proffer opportunity for release. Healing, 345:Ponder on this. Your question gives me an opportunity to point out that even an understanding of,Healing, 347:if I might so express it, a sense of lost opportunity, and therefore a sense of frustration, but itHealing, 361:peoples of the world respond to the presented opportunity, His forces and attention could penetrateHealing, 361:and know; and great, therefore, is their opportunity and yours to constitute increasingly a channelHealing, 362:men of goodwill everywhere measure up to their opportunity; if the work of the Christ and of HisHealing, 366:are as yet too great for right response to opportunity and to reality. Look for these souls and aidHealing, 384:every line of man's expanding understanding, the opportunity for that which is new to make entranceHealing, 387:be obvious too that there lies before you the opportunity to bring a new attitude to the wholeHealing, 427:To gain control in the three worlds. To give opportunity to the substance of the forms thus "stolenHealing, 439:all lesser lives can live and are proffered opportunity. - Vol. V. Healing, 440:through the processes of rebirth and of fresh opportunity...The destruction of the form in battleHealing, 482:modern medicine, therefore, faces its major opportunity. A combination of true medical science (asHealing, 515:to react to a measure of real integration. An opportunity for initiation. That the elimination ofHealing, 576:comprehension, but it is not adequate to the opportunity and the more mental type of human being.Healing, 585:the personality will remain unaware of the opportunity and quite unconscious of the impact. TheseHercules, 9:achievement, and herein lies the hour of present opportunity. Hercules, 30:the awakened soul, is realizing the day of opportunity. He has received his instructions toHercules, 49:sex act is his highest point of spiritual opportunity and that, at such a moment, he can touch, ifHercules, 55:thee scope for wisdom, understanding, skill and opportunity. Watch well. I fear, my son, that youHercules, 67:and tests that offer to the disciple immediate opportunity. It is Saturn that opens the door intoHercules, 67:and of at-one-ment; and Saturn, the generator of opportunity: these three play their parts in theHercules, 130:flounders in the snowdrifts, Hercules seizes his opportunity. It is curiously Libran to avoid aHercules, 166:mineral. Complete freedom. In Leo, the gift of opportunity. I am an individual. I shall use lifeHercules, 166:myself, if I am a little Leo; or I shall use the opportunity to open the gates for other people. InHercules, 166:like that". The gift of existence, the gift of opportunity, and the gift of power; the three greatHercules, 185:us discipline; Saturn opens for us the door of opportunity. Saturn, through spiritual exercises andHercules, 209:and herein lies the hour of our wonderful opportunity. We find Hercules starting at this point andInitiation, 2:the strength of the old foundations, and the opportunity to build upon these foundations aInitiation, 27:to the intelligent reader will then arise the opportunity and the responsibility of ascertainingInitiation, 37:by initiates, and thus constantly has there been opportunity for disciples and highly evolved menInitiation, 62:of the coming of the Christ. Great is the day of opportunity, for when that time comes, through theInitiation, 78:Then all that comes is for the best - sickness, opportunity, success, and disappointment, the gibesInitiation, 106:great crises, when some individual is given the opportunity to bring peace out of strife, and toInitiation, 149:future, as well as the resent and the past, no opportunity is ever given to an initiate to revealInitiation, 149:that which is hidden. Intent may exist, but opportunity will lack. The initiate who thus sins inInitiation, 162:Solar Logos. Such is the great program and the opportunity reaching out before the sons of man,Initiation, 179:equally a period of vitalization and of opportunity. We must also endeavor to realize the fact thatInitiation, 182:XVII - Diversities of Initiations The Day of Opportunity The question might here be asked whereinInitiation, 182:us in the fact that it is the ray which brings opportunity to the occidental races, and through theInitiation, 183:will come, for the occidental, his day of opportunity. By availing themselves of the present day ofInitiation, 183:By availing themselves of the present day of opportunity, and by conformity to the rules forInitiation, 183:the chance to take these further steps. That opportunity will be found by the man who is ready inInitiation, 187:trains them for this high office, giving them opportunity for wide experience. Even [188] the LogoiIntellect, 33:at it. If society can provide the means and opportunity for such advancement, many will gladly seekIntellect, 51:concentration gives the West at this time the opportunity to put these theories to the test. AnIntellect, 77:that time has come and to seize the moment of opportunity. Meister Eckhart says: "If the soul wereIntellect, 108:an act of prolonged concentration gives opportunity for the mind to act upon whatever object liesIntellect, 239:Great Architect of the Universe, and are given opportunity to participate in their emergence intoMagic, 80:[80] The concrete mind, in itself, offers opportunity for a treatise of great length, but here itMagic, 133:will turn sadly away, distressed to think of the opportunity for service that the worker has lostMagic, 135:this group of knowers and mystics is given the opportunity of being the channel through which theMagic, 137:fourth result to be brought about by the present opportunity to work is the bringing in the newMagic, 151:is in this moment that the aspirant must seize opportunity. Herein lies a hint. Then comes theMagic, 198:He has simply to take his equipment and his opportunity and do the best he can, guided by theMagic, 232:each and all who dare to tread it. Such is the opportunity offered to all students who have madeMagic, 236:dangers of the midway spot, its nature and the opportunity it affords. The place where magic isMagic, 240:but may have to be delayed to another if due opportunity is not taken and the will natureMagic, 259:when the ideal is enunciated. World need and opportunity go hand in hand at this time. The Great
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