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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITY

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Magic, 305:us, the fear that one may fail to see and grasp opportunity, these are all aspects of the fearMagic, 306:and serves only to open up the subject and give opportunity for a few practical suggestions. Magic, 322:all concern the control of the astral vehicle. Opportunity is offered to demonstrate in chaos theMagic, 354:has come in the work of the destroyers. There is opportunity for the tide to turn and for theMagic, 355:of energy. He learns to work in a new field of opportunity. The realm of the mind opens up beforeMagic, 367:men see is astounding!) in your hands lies the opportunity to bring down to the mental plane asMagic, 396:group awareness. This is viewed: As a field of opportunity As a sphere of service. [397] As a placeMagic, 400:by the power of their response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note. They are emerging outMagic, 404:It concerns the operation of certain periods of opportunity which necessarily have their term.Magic, 404:have their term. During these times of opportunity, forces, influences, and energies areMagic, 421:of vision and of objective, or a vital opportunity to aid in and to cooperate with each other inMagic, 428:who hear the call and respond to the need and opportunity. [429] Magic, 436:understand. The birth month indicates the day of opportunity. The door stands open. The particularMagic, 482:mystics and knowers is exceedingly great and the opportunity to work in cooperation with it at thisMagic, 507:It is apparent therefore that the day of opportunity is with us, and that the coming generationMagic, 512:ebb and flow, of cyclic activity, of the day of opportunity and the night of inactivity, of inflowMagic, 514:must do if he is to avail himself fully of the opportunity which life experience is intended toMagic, 518:longer will be the interlude and the greater the opportunity therefore for focused magical work andMagic, 521:link; think truth at all times. The need and the opportunity are great and all possible helpers areMagic, 531:his sphere of activity in order to provide due opportunity and expression for the myriad lives thatMagic, 557:the power of this fact, and "recognize" its opportunity, it could, by its one-pointed fixity ofMagic, 557:to reconsecrate themselves and to recognize the opportunity they have of an united effort towardsMagic, 560:and disciples. In the pressure of the present opportunity there is no time for criticism to existMagic, 561:upon all workers the remembrance that the day of opportunity is with us and that it has its term.Magic, 561:and that it has its term. This present type of opportunity will not last forever. The pettiness ofMagic, 590:circumstances is such that there is no place or opportunity for quiet and uninterrupted work. It isMagic, 608:do. They are aware of the urgency of the present opportunity and also of the apathy of the many andMagic, 622:but even they have not the right to withhold opportunity. When there is this delayed appearance theMagic, 624:have the rhythm of work. Others are grasping opportunity as they see it and, to do so, fall back onMagic, 634:on a realization of the immediate need and opportunity, and on an acute appreciation of individualMagic, 638:and the aspirant is rewarded by increased opportunity to serve his fellowmen. They do not reward byMagic, 638:in this day of emergency and of rapid unfolding opportunity to sacrifice all they have to theMagic, 638:in the present situation. I offer to you opportunity and I tell you that you are needed - even theMeditation, 10:but at the point of balance. Thus is afforded opportunity to the Ego, and later to the Master, toMeditation, 43:the law and can work with it. Now is the opportunity, too, for the development of that principleMeditation, 109:not fulfil the desire of the Ego, but misses opportunity; he suffers much, and in the next life isMeditation, 114:privilege of the oriental. Great is the day of opportunity, and in the sweeping onward of thisMeditation, 124:of re-entry is attended with difficulty, and opportunity exists for other beings to enter theMeditation, 125:in work on mental levels, and thus gives opportunity to obsessing entities to assume control. This,Meditation, 126:and who see, in cases one and two, their wanted opportunity. Suicides, anxious to undo the deed andMeditation, 126:a malicious nature who rush in on the slightest opportunity and where kindred vibration may beMeditation, 200:the circumference of His Aura knows the hour of opportunity, and knows too how to utilize thatMeditation, 235:sum of the qualities of his life. Herein comes opportunity. In the intelligent apprehension ofMeditation, 235:and he strenuously endeavors to bend every opportunity to meet the need. He concentrates on theMeditation, 235:at that time), he avails himself of the hour of opportunity and cooperates with the force extant.Meditation, 236:will enable them to avail themselves of the opportunity any particular ray affords. Meditation, 236:units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, awaiting opportunity of expression, just as some of youMeditation, 276:lower and contact the higher, so will come the opportunity of the Master to accomplish successfullyMeditation, 277:effort is made with perseverance, then comes the opportunity of the Master to carry out His side ofMeditation, 302:aim in view of the development and tendering of opportunity to the fifth subrace) the HimalayanMeditation, 310:these things are done great will be the day of opportunity. Patanjali, 198:we each of us must not steal from another the opportunity to do right, to measure up toPatanjali, 207:he may make of it. Thus no strength, time or opportunity is lost, and steady progress towards thePatanjali, 224:currents must be seen to be related to karma, opportunity and form; there are certain words whichPatanjali, ix:studied, it will become apparent why the day of opportunity has only just arrived. The East hasPatanjali, x:be increasingly shown. Thus comes the day of opportunity. There are three books which should be inProblems, 8:and by the restoration of liberty, opportunity, leisure and, above all, by the organization of theProblems, 9:for beauty, leisure and culture; it voices the opportunity to work creatively and passes graduallyProblems, 9:of prime importance. Today a great and unique opportunity faces every nation. Hitherto the problemProblems, 13:war were seen. The race faces a new crisis of opportunity wherein new values can be seen asProblems, 26:Negroes and the withholding of equal freedom and opportunity from them. They are restlesslyProblems, 32:our responsibility is great and our opportunity unique. This chapter deals with the children andProblems, 39:possibility. Will cultured people realize their opportunity? Will our civilized citizens embraceProblems, 45:The educators who face the present world opportunity should see to it that a sound foundation isProblems, 60:What is needed is a realization of the immediate opportunity, plus the recognition that theProblems, 60:they require new emphasis. Now is the day of opportunity. A better educational system shouldProblems, 68:the heart of the coming new world. Hence their opportunity to guide mankind at this time and theirProblems, 68:of the U.S.S.R. is right living conditions, opportunity for all and the general leveling of allProblems, 73:group of selfish and ambitious men. The opportunity to change things is now present. Problems, 75:and cultural living and to fair play and equal opportunity for all, the situation could not haveProblems, 88:about the needed change and is offered a new opportunity for right action, leading to right humanProblems, 92:Some have suffered more than others and have the opportunity to demonstrate a resultantProblems, 92:taking sides, losing thereby a great spiritual opportunity, based upon the principle of sharing;Problems, 92:create an organization which will give place and opportunity to all nations but their efforts areProblems, 95:be solved, but that justice and fair play, full opportunity and equal sharing of the world'sProblems, 102:the fact remains that they have been given equal opportunity as citizens in all open-minded [103]Problems, 110:peoples as rapidly as possible on an equality of opportunity, of constitutional and human rights,Problems, 111:labor and accord him the respect and the opportunity which is due him. The Negro of Africa isProblems, 111:the Negro has never had a fair deal or any true opportunity. Under the constitution of the UnitedProblems, 111:better but where there is still no equality of opportunity and much racial discrimination. TheProblems, 111:down, to refuse him equality of education and of opportunity, to keep his standard of living at theProblems, 111:steadily discriminated against, is refused equal opportunity and has to fight [112] for everyProblems, 113:as responsive to good and fair treatment, equal opportunity and right living conditions as he isProblems, 115:of the selfishly aggressive and open the door of opportunity to those who have as yet had little?Problems, 116:goal of right human relations, equal rights and opportunity for all men everywhere provide anProblems, 117:of the present situation and its outstanding opportunity is that for the first time, and on aProblems, 122:of the Spirit, the fact of spiritual opportunity and the fact of man's relation to God and to hisProblems, 123:events, say that the churches had succeeded? The Opportunity of the Churches. Do they recognize it?Problems, 131:received official recognition and faces a new opportunity. It does not yet constitute a factor inProblems, 134:Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches II. The Opportunity of the Churches Something of greatProblems, 136:requests for food, clothes and the [136] opportunity to work and live in freedom; they face famineProblems, 136:race lead men forward into greater light and the opportunity of the new age? Mankind faces towardsProblems, 136:the churches throughout the world recognize the opportunity and respond to the appeal of Christ andProblems, 138:spiritual idealism, [138] to the urgency of the opportunity and to the need for change. But theProblems, 138:opportunity and to the need for change. But the opportunity is controlled by reactionary minds. TheProblems, 138:a material one. It is with this demand and this opportunity that the churches are faced. What isProblems, 139:Roman Catholic Church here faces her greatest opportunity and also her greatest crisis. CatholicismProblems, 142:and its processes, based on continuously renewed opportunity, controls the people. Christianity hasProblems, 151:the necessity for intense spiritual effort. The opportunity, presented to humanity, to take a greatProblems, 151:neighbor as yourself". Individual effort, group opportunity and identification with each other -
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