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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPORTUNITY

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Psychology2, 751:done all that is possible from the angle of Its opportunity. The Christ stands in patient silence,Psychology2, 751:over the planet, ready to play His part if the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. I beg youRays, 10:the strife of all the lower voices, comes the opportunity for the aspirant to escape from theRays, 11:of greatest pain (if apprehension measure up to opportunity) so in the evolving world. To those ofRays, 11:sight and intuitive comprehension comes the opportunity to aid that apprehension and to lead aRays, 14:now been reached, and the nature of the present opportunity is therefore changing. These energiesRays, 89:people as Head of the Hierarchy until His second opportunity comes, in which as Representative bothRays, 132:extraordinary implications, and it offers me the opportunity to enlarge upon a subject little knownRays, 198:of the immediate, the glory of the present opportunity and the need to focus upon the task andRays, 210:there is presented to the watching Masters an opportunity for the very definite training of someRays, 231:of my Ashram. Take advantage, therefore, of the opportunity for re-energizing that comes to allRays, 302:the dark and, when the light shines forth grasp opportunity. What now appears? A horrid sight, ORays, 337:and with the emphasis upon a much fuller opportunity - can be used to describe the progress of theRays, 343:by a Master on the same ray, for group training. Opportunity is given to such people to contact onRays, 347:significance of it to him is that it offers an opportunity to pass to new experience and freshRays, 351:on Sirius. To the black magician, at this third opportunity, the door of initiation presents anRays, 398:and reaches Those Who are waiting for spiritual opportunity and service. They then follow the PathRays, 399:from these "bewilderments," will come the opportunity to enter into the Heart of God, the center ofRays, 402:some of you who read this will appreciate the opportunity to serve in this manner consciously. Rays, 408:is peculiarly arduous and is followed, when opportunity is offered to function as a planetaryRays, 412:over which our Solar Logos presides; greater opportunity was consequently offered to the Members ofRays, 412:planetary Hierarchy. I stress that point: the opportunity was not offered or presented to theRays, 413:Cosmic Fire now applies. He is shewn the newer opportunity, the modes of decision, and theRays, 422:open door, presenting unique and unprecedented opportunity to Those Who discover this Path. Just asRays, 423:and the universe. This "open" triangle presents opportunity to Those Lives Who, from the other sideRays, 429:she regards it) does, nevertheless, give her the opportunity to become spiritual in her life andRays, 459:into the Ashram of some Master, increased opportunity to serve in the world, and also the taking ofRays, 473:and critical moment in human affairs and an opportunity hitherto unparalleled in history. The needRays, 478:process of recognizing creative ability and of opportunity falls into two phases or stages: TheRays, 539:means that new fields of responsibility and of opportunity confront him because he is - through hisRays, 554:of a spiritual realization of the presented opportunity, was the emergence of the New Group ofRays, 584:therefore, how immediate and important is the opportunity confronting humanity today. Vast numbersRays, 584:possible. It is therefore apparent that the opportunity confronting humanity has never been soRays, 619:- He may not turn His back upon the presented opportunity. Thus, eventually, the Lord of Love - inRays, 622:trend and the voice of public opinion, and the opportunity offered to people everywhere to bringRays, 622:the Russian people know no freedom and have no opportunity to form their own point of view;Rays, 647:itself to take advantage of the proffered opportunity which this destructive manifestation madeRays, 663:the fact of the Hierarchy and of proffered [663] opportunity, but who are nevertheless quiteRays, 667:ranks of the New Group are filled. Today, the opportunity and the stimulation are so great that allRays, 674:of the attainment of a definitely racial opportunity. Humanity - on a relatively large scale -Rays, 706:The Aspirant and the Major Initiations But their opportunity will come again, and they may changeRays, 706:materialism and their repudiation of spiritual opportunity has negated His use of their racial typeRays, 721:whenever They are ready to "make decision." The opportunity comes to the Hierarchy every forty-nineRays, 724:expressed it) of complete revelation and future opportunity. You have oft been told that there areRays, 743:for world salvage and service. The spiritual opportunity is, however, emerging with increasingRays, 743:upon humanity availing itself of the present opportunity) are: The closer Approach of theRays, 744:everywhere. This presents a dominant spiritual opportunity. The democratic attitude, dedicated asRays, 745:Africa, their educational facilities and their opportunity [746] to work and live as free men areRays, 746:to the British people and a spiritual opportunity, of which only Ceylon and Pakistan show signs ofRays, 748:- as a whole - avail itself of spiritual opportunity. It is an opportunity which is present todayRays, 748:avail itself of spiritual opportunity. It is an opportunity which is present today in a moreRays, 750:of self-interest into the freedom of shared opportunity, and the factor which will bring about thisRays, 753:something that provides mankind with a needed opportunity and one which men are well equipped toReappearance, 15:confronted with an unique occasion. This unique opportunity with which He is presented is broughtReappearance, 17:the past century, and this will present a unique opportunity for the restoration of true religionReappearance, 19:that will be part of the uniqueness of His opportunity and - for this He too must prepare. AnotherReappearance, 21:chaotic and unhappy world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish materialistic livingReappearance, 38:that is possible from the angle of the present opportunity. The Christ stands in patient silence,Reappearance, 39:over the planet, ready to play His part if the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. EverythingReappearance, 42:have been fulfiled and humanity faces renewed opportunity. The disaster which has overtaken mankindReappearance, 61:entire world; we have also considered the unique opportunity with which Christ is today faced andReappearance, 62:mission of the Christ and the uniqueness of His opportunity consist in the fact that He is able -Reappearance, 67:us, therefore, try and appreciate not only the opportunity which Christ has to help us (which isReappearance, 76:of human need at this time, and such is the opportunity, that one such Son of God is - during thisReappearance, 81:thousand years ago; will they do it again, as opportunity is offered to them? The difficulty withReappearance, 90:world and a new civilization - there lay Their opportunity and Their responsibility. TheReappearance, 95:will manifest, and the wonder of the presented opportunity, must surely be apparent to all of us.Reappearance, 126:Masters and of the possibility offered and the opportunity presented to make scientific spiritualReappearance, 143:the necessary requests for food, clothes and the opportunity to work and live in freedom; they faceReappearance, 146:and its processes, based on continuously renewed opportunity, controls the people. Christianity hasReappearance, 151:of their religion and take advantage of the opportunity of united worship [152] and prayer to layReappearance, 160:and assets of which he stands possessed? The opportunity is so great and the need for definite andReappearance, 166:two major factors which condition the present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completelyReappearance, 166:aware of the challenge of the times and the opportunity which spiritual events may offer. TheReappearance, 167:outer life, struggling to find time and opportunity for it in a gentle, futile and innocuousReappearance, 168:They, therefore, preserve silence, lose opportunity and never discover how ready people are for theReappearance, 181:prior to a steady unfoldment of spiritual opportunity. He is thus freed for ever enlarging areas ofReappearance, 187:signifies are responding, and asking for the opportunity to help, and for guidance as to what theyTelepathy, 37 To:work, its possibilities and the present opportunity, touching upon the dangers involved and theTelepathy, 81:with all that that concept involves of events, opportunity, the past, the present and the future,Telepathy, 85:in telepathic rapport and to recognize the opportunity to train and develop invocative groups.Telepathy, 147:the case of advanced humanity. Herein lies full opportunity for all, as the Law of Evolution
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