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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPOSING

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Astrology, 130:Pluto is to "cut the thread which binds the two opposing lives together." It is the task of VenusAstrology, 238:when he sat down in despair between the two opposing armies will be found most illuminating inAstrology, 348:understood when the triangle of Gemini and two opposing signs is studied. Because the Ray ofAstrology, 360:a series of beginnings in order to relate opposing forces and produce certain planned and definiteAstrology, 500:the impact of the descending spirit upon opposing matter. Ponder on this statement. [503] Astrology, 548:or (esoterically speaking) of the "escape from opposing forces at the midway point between theBethlehem, 112:or Father Christmas? These names embody opposing ideas. Each of them symbolizes one of the twoBethlehem, 139:or groups and nations are divided into opposing camps, and again duality emerges in intense dynamicDestiny, 45:much of the present conflict of ideas, and the opposing ideologies, and hence also the feud betweenDestiny, 107:is today sitting in bewilderment between the two opposing forces or camps, recognizing hisDiscipleship1, 494:discovered condition but apply to your life the opposing quality with determination andDiscipleship1, 762:of the personality, becomes also aware of an opposing factor to true soul expression upon the outerDiscipleship1, 771:will eventually bridge the gap between the two opposing factions and groups and so enable laterDiscipleship1, 771:The dual life of active world participation in opposing that which is seeking to hold back and toDiscipleship2, 40:that which is new. You will therefore have two opposing conditions to consider, with which to deal,Discipleship2, 253:likewise many of the intermediate stages, the opposing forces, the obstructions and the rapidlyDiscipleship2, 531:to think. There is no real understanding of an opposing idealism and often no real attempt toDiscipleship2, 748:it arouses (and is arousing increasingly) in the opposing forces of evil. The main attack of theseExternalisation, 175:humanity. We start with the premise that two opposing world visions confront humanity and that twoExternalisation, 176:powers or with those nations which are opposing them. The nations which are not actuallyExternalisation, 199:ideological regimes have divided the world into opposing groups. There are the great democracies,Externalisation, 231:vilification and dislike, are strenuously opposing Germany and her satellite, Italy. I refer toExternalisation, 234:delay true victory by their violently uttered opposing views. I tell you that all nations hate andExternalisation, 334:intentionally or because of the existence of its opposing quality - but simply through worldExternalisation, 487:too much, to be too difficult and the forces opposing what they seek to do too strong. But behindExternalisation, 493:to bring about the complete destruction of all opposing the forces of evil, and then it would haveExternalisation, 536:"evil from its hidden place" and brought the opposing forces to the surface of existence, prior toExternalisation, 616:clarify the problems which must be solved. The opposing forces of entrenched evil must be routedFire, 986:- S. D., I, 274. Black magic works with opposing poles. The white magician seeks the point ofGlamour, 102:becomes aware of those two great and apparently opposing entities (with both of whom he findsGlamour, 115:- as did Arjuna - in the midst between the two opposing forces (personality force and soul energy)Healing, 191:plus the basic occult fact that certain great opposing energies, working within the body, produceHealing, 399:sensed; this fact will be later demonstrated. Opposing this inner confidence and subjectiveHealing, 708:that [708] which is present in the seventh, opposing four and six to three and seven, but dealingInitiation, 103:barriers, outer and inner, and overcome those opposing forces and energies which stand between aIntellect, 180:them are many schools of thought, holding widely opposing views, but that a something called theMagic, 115:only the divine in your brothers, e'en if on an opposing side. In secondary principles, which allMagic, 115:side. In secondary principles, which all opposing forces are at present emphasizing, the use of theMagic, 115:to the law of the plane of unity. The term "opposing forces" is used rightly if you employ it onlyMagic, 115:leads to equilibrium. Remember therefore, that opposing groups may be quite sincere, but theMeditation, 41:was the world war but the culmination of two opposing ideals, fighting it out on the physicalMeditation, 135:furthered. Expect absolutely no mercy from those opposing the Brotherhood of Light. On the physicalPatanjali, 112:when subtly known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude. 11. Their activities are to bePatanjali, 139:when subtly known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude. The words "subtly known" couldPatanjali, 142:away with through the meditation process. The "opposing mental attitude" referred to in thePatanjali, 216:Gita where Arjuna stands midway between the two opposing forces of good and evil and searches forPatanjali, 384:to 33.) These obstructions are eliminated by: An opposing mental attitude, Meditation, TheProblems, 68:thinking men in Russia and men of vision who are opposing them. There are reactionary and classProblems, 73:Labor and Employment Let us now look at the opposing group - Labor. A powerful group, representingProblems, 120:effort. The men of goodwill stand midway between opposing groups where such exist, in order toPsychology1, 377:of God to incarnate proved too strong for the opposing forces of matter. Nothing then could stopPsychology1, 403:on the field of Kurukshetra, between the two opposing forces, and, owing to the smoke of thePsychology2, 262:speaking, which have been given to them by opposing workers, and they bear also the assurance [263]Psychology2, 363:see the two. I see naught else but forces ranged opposing, and I, the one, who stands within thePsychology2, 516:three worlds of human endeavor, as if they were opposing currents of force: The movement, tendingRays, 195:sense of that term. They are in the nature of opposing forces and energies which act as inhibitoryRays, 352:- as he passes the test - the door opens, the opposing energies symbolically "die out," and he canRays, 352:the massed forms of these glamors constitute the opposing door and oppose the passing of the [353]Reappearance, 163:clarify the problems which must be solved. The opposing forces of entrenched evil must be routed
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