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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPPOSITE

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Astrology, 21:begins (slowly and laboriously) to work in the opposite direction. He then passes through the signsAstrology, 24:complementary planet, which is the Earth's polar opposite, esoterically considered. This planet isAstrology, 60:provided by one of these constellations and its opposite; we will study, therefore, the greatAstrology, 60:qualities provided by a constellation and its opposite sign. We will take up these points in theAstrology, 101:burning ground to liberation. Libra is the polar opposite to Aries and therefore closely related.Astrology, 108:signs, he passes again into Pisces, from the opposite direction to his usual procedure, havingAstrology, 109:sign. The interplay between a sign and its polar opposite. The planets which are exalted, inAstrology, 142:personal interests. But in Aquarius, the polar opposite of Leo and its sign of consummation, heAstrology, 145:relinquished in that sign. In the polar opposite of Taurus, Scorpio, the personality is humbled andAstrology, 165:leads to the fusion of the greater pairs of opposite. Libra - Guards the secret of balance, ofAstrology, 168:in Pisces "It is finished." The polar opposite to Capricorn is Cancer and, as you have been taught,Astrology, 168:which we call Shamballa, for it is the polar opposite of Aries which is the place of beginnings.Astrology, 181:Mercury, as you know, governs Gemini, the polar opposite of Sagittarius. This he does until he hasAstrology, 182:Virgin, becomes the Fish goddess in the polar opposite, Pisces. A treatise could be written on theAstrology, 232:2. Libra - the balancing of desire. - The opposite objective to desire is the scales or balances.Astrology, 254:personality unfoldment. Virgo is, therefore, the opposite pole of spirit and stands for theAstrology, 275:experience of initiation, for which its polar opposite, Capricorn, stands and which finds fullAstrology, 285:The reason for this is that Leo is the polar opposite of Aquarius, and the interplay of energiesAstrology, 293:the man and the influence of Aquarius (the polar opposite of Leo) begins to balance that of Leo.Astrology, 310:of Leo into the group service of its polar opposite, Aquarius. It might appropriately be added hereAstrology, 311:student to understand for it is the polar opposite - psychologically speaking - of the state ofAstrology, 337:of consummation which this interplay between opposite signs brings about. I will endeavor to putAstrology, 339:that the result of the interplay between the opposite signs leads to some aspect of definiteAstrology, 339:it will be wise to study at the same time its opposite or consummating sign. Much that I could, forAstrology, 340:already [340] been said in connection with its opposite, Capricorn, and the same will be true ofAstrology, 356:the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, the polar opposite of Gemini. These are the only twoAstrology, 368:of the Zodiacal Constellations In the polar opposite of this sign, Sagittarius, the interplayAstrology, 389:great liberation which takes place in the polar opposite to Cancer, Capricorn and also in AquariusAstrology, 396:this sign which - in combination with its polar opposite, Scorpio, is one of the major conditioningAstrology, 647:petals of: Our earth planet Our planetary polar opposite Our complementary equilibrizing planet isAstrology, 658:may be Said) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma." (The third aspect) (156) "OurAtom, 15:life with the cosmic process. It is the exact opposite of materialism, and brings the supernaturalAtom, 42:holding within its range of activity its polar opposite, can be extended not only to every type ofAtom, 157:[157] represent the negative aspect, whose polar opposite, or the positive aspect, is their sevenBethlehem, 64:arrives at Pisces; this sign is exactly opposite the sign Virgo, and is the sign of all worldBethlehem, 153:is gold," and also "the southern quarter," the opposite pole to the north. Gold is the symbol ofBethlehem, 153:Gold is the symbol of material welfare, and the opposite pole to spirit is matter, therefore inBethlehem, 162:us sons. Nowhere in the Gospel story does an opposite statement find support. Christ, at theDestiny, 36:the Hierarchy, animated by love and that of the opposite pole, the Black Lodge, working entirelyDestiny, 73:Virgo and, forget not, that Virgo is the polar opposite of Pisces and the infant Christ in VirgoDestiny, 89:indirectly through Cancer, which is the polar opposite of Capricorn, one of the rulers of Paris. ItDestiny, 145:upper half of the zodiacal circle and is exactly opposite to Leo which is found in the lower half.Discipleship2, 189:divine Reality, veiled by all forms. The polar opposite to this, i.e., the matter in which thisDiscipleship2, 190:tendencies, of this revelation. [190] The polar opposite, i.e., achievement. The trained discipleDiscipleship2, 481:denies its presence. He violently affirms the opposite virtue or strength. Yet all the time, thisDiscipleship2, 505:demonstrate detachment by the functioning of the opposite quality of attachment - so distinctive ofEducation, 42:Upon all this basic structure the exact opposite is being imposed today, and in the reaction -Externalisation, 191:under the category "haves" and others under the opposite category. A fair and properly organizedExternalisation, 668:of the past, and those who work for the extreme opposite of this point of view and for that whichFire, xiv:the Middle Ages had led [xiv] us too far in the opposite direction. We are now tending to a moreFire, 60:or its electrical ring-pass-not. It is the opposite pole to the solar electrical fluid, and theFire, 71:origin by a spiral within that, flowing in the opposite direction - form a caduceus with the firstFire, 152:not with matter in cooperation with [152] its opposite, Spirit, which cooperation brings aboutFire, 152:of the utmost tenuity, rotating in a direction opposite to that of the planes. These rays produceFire, 156:MAY BE SAID) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma. Think this out, for much isFire, 215:action of atomic matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole of spirit. The second Aspect, theFire, 215:attraction is the law governing the Spirit, the opposite pole of matter. The first Aspect, or theFire, 219:at fixed points from the globe or sphere of opposite polarity. The Law of Friction, governs theFire, 232:Son and the heat of the Son must be felt by the opposite cosmic pole, that constellation which isFire, 232:constellation which is our system's magnetic opposite. 2. The objective of the units ofFire, 236:radius touches the periphery of His cosmic opposite, and the marriage of the Son is effected. TheFire, 236:ask which is the cosmic unit that is our solar opposite, we shall be told that that question [237]Fire, 241:and calls forth a reaction from its [241] opposite "electric fire" or spirit. Here we have theFire, 257:to ascertain the position and place of His polar opposite; thirdly to [258] merge and blend withFire, 258:thirdly to [258] merge and blend with that polar opposite. This is the cosmic marriage of theFire, 280:of a solar system as it vibrates with its cosmic opposite. We might, therefore, consider time asFire, 280:the indwelling Consciousness is seeking its opposite, and coming under the Law of Attraction, whichFire, 284:contacts made on that center and on its cosmic opposite. These two centers, for instance, our solarFire, 284:for instance, our solar system and its cosmic opposite, in their interaction create a cycle periodFire, 322:central electrical reservoir, or merge in their opposite pole, and are consequently again lost.Fire, 324:great groups of the human family when these two opposite poles made electrical connection. ItFire, 325:that draws and holds to him atoms of an opposite polarity. When he has merged and blended the twoFire, 335:it as far as possible in terms of fire), their opposite electrical pole through the activity ofFire, 346:it was enabled to reach up to heights where its opposite pole could be contacted. Animal-manFire, 389:the Earth scheme. Which scheme is our polar opposite, or which Heavenly Man is most closely alliedFire, 405:thus impelled by the attractive quality of its opposite pole, intelligent substance, to blend withFire, 417:results, such as the finding of its polar opposite, were hastened unduly on the moon chain, and theFire, 451:worlds, within the ring-pass-not of the polar opposite of his Logos, or within the ring-pass-not ofFire, 470:dependent upon the interplay between these two opposite poles, - the masculine and feminine aspectFire, 479:The central life escapes to merge with its polar opposite becoming itself negative and seeking theFire, 498:state (which is as unknown to Science as its opposite pole - homogeneous matter or substance) stopsFire, 513:of the sex appeal, His search for His polar opposite, and their mystic union. This process isFire, 554:in the Heavens which embodies His polar opposite. This is a deep mystery and concerns the cosmicFire, 657:atomic matter of that scheme which is the polar opposite of ours. With that particular group inFire, 657:a systemic triangle of which our scheme and our opposite scheme are the other two. WithFire, 744:the positive energy which seizes upon its polar opposite (negative substance), and utilizes it.Fire, 778:passing first to the scheme which is the polar opposite to ours, and from thence to theFire, 831:will necessitate an equal expenditure in an opposite. This in terms of the Ego and its lifeFire, 832:is generated by the disciple to carry him to the opposite extreme of the earlier stage, - thatFire, 853:schemes: From the scheme embodied by the polar opposite of our planetary Logos. From that schemeFire, 888:negative energy, are responsive to their polar opposite, and can (under the Law of Attraction andFire, 1011:to their own type of force, Their polar opposite, and they work, therefore, either along the lineFire, 1011:with His compeers on the planet, on the polar opposite of our planet, and on the third planetFire, 1018:petals of Our earth planet, Our planetary polar opposite, Our complementary or equilibrisingFire, 1022:available. That which emanates from the polar opposite of our planet. That which can be feltFire, 1022:that planet which forms, with our earth and its opposite, the esoteric triangle. [1023] StudentsFire, 1058:Logos. The planetary Logos of our polar opposite. The planetary Logos of the scheme which makesFire, 1169:or the merging of our solar system with its opposite cosmic pole, another constellation. The cosmicFire, 1191:is esoterically regarded as our polar [1191] opposite. (What is here said has reference to theFire, 1260:interlocked wheels revolving at a great pace in opposite directions, and producing a unified whole.
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