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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OPTIMISM

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Astrology, 203:affairs that true insight may be cultivated, optimism and understanding developed and the nature ofAstrology, 444:to all students, suggesting that they base optimism on the long range vision, endorsed by theAtom, 72:and despair, but only for the profoundest optimism. Many today are upset and distraught because theAtom, 124:a wider tolerance, and a greater and wiser optimism. Bethlehem, 74:the deepest and most constructive kind of optimism in the minds of those who ponder upon worldDiscipleship1, 157:conjure you to face the future with joy and optimism. Courage you always have but joy you lack.Discipleship1, 487:with which to face the future - no joy, no optimism and no hope of real betterment of conditions.Education, 121:provide the grounds for a profound and convinced optimism; nothing can stop the effect - growing,Externalisation, 369:Forces of Light, and with these as the basis of optimism we can look ahead with sure hope to theFire, 712:usefulness. All possibility, all hopefulness and optimism, and all future success lies hid in theseIntellect, 12:of our time are known by us all. With optimism, therefore, in a time of fresh crisis, we can goMagic, 477:this way he will be enabled to go forward with optimism knowing that hitherto all has been goodProblems, 5:humanity lie the grounds for an unshaken optimism as to human destiny. Events in the immediateProblems, 35:lies ahead is full of promise. Let us base our optimism upon humanity itself. Let us recognize theProblems, 36:love their fellowmen. Here lie the grounds for optimism and courage on the part of all trueProblems, 94:study of this other picture will lead to renewed optimism and to constant faith in divine planningProblems, 106:these territories, and there is much reason for optimism. The problem of the Negro falls into twoProblems, 153:which are oft overlooked. A profound and sound optimism is entirely possible even in the midst ofProblems, 154:respond. Let them have courage and cheer, optimism and joy, for the forces of evil have beenProblems, 177:patient; humanity must face with courage and optimism the slow process of building the newPsychology2, 661:presented new ideas and will grow in strength, optimism, inner relation and interplay. They willPsychology2, 682:and thus mutual confidence and a spirit of optimism will be promoted. To list and investigate thePsychology2, 728:see this vision with clarity, work with renewed optimism, and thus produce on earth the counterpartRays, 610:and train themselves to wait with spiritual optimism for the way of humanity to clear. Too prompt aRays, 617:fact is to be found a sure ground for a sane optimism. Rays, 619:and unobstructed. Again, under law, a profound optimism is engendered and may be rightly developed.
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