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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDAINED

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Astrology, 430:Gods bent to this purpose and with united will ordained the Plan. The Bear and the Lion metAutobiography, 104:to America to live and as he was shortly to be ordained in the Episcopal Church that did not seemAutobiography, 109:to finish his theological training and get ordained. This was my last visit to England for twentyAutobiography, 109:my husband had graduated from the seminary, been ordained and been given a charge under the BishopBethlehem, 47:(St. Luke, II, 49.) He knew that He was ordained to work and to serve, but the specifications ofBethlehem, 202:constitute the boundary which ancient custom, ordained right habits, and the social order haveDestiny, 143:the aspirant are working in combination and an ordained synthesis, we can then look for a veryDiscipleship1, 189:to a flame by your faithful adherence to the ordained duty. This warrants a further fanning of thatDiscipleship2, 5:the world disciples - such is the definite and ordained technique of the Hierarchy. But this is notDiscipleship2, 572:one outward and one inward, with also an ordained integrated expression. In your case, thisDiscipleship2, 572:In your case, this situation is peculiarly ordained by the soul in order to bring about a neededDiscipleship2, 669:and difficult circumstances, not karmically ordained but of an educational and disciplinary nature.Education, 101:he was turned loose upon the world and his ordained community to make good and to establishEducation, 103:All this is very good and part of the ordained plan. Whether it is the democratic ideal, or theEducation, 131:here deal. Parenthood is the result, and the ordained result, of the relation of two animal [132]Education, 136:racial attitude towards the sex relation and its ordained consequence, Birth. 4. As yet, it is onlyEducation, 138:new age is to "create in the light through the ordained activity of the light-body." This involvesExternalisation, 93:you a step further upon the way to which you are ordained, and this way you can travel rapidly andExternalisation, 556:and to participate intelligently in the ordained ceremonies. I would ask all to think imaginativelyExternalisation, 577:their effort or to change the spiritually-ordained plans, even when the obstacles to accomplishmentFire, 12:Each took its place, each in the sphere ordained. They waited for the sacred flood to enter and toGlamour, 18:towards these three ends as a part of my ordained (self-ordained) service. I ask for yourGlamour, 18:these three ends as a part of my ordained (self-ordained) service. I ask for your cooperation andHealing, 707:physical steps for amelioration - steps as ordained by the orthodox medical profession, which willProblems, 72:easy lives and seldom know the meaning of God-ordained work; they surround themselves with beauty,Psychology1, 10:It is applied because the aspirants own souls so ordained it, prior to incarnation, and it [11] wasPsychology1, 95:the historical Christ is - upon our planet - the ordained representative. When men, throughPsychology1, 297:ambition to be satisfied; yet the day of ordained and desired births is drawing nearer, and when itPsychology1, 304:of temptation. But God has from the beginning ordained that men and women should meet each other'sPsychology1, 304:act as complements to each other. God has not ordained that men should live herded together, awayPsychology1, 369:the rituals and the sanctified formality of the ordained ceremonials lies the true meaning of theRays, 396:did not choose the Path which He was in reality ordained to follow; He chose instead the Path ofRays, 403:rejection and impact where the rejecting agency ordained." Another aspect of the work done by the
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