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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Astrology, 10:Basic Statements In connection with this, and in order more correctly to understand, it will beAstrology, 33:and is influenced by, the seventh Ray of Magical Order and of Ceremonial Organization. The basicAstrology, 38:manas. It is the Hierarchy which is the fifth in order, and which we are told is in [39] process ofAstrology, 42:aid. They achieve through a "marriage" with the order next to them, the fifth. They are thenAstrology, 62:one or two points which must be dealt with in order to enable you to study with certain definiteAstrology, 63:casting the horoscope of the individual, so in order to have a perfectly correct understanding andAstrology, 64:sign when the Hierarchy began its Approach in order to stimulate the forms of life upon our planet.Astrology, 65:astrology and some reference to the matter is in order at this point. I would remind you of theAstrology, 78:Pluto, who governs the lesser burning ground, in order that the man may live in truth in the higherAstrology, 86:Jupiter Jupiter Moon Earth Pluto VII. Ceremonial Order Aries, the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn,Astrology, 96:in the earth, of descent into the depths in order to be lifted again on to the heights (theAstrology, 102:thus staying within the sphere of influence in order to help humanity to find liberation from theAstrology, 109:the remaining eleven signs of the zodiac, and in order to give you a clear framework upon which toAstrology, 116:upon the higher planes of manifestation in order to redeem matter and raise the lives by which itAstrology, 127:Through the Moon - under the bondage of form in order through form experience to achieve releaseAstrology, 127:(which is different to individual experience) in order to transmute his personal consciousness intoAstrology, 127:holds him between the pairs of opposites, in order to achieve the final liberation. Pluto or deathAstrology, 137:or method is that of conflict and struggle in order to reach harmony and thus express all trulyAstrology, 145:and then resurrected into air and light," in order to become from that moment the servant of theAstrology, 148:of the soul, eventually stands aside in order to let His great Brother, Mercury, spread the lightAstrology, 170:signs is the battleground of the old established order and habits and the new and higherAstrology, 178:struggle of the aspiring disciple or initiate in order to achieve the needed liberation towardsAstrology, 183:be carried forward over a long period of time in order to prove the point which I seek to make. ItAstrology, 202:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations In order the better to understand the nature of discipleshipAstrology, 213:side through death or relinquishes his task in order to take up other duties. The blood theme andAstrology, 224:plane. Uranus, therefore, initiates a new order of life and conditions and this - when developed inAstrology, 224:as they are, and the desire to change the old order and the old orientation into the new. ThisAstrology, 235:aid and conclusions of the medical profession in order to give the needed wise, physicalAstrology, 248:through Conflict. Uranus - 7th Ray - Ceremonial Order, Law or Magic. Venus - 5th Ray - ConcreteAstrology, 262:to those who have been reared under the old order and with the old ideas and approaches to truth.Astrology, 288:upon the wheel of ordinary life and in the usual order. Upon the wheel reversed, the fire takes theAstrology, 290:Taurus - The incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge. Leo - The expression ofAstrology, 290:knowledge. Leo - The expression of experience in order to justify knowledge. Aquarius - The use ofAstrology, 290:knowledge. Aquarius - The use of experience in order to make the gained knowledge a factor inAstrology, 324:to that of the sacrificing soul. It is in order eventually to negate the space-time concept and toAstrology, 325:come into incarnation cyclically and together in order to further the Plan and permit thatAstrology, 331:the benefit of the incarnating individual and in order to guarantee the ultimate salvation ofAstrology, 342:with all its consequent sacrifices and pains, in order to salvage the lives with which it had anAstrology, 347:them, keeping them fluid in their relations, in order eventually to facilitate their transmutationAstrology, 355:strong, due advantage will be taken in order to bring man nearer to the spiritual realities. JustAstrology, 355:which can utilize this planetary potency in order to work out the divine plan upon the Earth. It isAstrology, 360:efforts or initiates a series of beginnings in order to relate opposing forces and produce certainAstrology, 377:of the imposition of a rule of life and an order of living which is imposed upon them by force andAstrology, 385:it is then lifted up into the light of day in order that man may reach complete union withAstrology, 390:of the star with which you are familiar. In order to understand this more clearly I would point outAstrology, 392:bringing about the death of the form in order that the soul may be set free. Vulcan is the ray orAstrology, 398:speech of an outgoing and explanatory nature in order to transform himself from one who goesAstrology, 423:Jupiter The Moon The Earth Pluto VII. Ceremonial Order Aries Cancer Capricorn Mars The Moon SaturnAstrology, 444:note that the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order works through Uranus which is today theAstrology, 445:and inaugurates the appearing of a new world order, based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration,Astrology, 448:3. - Active intelligence. Ray 7. - Ceremonial order or magic. Ray 5. - Concrete mind. [449] It canAstrology, 468:or with the fusion of soul and form in order to demonstrate fully a state of awareness. These factsAstrology, 475:only depicted the three triangles in a certain order with the lower points expressing the energy ofAstrology, 494:our planetary Logos. It might be said (in order to make our theme comprehensible to you) that theAstrology, 516:factors and some process of experimentation in order to prove the fact, the statement remainsAstrology, 518:soul) to fuse and blend all nations into a world order, based on material issues and dominated by aAstrology, 519:of Light eventually triumph and if the new world order comes into being. This it will do if theAstrology, 522:empire will be potent in establishing a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economicAstrology, 523:major democracies can eventually restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness andAstrology, 523:eventually restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in theAstrology, 523:selfishness and aggression and usher in the new order of world understanding, world sharing andAstrology, 531:at the same time to envisage the macrocosm in order to understand the microcosm, man will some dayAstrology, 538:influence of the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law, Order and Magic, [539] the fifth Ray of ConcreteAstrology, 540:of certain houses. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization is felt in the house ofAstrology, 542:talked of world groups and of the European Order of Nations but it was a grouping around Germany asAstrology, 547:comes into full force and expression in order to stage the testings of the world disciple and toAstrology, 560:man who is crucified thereon to material ends in order that he may learn eventually their divineAstrology, 582:personal desire (necessarily of the very highest order on account of His high point in evolution)Astrology, 590:Jupiter The Moon The Earth Pluto VII Ceremonial Order Aries, the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn,Astrology, 597:seed which destroys successively all forms in order that realized fruition may eventuate. That isAstrology, 601:Will Ray VII This is the energy of Ceremonial Order. It is an expression of the will which drivesAstrology, 601:the medium of this activity, to produce beauty, order, perfect wholes and right relationships. ItAstrology, 606:VII. - That which can be called the principle of order. Just as desire has produced this "son ofAstrology, 613:The initiation of the differentiating process in order to produce. These are all expressions orAstrology, 621:given this triangle of constellations in the order of their relationship to the Great Life WhoAstrology, 628:is Virgo, Gemini and Pisces and not the order as here given, which is Gemini, Virgo, Pisces; theAstrology, 636:of the names of the Planets applied in the same order everywhere and always and in the presence ofAstrology, 642:names of the Planets are applied in the same order everywhere and always." (S.D. Vol. I, 711) 4.Astrology, 653:of the Zodiac From the angle of form. Natural order. Retrogression through signs. Pisces ThroughAstrology, 653:be sought. From the angle of the soul. Spiritual order. Correct passing through sign. Aries ThroughAstrology, 668:among the seven creating Angels of the third order being Saturn, the presiding genius of the planetAstrology, 693:Uranus (7th) - The School of Magic of the tenth order. It is sometimes called 'the planet of theAtom, 22:and is the force which is gradually bringing order out of chaos; ultimate perfection out ofAtom, 23:man then chooses a particular line of action in order to benefit the group to which he belongs, andAtom, 35:us. Dogmatic assertions are therefore out of order, for it is realized that perhaps the nextAtom, 35:passing through a period of transition; the old order changeth; the old way of looking at things isAtom, 39:forms, the atoms constitute animals of the lower order. Finally they combine in man, who representsAtom, 61:Himself through it, and utilizing it in order to work out a definite purpose and central idea. InAtom, 62:- liberating itself from the environing form in order to acquire one more suited to its need. ThusAtom, 65:live. Everything is in a state of flux; the old order changeth, and a period of transition is inAtom, 65:of thought, are disintegrating, but only in order that the life which gave them being may escape,Atom, 66:ages, must inevitably disintegrate, but only in order that the life within may escape, build forAtom, 72:and if disruption has set in, it is only in order that the life may build for itself new forms andAtom, 72:destruction has to smash and rend the forms in order that the work of the builder may [73] becomeAtom, 77:system. Let us first briefly recapitulate, in order that we may approach our subject tonight withAtom, 84:definite purpose; and surely it exists [84] in order that the central energizing unit mayAtom, 130:of the intelligence by the indwelling life, in order that the form may be adequately adapted to itsAtom, 135:boards, and spiritualistic seances of a low order are rampant these days, and are driving thousandsAutobiography, 4:of religion, of education and of the social order. And that is very good. Looking back, I canAutobiography, 26:silk stockings and well brushed hair were the order and then, hand in hand, we had to go to the
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