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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Externalisation, 191:by labor must also go. [191] In the new world order, the governing body in any nation should beExternalisation, 191:not possible until this century. The new world order will be founded on an active sense ofExternalisation, 191:developed. It is not yet present. The new world order will not impose a uniform type of government,Externalisation, 191:will be in the field of education. The new world order will recognize that the produce of theExternalisation, 191:In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament.Externalisation, 192:and general premises upon which the new world order must begin its work. These preliminary stagesExternalisation, 192:their work can be summed up thus: the new world order will facilitate the establishing of rightExternalisation, 193:It is equally essential that the new world order should develop in humanity a sense of divinity andExternalisation, 193:and selflessly inspired. The future world order will be the effective expression of a fusion of theExternalisation, 194:III. Some Problems Involved The new world order will be confronted with many problems. TheseExternalisation, 194:solution by means of force, as in the Axis world order. They will be solved by right educationalExternalisation, 194:understanding the objectives of the true world order. They fall roughly into four categories: theExternalisation, 196:be proven scientifically true. In the new world order this educational process will be started. Externalisation, 197:working out. Certain facts are obvious. The old order has failed. The resources of the world haveExternalisation, 198:and the establishing [198] of a new economic order, based on the contribution of each nation to theExternalisation, 198:era of simplicity must come in. The new world order will inaugurate this simpler life based onExternalisation, 198:to the realm of government, under the new world order, one is faced with a very complex situation.Externalisation, 199:of thought are appearing which, in the new world order, will unfold into that major synthesis soExternalisation, 199:United States of America; there is talk of a new order in Asia, of the Good Neighbor policy inExternalisation, 200:presented. The general recognition that the old order has lamentably failed is most valuable. Externalisation, 200:we come to consider religion in the new world order, we are faced with a far more complicatedExternalisation, 202:Therefore, in the new world order, spirituality will supersede theology; living experience willExternalisation, 202:said that Germany has been forced to fight in order to preserve the life, economically speaking, ofExternalisation, 203:can begin the task of inaugurating the new world order. Externalisation, 203:question: Given the possibility of the new world order, what can be done to bring it into being atExternalisation, 204:The task of restoring the world to harmony and order is a stupendous one. The educating of peopleExternalisation, 205:country who react to the vision of the new world order and who are the men and women of goodwill.Externalisation, 206:(through the agency of goodwill) the new world order can be firmly established on Earth. Today, inExternalisation, 207:world to study the principles of the new world order. I call upon them, as they fight for justiceExternalisation, 208:have been told only lies. The future new world order will inaugurate an era of truthful propagandaExternalisation, 210:interludes between the past and the new world order, the men and women of goodwill can actively aidExternalisation, 230:attitudes and between those who see a new world order, developed and brought to functioningExternalisation, 230:coordination and understanding, and a world order which will be imposed by terror, throughExternalisation, 231:natural tendencies are on the side of law and order, and whose will-to-good is directed towardsExternalisation, 232:in men's minds the vision of a new world order wherein everyone will have a good time, where thereExternalisation, 234:religion; it is not to be found in the social order, where class is ranged against class, poorExternalisation, 235:inspires those who are today fighting [235] in order that peace may be the result of theirExternalisation, 237:the above. This is the emphasis upon a new world order within a rapidly changing world. The AlliesExternalisation, 237:wherein peace can be possible and the new world order developed that today the men of vision fightExternalisation, 237:and die. The contrast is the enforced world order, emphasized by the so-called "German super-race,"Externalisation, 237:and the supply of Germany's economic need - an order enforced by terror, by cruelty and death,Externalisation, 237:of Germany. With this German-enforced rule and order, her greed for territorial expansion and herExternalisation, 238:peace through resort to violence. To this order that we shall create, all nations have theirExternalisation, 238:of change, the realization of the coming world order and the humble statement anent past mistakes.Externalisation, 241:the world, their governments and their social order must go. A new world order is possible, andExternalisation, 241:and their social order must go. A new world order is possible, and there are certain steps whichExternalisation, 241:the sign posts on the way to the future world order. I shall find myself in the position ofExternalisation, 241:all to ponder on the vision of this new world order, preserving an open mind and realizing thatExternalisation, 241:envisaged, and the ideal of this new world order is divorced from all nationalistic concepts andExternalisation, 242:world cycle. When this vision of the new world order has been grasped by the men and women ofExternalisation, 243:to bring down into active being the new world order. This new world will not come as an answer toExternalisation, 243:be possible. A clear vision of the future world order (in broad and general outline but not inExternalisation, 245:But they stand today for a new and spiritual order, based on a desire for synthesis, right methodsExternalisation, 246:to the inauguration of the new world [246] order. This you will do with no thought of self. YouExternalisation, 248:aided objectively and again inspired to work in order that they may form the nucleus of the ForcesExternalisation, 271:a farce. So they were deliberately withdrawn in order to enhance their importance, and will laterExternalisation, 271:of ideals will also have to disappear in order to be succeeded by new and better ones. This appliesExternalisation, 273:shall be handled, that what is needed in order to release mankind assuredly must appear, for suchExternalisation, 276:- within humanity itself - needs evocation in order to produce right cooperation, right preparationExternalisation, 278:forces which are endeavoring to re-establish order on Earth and to end the cycle of aggressiveExternalisation, 285:all of them, the idea of a subjective, spiritual Order, concerned with the developing welfare ofExternalisation, 298:will appear. His work will demonstrate the law, order and rhythm of the creative process as itExternalisation, 298:And as this ray is called the Ray of Ceremonial Order or Ritual, [299] He will be largelyExternalisation, 299:of a new truth or the expansion of an old one in order to progress still higher on the evolutionaryExternalisation, 312:the new ideas can spread, and the coming world order find adherents. To prepare the general publicExternalisation, 316:by them constitute the basis of the coming world order. They were necessarily large in outline andExternalisation, 322:relations. This will guarantee a workable world order and not an imposed tyranny or a mystical andExternalisation, 322:of a general outline of that coming world order which will be in line with humanity's need, basicExternalisation, 323:set the note of world goodwill for the new world order. Some of this work was started in 1934. MuchExternalisation, 324:group work. This must be group work of a new order, wherein individual activity is subordinated toExternalisation, 327:existing culture and civilization, the new world order must be built. And, my brother, it will beExternalisation, 330:different fields of world endeavor as to the New Order. Find out what is being suggested in theExternalisation, 330:the many different nations as to the New World Order - both good and bad. This will involve theExternalisation, 331:and great implications for the future world order. Concentration on this is desirable. ContinueExternalisation, 339:names: better world conditions, the new world order, world reconstruction, the new civilization,Externalisation, 347:for years to come, has not been brought about in order to impose recognition of the Buddha upon theExternalisation, 356:can bring in the new world era and its cultural order can be clearly noted and appraised. AllExternalisation, 356:of the whole, in terms of a desirable world order or federation, [357] and their capacity toExternalisation, 357:Fellowship and separation, indicating a world order where racial hatreds, caste distinctions andExternalisation, 357:to international understanding, and the Axis order of master races, determined religious attitudes,Externalisation, 358:their constructive undertakings to restore world order and to lay those foundations which willExternalisation, 359:in the arena of daily living, the present world order (which is today largely disorder) can be soExternalisation, 364:article appeared, called The Coming World Order, which sought to hold out to a suffering world aExternalisation, 365:the ending of the war and the coming world order. It will be necessary to deal with this subject inExternalisation, 368:lives, nations and the future of humanity in order to attain its object. If Gandhi were to succeedExternalisation, 369:speeches and plans dealing with the new world order. The forces of rehabilitation and of goodwillExternalisation, 369:we must be prepared. Let us consider them in the order of their importance: 1. The danger of tooExternalisation, 374:the worst aspects of the old and evil order, and are aggressively grasping all that they can forExternalisation, 375:state to supreme eminence. [375] This is the old order which must pass, but its dangers must beExternalisation, 377:faith on every hand that a new and better world order is possible and that it is even probable. HowExternalisation, 377:express the goal of this hoped-for new world order and word briefly the objective which each personExternalisation, 378:complete, obvious and irremediable - of the old order and the old world is everywhere recognized.Externalisation, 383:together to discuss and study the coming world order, or cooperate with those who are already doingExternalisation, 386:it is the foundational activity of the new world order, for that order must be brought into beingExternalisation, 386:activity of the new world order, for that order must be brought into being for the sake of theExternalisation, 390:produce those conditions in which the new world order - visioned by all who truly love theirExternalisation, 408:forth from the Hierarchy and are of the highest order of spiritual perfection. Those who convey toExternalisation, 408:concepts are not as yet of so high an order, because man is not yet ready for the highestExternalisation, 408:expression of human relationships and the social order; hence the world religions come first andExternalisation, 410:by fire and suffering - has set his house in order and is ready, therefore, for a new revelation.
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