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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Externalisation, 412:group goodwill. We learn to perfect ourselves in order to have somewhat to sacrifice to the group,Externalisation, 422:man. I give this one instance to you in order to indicate the possibilities for spiritualExternalisation, 422:an understanding of these influences, and in order to revivify the ancient faiths by expanding themExternalisation, 426:bounden duty, if security, well-being and a new order of happier living is to be the lot of comingExternalisation, 434:been the problem of teaching humanity that, in order to demonstrate true love and to provide scopeExternalisation, 434:and impressing the minds of Their disciples in order to arouse goodwill, a driving desire for [435]Externalisation, 435:be seized upon and misused by the Axis Powers in order to stiffen their peoples into increasedExternalisation, 446:with impelling wisdom and fixed decision in order to strengthen the hands of Their workers in everyExternalisation, 451:long these evil forces have used psychology in order to reach the ends they had in view, and haveExternalisation, 451:uttermost. They use the press and the radio in order to distort human thinking; [452] they presentExternalisation, 453:to fight for their established ecclesiastical order, their material profit and their temporal rule,Externalisation, 454:a measure of its willingness to sacrifice in order [455] to stabilize human living, and to rid theExternalisation, 456:is not occupied with the restoration of the old order, with the state of life prior to the war, orExternalisation, 457:Earth, will render futile the efforts of the old order (in politics, religion and education) toExternalisation, 459:world plans and suggestions as to the new world order litter the desks of world leaders and ofExternalisation, 462:bodies, or their policies to bring about world order and world tranquility. They are seekingExternalisation, 466:mankind to use the light they already have, in order to establish right relations in theirExternalisation, 485:spiritual significance. Let me repeat it in the order in which today it gains meaning: Lead us, OExternalisation, 499:the need for, nor desire this new world order which the liberation of cosmic energy (even on thisExternalisation, 511:ceaselessly, preserving the outer appearance in order to reach the many who are accustomed toExternalisation, 517:know why such and such things are done in due order and the reason for the various precedences, theExternalisation, 520:the due and right time comes. This They do in order to make place for that which is better andExternalisation, 523:religion. The gradual reorganizing of the social order. The public inauguration of the system ofExternalisation, 525:submitting Themselves to the needed training in order to react correctly when fuller contact hasExternalisation, 541:the Buddha. It had to be formed at this time in order to be the recipient, and then the custodian,Externalisation, 544:what is in the Mind of God may be offset, in order that the churches may eventually be theExternalisation, 547:below: 1. I attempted to reach certain people in order to see how far an ashram could function inExternalisation, 547:the new political regimes and the new social order could be set up. I gave you the blueprints. IExternalisation, 558:the Christ has need of financial resources in order to reach the needy sons of men. I ask your aidExternalisation, 558:need for any man to join the Christian Church in order to be affiliated with Christ. TheExternalisation, 564:is yet working at the very center of affairs; in order to be of greater service in Their ownExternalisation, 576:thus slowly and gradually bringing in the new order. Among the seven major Ashrams and theirExternalisation, 578:will be different and the goals of a higher order, but the best that is now taught along the linesExternalisation, 579:life will be implemented by science - not in order to make him more comfortable or more like aExternalisation, 584:at the same time foundational to the new world order which will emerge out of all these experimentsExternalisation, 591:there emerges (if you have read them in order and intelligently) a picture of the spiritual life ofExternalisation, 599:(if the faithful would only believe it) in order: To substantiate the fact of Christ's physicalExternalisation, 610:of the Christ - are working day and night in order to establish such confidence, correct attitudesExternalisation, 614:States permits the raising of [614] funds in order to arm the Zionists against Great Britain, anExternalisation, 614:feeding world anxiety and world insecurity in order to create another point of world tension. UntilExternalisation, 618:undertake to tell them what they must believe in order to be saved, or what government they mustExternalisation, 622:creatively endeavoring to bring in the new world order, the order of the Kingdom of God under theExternalisation, 622:endeavoring to bring in the new world order, the order of the Kingdom of God under the physicalExternalisation, 623:to release spiritual energy and bring a new order out of the present world chaos. This is perhapsExternalisation, 628:on the wall which is bringing the old order down in destruction; and secondly, the mass of theExternalisation, 630:or distress over the disappearance of the old order. The good, the true and the beautiful is on itsExternalisation, 631:giving out of the esoteric teaching) in order to aid humanity and the work of the Hierarchy, toExternalisation, 646:should demonstrate. 4. The energy which produces order. This is the energy of the seventh ray orExternalisation, 652:and physical equipment of Their disciples in order to carry out Their beneficent purposes. SuchExternalisation, 654:the natural types - in a selective process - in order to bring in something new, better orExternalisation, 654:stream of energy to meet a need; this They do in order to produce the desired result, and to bringExternalisation, 663:constitutes also the sacrifice He is making in order to complete His work on Earth and bring a newExternalisation, 667:Science and upon the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. All these Ashrams are working under theExternalisation, 667:occupied with seventh ray energy, which is the order-producing energy upon our planet. This is theExternalisation, 667:upon our planet. This is the Ray of Ceremonial Order, and through the activity of its energy, whenExternalisation, 668:by the fact that in the substitution of order for chaos, national cultures must be preserved andExternalisation, 673:into activity sequentially and under law and order, and some are more prominent at one time thanExternalisation, 679:movements and organizations; out of all these, order and truth and the new civilization willExternalisation, 682:or three Who have undergone special training in order to do some special preparatory work for theExternalisation, 684:one of a very strict internal consolidation, in order that the magnetic aura of the Hierarchy mayExternalisation, 686:new and unknown ways. They relinquish much, in order to enable the entire Hierarchy to give farExternalisation, 686:in Their turn, also relinquish much in order to work exoterically among men. They subjectExternalisation, 687:and initiates. They have been thus isolated in order that They may work more readily and easilyExternalisation, 692:factors are recognized and duly contacted in order to ascertain the extent of the purificatoryExternalisation, 694:close to accepted discipleship in all lands, in order that the language problem will present littleExternalisation, 700:religion. The gradual reorganizing of the social order - an order free from oppression, theExternalisation, 700:gradual reorganizing of the social order - an order free from oppression, the persecution ofExternalisation, 701:of disciples are actively working to bring order out of chaos. You must tell them that there is aFire, xiv:in words that which must be felt and lived in order to be truly comprehended must necessarily proveFire, 5:Idealism. Ray VII - Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Order. Fire, 13:wrought at the forms. They stood in fourfold order. Upon the threefold levels in empty silenceFire, 28:shades. The incoming seventh reduced to order all the forms, - the white, the dark, the red, andFire, 51:regarding fire in matter and let us take them in order, leaving time to elucidate theirFire, 67:and of the body of feeling. They are of a low order when upon the path of desire, and of a highFire, 67:when upon the path of desire, and of a high order when upon the path of aspiration, for theFire, 71:dense physical manifestation. 27 Spirilla. "In order to examine the construction of the atom, aFire, 80:within the system. All receive in order to give, and to pass on to that which is lesser or not soFire, 90:agency of certain deva entities of a very high order, and of a golden hue. It is passed throughFire, 90:to man. These devas are of a very powerful order, and, along their own line, are further evolvedFire, 91:assimilated. When the etheric body is in good order and functioning correctly, enough of this pranaFire, 95:lesser groups of devas of a not very high order, who have a curious and intricate relationship toFire, 97:our system of planes... They represent in due order what are commonly called the three Persons ofFire, 97:into the planes below. The first of these in order is the straight line which descends from theFire, 106:three pranic centers are not in good working order. The center between the shoulder blades is inFire, 114:Ray of Abstract Idealism. The Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization. Fire, 115:of the shattering of [115] the etheric web in order to effect liberation, and permit a later andFire, 115:Our solar Logos, being a Logos of the fourth order, will begin to coordinate His cosmic buddhicFire, 116:the present time, and is [116] only termed so in order to make plainer the changes that must beFire, 118:system is what is called a system of the fourth order; that is, it has its location on the fourthFire, 123:a quickening of the process is permitted in order to equip workers in the field of human service.Fire, 125:this blending is the destruction (under rule and order), of the etheric web, and the consequentFire, 127:liberation and purification is desired in order that the higher union with the Logos may beFire, 137:the antahkarana 63 that the Ego has to build in order to bridge the gap between the lower andFire, 153:making this distinction and employing words in order to make an abstruse idea more comprehensible.Fire, 175:do not continue dead. Motion is the eternal order of things and affinity or attraction its handmaidFire, 186:As we know, the senses are five in number and in order of development are as follows: Hearing.Fire, 188:- S. D., III, 569. There is no universal order. All are on all planes. - S. D., III, 550. TheFire, 193:preserve the manifested pentagon in the proper order. In the opinion of our old philosophers soundFire, 199:opened and he recognizes his place in the whole order under the Law of Synthesis. Hearing - UnityFire, 207:- Evolution of the life through the vehicles in order to develop the seven principles. He is fire
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