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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Fire, 209:mental levels, and in the microcosm the same order will be seen. There is an occult hint here thatFire, 212:scheme. In all things cosmic, perfect law and order are found, and the ramifications of the planFire, 220:law; they have to utilize matter and energy in order to achieve the liberation of Spirit, and toFire, 230:view, as we know, our sun is but of the fourth order, and on the lowest cosmic plane. When the SonFire, 230:considered a Master. He also is of the fourth order; he is the quaternary. The etheric plane is theFire, 237:Idealism. The Logos of Ceremonial Law or Order. Men, The Monad, The Units of Consciousness. They,Fire, 239:itself within the prison of the sheath in order to gain experience. The supposition is correct thatFire, 239:Who consciously takes shape and incarnates in order to carry out specific purposes of His own. ButFire, 240:or at-one-ment. He assumes objectivity in order to express that which is in each of the twoFire, 241:on essential duality are gathered together, in order to convey to our minds the necessity ofFire, 250:his body, for purposes of manifestation and in order to gain experience. [251] b. A Heavenly ManFire, 252:vibration is of a gradual and evolutionary order and proceeds from center to center as it does inFire, 268:to think, to act, to build, and to evolve in order to develop the faculty of active love, When theFire, 274:solar systems. We have, therefore, cycles in order, and repetition in an ever-ascending spiral,Fire, 285:We can now take up the question next in order, which was worded: "Why do we consider certainFire, 295:be recognized that on cosmic levels of a high order the solar Logos is an Intelligence asFire, 295:is an Intelligence as relatively low in the order of cosmic consciousness as man is in relation toFire, 301:of a subrace. The period of a branch race. In order to apprehend even cursorily the identity ofFire, 323:center as is the solar plexus to the heart. The order of the development of the centers, theFire, 333:Dawn, day, midday, twilight, night - thus is the order for the Logos, for a planetary Logos, andFire, 342:with here (taking these three factors in their order), is the fire of mind in connection with aFire, 356:attention on man, as he functions on earth. In order to clarify the idea of manas and its relationFire, 360:occupy them for cycles of definite duration in order to attain a purpose, and that each life -Fire, 361:be suggested, and by the very suggestion, bring order into the thoughts of men as they view theFire, 361:of the moment. Let us not forget, that when order is brought about, and united thought produced onFire, 361:thought produced on the mental plane, then order transpires eventually on the physical plane. TheFire, 362:system, being considered as of the fourth [362] order, and our scheme being the fourth in order,Fire, 362:[362] order, and our scheme being the fourth in order, there is consequently a moment of specialFire, 362:Logos, is the Earth chain, the fourth in order again, thus bringing about another alignment of veryFire, 362:the planetary Logos is the Earth, the fourth in order. This brings about a still further alignment.Fire, 363:alignment? [363] A solar system of the fourth order. The fourth scheme in the system. The fourthFire, 369:seven schemes, either in connection with their order of development or importance, or theirFire, 381:the planetary Logos, will be reduced to law and order. As yet but dim speculations and hints thatFire, 397:up, S. D., I, 235-239. II, 610, 638. The first order - The essential Lives - Spirit - The Self. TheFire, 397:essential Lives - Spirit - The Self. The sixth order - The objective form - Matter - The Not-Self.Fire, 397:form - Matter - The Not-Self. The fifth order - Intelligence, Manas - The relation between. Fire, 399:demonstrating the truth of the statement that in order to tread the Path he must become that PathFire, 402:matter, or active intelligent substance, in order to demonstrate Love-Wisdom; all this is based onFire, 411:persists just as long as it is required in order to attain certain ends. It is succeeded byFire, 413:for Them to employ drastic measures in order to offset that failure. Herein lies another clue toFire, 414:may be written as . In time and space the order might be stated to be 7-3-10, and at certain stagesFire, 417:place or time, nor to sequence of appearance, or order of manifestation. 48 is He, again, whoFire, 423:organization, and the bringing (under law and order), of the entire life of: Families and groups ofFire, 428:that which occultists call "power of the fourth order" (on the physical plane). It will enable himFire, 431:centers of the human unit in ether of the fourth order. The beauty of the interlocking system willFire, 435:are at the right stage to utilize this force in order to take the first initiation. As this fifthFire, 446:at this time, for a profound movement is in order of accomplishment, and a transference is inFire, 450:had to function or pour forth its influence in order to produce self-consciousness within theFire, 451:men below the rank of initiates of the third order. Words which affect the life side ofFire, 454:Hierarchy, The cooperation with the devas in order to further the constructive ends of evolution,Fire, 478:being the liberation of the essence in order that it may seek a new center, the process may beFire, 479:lesser lives. The devas cooperate under rule, order and sound. The internal heat of the atomFire, 487:the work of mineral transmutation of the first order. Only when (through the radiatory fires of theFire, 487:can he alchemically do work of the second order. Only when the fires of mind in himself dominate,Fire, 487:with the transmutative processes of the third order, or with the transference of life into theFire, 487:be permitted to be an alchemist of the fourth order, and work in connection with the transmutationFire, 487:in cooperation with the greater Devas. In order, therefore, to bring about clarity of thought andFire, 490:break that form, or the combination of atoms, in order to permit the central electric life toFire, 491:form to form, the work proceeds under rule and order, and is effected through the cooperation ofFire, 509:in the microcosmic development and note how in order to function consciously in his individualFire, 541:he seeks to serve, but it is of a much higher order than the blind sacrifice to which a man isFire, 543:the following points in mind: First. That the order of the development of the petals and theFire, 554:until the vibrations of the sixth and seventh order become more powerful, and their effects canFire, 554:of the first, second, third and fourth order quite fully at this time, but as yet (thoughFire, 554:types of energy. The vibration of the fifth order is recognized by Him, particularly in three ofFire, 567:I vitalize my thought-forms with a high or a low order of entity? Do I study the laws ofFire, 569:physical plane. The destruction of the form, in order that the evolving life may progress, is oneFire, 580:law that governs the destruction of the form in order that the indwelling life may shine forth inFire, 587:for the Power Aspect waits for another system in order to demonstrate in full development. Ray two,Fire, 588:Concrete Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Order, their control exists in degrees on all the planes,Fire, 589:our system of planes... They represent in due order what are commonly called the three Persons ofFire, 589:into the planes below. The first of these in order is the straight line which descends from theFire, 589:and Fire Elementals The Ray of Ceremonial Order has special significance at this time; it controlsFire, 589:turn of evolution is made. Through Ceremonial Order comes the control of the lesser builders, theFire, 589:seventh Ray comes in (as now) the Ray of Law and Order, of accurate arrangement and formation. ItFire, 589:of forms, and the shattering of the old in order that newer and better chalices of life may beFire, 598:in unison, and is geometrically accurate. In order to give some idea of the complexity of theFire, 605:- The greater Builders. Vibrations of fifth order - Manasic. It will, therefore, be apparent thatFire, 605:that when the system is viewed in reverse order and the physical plane is counted as the first (asFire, 615:- the building devas of evolutionary intent - in order to bring about the purposes of the HeavenlyFire, 620:the forms. - S. D., II, 67. Note the esoteric order. - S. D., II, 88, 92, 100; II, 116. 1 In theFire, 651:shadows, and primarily among those of the fourth order. The etheric web which protected certainFire, 654:can be made which brings them into line with the order of manifestation as laid down in the ancientFire, 662:is to liberate himself from their control in order that he, the real Ego or thinker, may be theFire, 663:him. If this evolutionary deva is of a high order (as will be the case in a highly developed man)Fire, 663:must free himself. If the deva life is of a low order, the man will demonstrate low and viciousFire, 665:not to pass it on; the above is only quoted in order to do three things: Demonstrate somewhat theFire, 667:grouping spoken of as "the Devas of the Seventh Order." The seventh order is peculiarly linked toFire, 667:as "the Devas of the Seventh Order." The seventh order is peculiarly linked to the devas of theFire, 667:is peculiarly linked to the devas of the first order on the first plane. They are the reflectors ofFire, 667:reflectors of the mind of God of which the first order is the expression, and manifest it as it hasFire, 668:from the [668] archetypal plane. This seventh order of devas is directly under the influence of theFire, 668:and of producing varying phenomena. This seventh order of devas is the one with which the workersFire, 668:motives. He works through the devas of the sixth order. The devas of the sixth order are those ofFire, 668:devas of the sixth order. The devas of the sixth order are those of the astral plane, and are theFire, 668:the positive aspect. These devas of the sixth order, as might be expected, are closely linked withFire, 668:are closely linked with those of the second order on the. monadic plane, and with the heart centerFire, 669:and Fire Elementals These devas of the sixth order come under the special influence of the Lord ofFire, 669:is specially connected with this particular order of devas, and through this dual influence isFire, 669:This angle of the matter should be studied in order to bring out the true meaning of this sixth
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