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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Fire, 669:to bring out the true meaning of this sixth order of devas, whose symbol is the six-pointed StarFire, 670:physical incarnation. The devas of the sixth order, the Agnisuryans, are a prime factor in bringingFire, 677:aspect. Certain devas who - being of the third order - form the Heaven of the average orthodoxFire, 677:of any faith. Another group - being the seventh order - form the Hell for the same class ofFire, 680:of the interrelation of the three fires in order that he may himself at some future date "blazeFire, 683:are therefore entities of a high spiritual order - with a refined consciousness that corresponds toFire, 683:material substance in which they are clothed. In order to connect this with what I have saidFire, 683:names as planetary spirits, Asuras, etc., but in order to get a proper idea of their nature, youFire, 695:brought into conjunction with those of a newer order who were awaiting just conditions. TheFire, 708:his own unfoldment. These four are given in the order of their appearance in time and space: First.Fire, 711:cosmic entities who "offer Themselves" up in order that Man may be. From their very essence, theyFire, 716:force, the Hierarchy will avail itself of in order to push forward the planetary plans. In everyFire, 717:certain discoveries are possible, and the new order comes in upon it. The Great Ones, Who know theFire, 718:will again open the door of individualization in order to permit the entry of certain very advancedFire, 719:Egos who are seeking [719] incarnation in order to carry out a special piece of work. This roundFire, 719:their own evolution (technically speaking) in order to take up a special piece of work on theFire, 719:the physical vehicle necessitated is of such an order that they could not at this time, and in thisFire, 722:profound subject. For purposes of clarity and in order to elucidate a matter of extreme difficultyFire, 733:by the Logos of His physical vehicle. In order to get an idea of what the procedure is, it might beFire, 745:by the Law towards earthly manifestation in order to become fully conscious, and acquire (by meansFire, 751:Entity, will utilize the vehicles of an adept in order to contact the physical planes. This methodFire, 763:power of the will and in which He functions in order to make certain contacts on the physical planeFire, 769:of the incarnating jivas unfold in differing order and at different periods, so the egoic groupsFire, 777:work of the highest group of Agnishvattas is in order. The middle group who form the nine petalsFire, 783:a coordinated triplicity in the fourth round in order to provide vehicles for man; the reason forFire, 788:these two in the etheric body. But later - in order to know even on the lowest plane of all - manFire, 793:their duration and persistence are not in order. The figures for the planets concerned with theFire, 796:universe, just as the general laws of the social order among men are theoretically apprehended, butFire, 810:government, politics, economics and the social order readjusted upon sound, sane and divine lines.Fire, 813:kingdom. The work of an Avatar of a lesser order Who will come in the beginning of the next centuryFire, 829:undergoing certain processes of training in order to stimulate His centers. This fact is beingFire, 831:They form substance of a very high [831] order, and will produce the forms of those existences who,Fire, 831:gathered back by the solar Pitris of the highest order into the Heart of the Sun; they will beFire, 842:entering on a wave of energy into this scheme in order to "round" themselves out, as it is called.Fire, 843:and temporarily new beginnings were out of order. It must not be forgotten here that the work ofFire, 845:karmic adjuster. To the solar system of the next order to work in connection with the planetaryFire, 848:seem inexplicable, but this hint is imparted in order that man may realize the interdependence ofFire, 856:of a new set of vehicles at each incarnation, in order to assist the working out of karma. TheFire, 865:generation, The base of the spine, are - in due order according to a man's ray and subray -Fire, 866:and his handling of that which all men seek in order to gratify desire. Only he who desires naughtFire, 882:Vidya - The performance of religious rites in order to produce certain results. Ceremonial magic.Fire, 885:the higher planes to the lower in the following order: From the logoic center, or the planetaryFire, 905:Thus the cycles mingle and overlap, in order that no unit of life, however small and unimportant,Fire, 906:He is utilizing the seventh type of energy in order to further the recognition by the human unit ofFire, 907:are to effect by the end of this root-race, in order to liberate Spirit from constricting forms.Fire, 909:and the laws will become more stringent, in order to safeguard the race during a transition period.Fire, 912:of magnetization. The greater devas of this order preside over the magnetic spots of the earth,Fire, 914:inanimate objects. These are named in the order and the importance of their development. The violetFire, 919:He is the sumtotal of Intelligence, evolving in order to develop Love. Fire, 929:there will be found a revolt against law and order, a refusal to be governed, and an abilityFire, 947:Each plane will be found to reflect this order in an interesting manner. Fire, 950:bring in interplanetary force of the fourth order. This force is then directed towards thisFire, 952:are undergoing evolutionary development in order that they may become conscious creators in matter.Fire, 955:building, of the manipulation under law and order of mental matter, and of the process of thoughtFire, 955:d. In all thought building, therefore, of a high order, men have several things to do, which mightFire, 964:impulse of some lunar Lord, even if of a high order, than the divine will of the solar Angel, whoFire, 965:it has been necessary to deal with them in this order. By means of the pineal gland, 89 the organFire, 967:any hard or fast rule anent the sequential order of the development of the physical head centers,Fire, 973:of thought forms consequently produced of a low order and vibration are producing a condition whichFire, 973:builder begins to extend this influence in order to send it forth from him to perform its mission,Fire, 976:from the majority of people being of such a low order that the thought forms never reach the pointFire, 979:leaders of occult movements. That most occult order of Pythagoras at Crotona, and many other of theFire, 985:himself in the work of constructive endeavor in order to cooperate in hierarchical plans, and toFire, 986:of the fourth vidya (atma-vidya) thrown on it in order to be White magic. - S. D., I, 192. BlackFire, 1001:value, the man has to do certain things in order to aid in bringing about the results. HeFire, 1001:about the results. He tranquilizes his bodies in order that there be no impediment to the egoicFire, 1001:When this process is proceeding under rule and order, the focal point of energy on the lower mentalFire, 1003:Their thought forms would be constructed in order to be sent on selfish missions and forFire, 1009:in the past purposely to confound the two, in order to protect the knowledge. The third eye isFire, 1009:senses and the three first to demonstrate in order are, hearing, touch, sight. For the greater partFire, 1023:lives, within the web, who are of the right order to be built into the proposed thought vehicle.Fire, 1046:Behold, our work is the work of destruction. The order and the way thereof are these. This shouldFire, 1078:hitherto by Venusian Entities were vacated in order that our humanity might occupy them, and a vastFire, 1079:way to the fulfilment of a "cycle of the second order" or of a period of transcendence of a stillFire, 1080:has been called in the past, will incarnate in order to superintend the work. The preliminary stepsFire, 1081:of electricity, Rotating units of the seventh order, Points of light of the fourth progression,Fire, 1085:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The wheels in order of their importance might be enumerated asFire, 1086:is disclosed as being: A system of the fourth order, having its force centers upon the fourthFire, 1097:which has to be properly understood by you in order that you may catch the spirit of the ancientFire, 1098:grouped together as "the cohorts of the fourth order" and have a close connection with that groupFire, 1098:that our solar system is a system of the fourth order. This group of Lives is manipulated andFire, 1100:of fourth dimensional existence, then the fourth order with the fifth will complete the sacredFire, 1101:which will prove of inestimable value. In order to keep the basic idea of this TreatiseFire, 1104:Ahamkara. The "I" making principle necessary in order that self-consciousness may be evolved, butFire, 1107:below" or the "Transmitting faces of the fourth order." They receive energy and absorb from the EgoFire, 1128:and the mode whereby he manifests on earth in order to express that which lies hidden, and to makeFire, 1149:life of meditation and of discipline. This is in order that the Inner God may function in fullFire, 1169:lunar force, is, nevertheless, of a much higher order than the law of physical sex. It is theFire, 1175:various planetary schemes. Each scheme exists in order to teach a specific aspect of consciousness,Fire, 1177:URANUS - The School of Magic of the tenth order. It is sometimes called "the planet of the violetFire, 1186:the material required by the free Spirits in order to construct their bodies of manifestation. TheFire, 1190:or influences which might be enumerated in the order of their importance. There is, first of all,Fire, 1197:manas. It is the Hierarchy which is the fifth in order, and which we are told is in process ofFire, 1200:This they achieve through a "marriage" with the order next to them, the fifth. They are thenFire, 1210:agent for those lives which are so low an order as to be occultly inert. These lives, which are notFire, 1214:its work of group adjustment for both units, in order to produce eventual group harmony in bothFire, 1218:realization of their essential nature, only in order to offer up the best they have and realize toFire, 1223:instinct and aspiration. Ray of Ceremonial Order. 19. Union of energy and substance through groupFire, 1226:cosmic Lord of Sacrifice as He limits Himself in order to save. At each step along the Path, theFire, 1243:fact that our solar system is one of the fourth order. This merging is effected in the following
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