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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Healing, 523:nature which the inner spiritual man must use in order to make his contacts in the three worldsHealing, 529:one of his own centers which is needed by him in order to act as a transmitting agency for energyHealing, 531:abstractions and impractical generalizations in order to learn to recognize the facts anent theHealing, 532:rules are renumbered and do not follow in the order earlier given. Law I All disease is the resultHealing, 541:energy of the patient into the head center, in order that the life thread may carry a fuller supplyHealing, 543:open to expert criticism, but I am doing so in order to convey to the lay reader a general idea ofHealing, 556:body focuses all its inflowing energies in order to bring relief to the diseased area. ThisHealing, 577:rules (based on the mind principle) is now in order, and with this we shall proceed to deal. Healing, 589:and was retained within [589] substance in order to form the basis of the evolutionary developmentHealing, 597:person, another form of enumeration will be in order; it will be necessary to add two more energiesHealing, 603:to work with any or with all the centers. In order to use any of his centers in the healing work,Healing, 621:the incoming spiritual energies, in their right order and rhythm, was the appearance in the ChristHealing, 629:"esoteric sense" (whatever is meant by that) in order to arrive at understanding. Yet the moreHealing, 653:to prolong the life cycle unexpectedly in order to fulfil some duty, or if the patient is very farHealing, 654:in the Gospel story) to create a body at will in order to meet His needs. The subtle and subjectiveHealing, 655:given in the case of magnetic healing: [655] The order of the triangle of energies created isHealing, 662:labor as it fights and strikes for more money in order to live more richly; it is also the mistakeHealing, 676:of the initiated disciple, is of a very high order. It also relates to the will of the soul,Healing, 690:of realization beyond our planet altogether. In order to do this, the initiate has to demonstrateHealing, 691:empty shell, but its substance is of so high an order that it becomes an integral part of theHealing, 710:to be made by the disciple or the initiate in order to bring about spiritual results, so must it beHercules, 11:the standpoint of the initiator of the causes in order to produce intelligent effects. Through theHercules, Note t:of the relation of the Self and the not-Self, in order to produce the ultimate revelation of theHercules, 66:of education is the acquiring of knowledge in order to receive the higher revelation. TheHercules, 75:and Atlas. Having, given up his search in order to help the world, Atlas went for him to the gardenHercules, 100:the most interesting labors numerically, and in order to understand it thoroughly and grasp itsHercules, 102:own will and in full knowledge we are here. In order to raise matter into heaven, we have come intoHercules, 121:man who is crucified thereon to material ends in order that he may learn eventually their divineHercules, 132:being. Between these two worlds he is poised in order that he might gain understanding; anHercules, 135:of God must sweep away the debris of the ages in order that the high ideals of brotherhood andHercules, 143:translate his problem into another dimension, in order to solve it. In all humility, kneeling inHercules, 151:Self is determined to kill the little self in order to teach it the meaning of resurrection. [152] Hercules, 152:death of the elemental being (namely, man) in order that the human being can come into existence.Hercules, 152:the zodiac we can always say: "Here is death in order that..." Always, death is an entrance into aHercules, 152:and scope. It is the death of the personality in order that the soul may take over the personalityHercules, 152:of the form. Black magic is the use of form in order to gain what we want for the form. Black magicHercules, 161:good, don't be harmless, don't serve merely in order to get away from it all, which is what a lotHercules, 167:do. I am detaching myself from these things in order that I may more perfectly and fully serve".Hercules, 176:had to do before starting down into hell. The order in which they came is interesting. [177] FirstHercules, 187:things and those who are letting them go in order to get the better things; between those who grabHercules, 187:who hoard and keep, and those who let go in order to acquire what Christ calls "treasures inHercules, 188:fast we learn the lesson of how to let go, in order that the Piscean age of materialism and ofHercules, 191:everywhere who are wrestling with themselves in order to be inclusive in their thought, because inHercules, 199:the note, the message that humanity needed in order to take the immediate next step forward. InHercules, 203:him, and will deliberately go into the dark in order to deliver a message in the light. Therefore,Hercules, 216:appear to move forward against the order of the signs at the rate of 50 1/3 seconds per year."Initiation, 2:through pliability and expansion. The "old order changeth," but primarily it is a change ofInitiation, 9:the magnitude of the subject is such that in order to deal with it adequately one [10] should beInitiation, 34:of highly evolved units of the human family. In order to enable others to take their place, theInitiation, 38:the old forms of religion and of government in order that the life within the rapidly crystallizingInitiation, 58:the seventh Ray, that of Ceremonial Magic or Order, and he works largely through esoteric ritualInitiation, 59:all those who are psychics of the higher order, and assists in developing their powers for the goodInitiation, 69:Apart from these regular gatherings, in order to receive direct teaching from the Master, aInitiation, 74:and who only speaks with altruistic purpose, in order to carry the energy of Love through theInitiation, 79:and his handling of that which all men seek in order to gratify desire. Only he who desires naughtInitiation, 85:crying need of humanity - are sacrificing all in order to meet that need. Again, we must not makeInitiation, 87:a point where its vibrations are of a very high order, the matter in all three bodies relativelyInitiation, 99:type. [99] It is not possible here to state the order of the application of these varying types ofInitiation, 105:and the Manu (these names are given in order of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decidedInitiation, 112:and the Word. These points are given in due order, and it must be remembered that this order is notInitiation, 112:due order, and it must be remembered that this order is not idly arranged, but carries the initiateInitiation, 115:has poured himself out in sacrifice in order that man might BE. [116] As a sphere of radiant fire,Initiation, 116:initiations the three circles are revealed in order, until at the fourth initiation the initiateInitiation, 131:the electric force in the Rod is wielded in order to draw closer together those influences whichInitiation, 132:entire world government functions under law and order, and the whole scheme is interdependent. ToInitiation, 133:the united wills of the Hierarchy are blended in order to transmit that force which the Rod has putInitiation, 142:he carries away within his consciousness in order the better to carry out that portion of the planInitiation, 155:[155] who in turn pass them on in permutated order to the graded initiates. It will be wise hereInitiation, 155:up the committal of words to the initiate, in order to emphasize the radical importance of theInitiation, 157:wield mental matter, and to set it in motion, in order to produce results in physical matter,Initiation, 175:of the fourth. Only four secrets of a major order are revealed to initiates on this planet, andInitiation, 177:and the help of those who have achieved. In order to avail himself of this help he has to work withInitiation, 181:Scheme, the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law or Order is regarded as a major ray, being a ray ofInitiation, 182:organization, of government by rule and order, by rhythm and by ritual, will come the time whereinInitiation, 219:planetary scheme the reflection of the systemic order is also seen. At the head of our worldIntellectincomplete and insufficient: it demands in order to make contact with reality the complement ofIntellect, 13:and that something Cicero defines as a 'sense of order and decorum and measure in deeds andIntellect, 15:to signify the world of light and beauty, of order and of purpose, about which the world ScripturesIntellect, 25:instincts and potentialities of the child in order to lead him out of one state of consciousnessIntellect, 25:especially through vocational training, in order that they may be economically independent, andIntellect, 25:exploit their instinct of self-preservation in order to lead them on along the path of knowledge.Intellect, 28:the backward must also have special training in order that they may come up to the high standardIntellect, 28:the question deeply he will discover that in order to answer it he will have to probe down to theIntellect, 51:An intelligent experiment is now naturally in order. "The new synthesis of mind and soul,"Intellect, 93:furnace into which the lower self has to go in order that all dross may be burned out, and it alsoIntellect, 96:utilization of all channels of information in order to gain knowledge. This is fundamentally theIntellect, 105:mind, acting as the agent for the Thinker, in order to convey impressions and information. [106] Intellect, 121:of expression and which it can impress in order to express those concepts and intuitions which aIntellect, 123:activity whatsoever, no matter of how high an order, but should begin to register impressionsIntellect, 129:many thousands, therefore, a new endeavor is in order. Is it perhaps possible that for those soulsIntellect, 152:state of freedom from the body consciousness in order that the light of the soul could pour throughIntellect, 153:mind upon a problem and upon the form aspect in order to arrive at the cause of its being. In thisIntellect, 187:is to say, we cut up realities into elements in order to understand them; but when they are putIntellect, 202:ingenuity and intelligence in search of truth in order to control nature and transform matter forIntellect, 208:the necessity to withdraw into the solitudes in order to evoke the soul opens up one or twoIntellect, 212:emotional and mental states - is of a high order, then the pituitary body functions with increasedIntellect, 212:to this theory, when the personality is of a low order, when the reactions are mainly instinctualIntellect, 223:and weak person to take breathing exercises in order to hasten development, and any teacher whoIntellect, 227:out quite often by the use of a form in order to make sure that they are not dropping back into aIntellect, 241:it be the form of a sewing machine, of a social order or of a solar system, can be posited as the
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