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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Intellect, 249:harmful and destructive and subversive of public order? They fall roughly into two classes. First,Intellect, 258:involve his abstaining from all sex relations in order to demonstrate to himself his control overMagic, 6:and disciples. They will study this treatise in order to understand themselves better and becauseMagic, 8:be enumerated as follows and are given in the order of their importance. I. First, that thereMagic, 11:steps and stages which when carried forward in order will bring the plan to perfection. The wordMagic, 12:with it faculties and knowledge of a different order than that in the animal soul. These supersedeMagic, 62:must be that of strengthening and stabilizing in order to enable them to "stand in spiritualMagic, 75:response is a reorientation of the lower man in order to produce a synthesis of the Three and theMagic, 82:In the attempt to find out those laws, in order to conform to them, the occultist begins to offsetMagic, 89:union must take place on the physical plane. In order to do this the soul is entering intoMagic, 132:conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the plan and be used by the Master,Magic, 136:to sacrifice the personality at all times in order to make the intuitive realization demonstrateMagic, 172:time, and force Him to use His energy in order to safeguard the work from error and the discipleMagic, 180:what they see. This method is not of such a high order. You will note that in the first case youMagic, 185:yet vitally accurate but is expressed thus in order to convey information to those who know, andMagic, 186:of responsibility in one particular life, in order to free himself for service and chelaship in aMagic, 200:be brought about? What steps must be taken in order to produce this vitalization and the eventualMagic, 200:as possible, giving them in their sequential order and according to their importance from theMagic, 212:each aspirant has to determine for himself the order and mode of his awakening. Magic, 232:with the plan, command the elementals, and bring order out of chaos. He is no longer immersed inMagic, 246:form consciousness or immersed in the form in order to function in different aspects of the divineMagic, 250:utilizing the "chitta" or mental substance in order to create the needed thought forms, and soMagic, 273:right direction and set upon the proper path in order to carry out its creator's will and purpose.Magic, 277:depths. Students of modern history and of social order are faced with an unprecedented condition,Magic, 277:that the transition may be made in due time and order and be neither too rapid - hence destructiveMagic, 278:cycle, must be built in silent subjectivity, in order that the building may be strong and sure andMagic, 279:the waters of space. Let him remember the order of creative work. The waters of space respond toMagic, 279:plane lies in right understanding of law and of order. For the aspirant the goal of his endeavor isMagic, 285:might therefore be arranged in the following order. The table gives man as he is intended to be andMagic, 315:men seek to work, molding the thoughts of men in order to awaken desire for this, that and theMagic, 316:oneself from any sensory impression at will - in order to serve with greater efficiency and to loveMagic, 323:and Those Who work for constructive ends and order, should likewise use that most necessary factorMagic, 325:at work through all forms and seasons, will see order brought out of chaos, construction out ofMagic, 343:that contact with the Master is made in this order, and that he who comes more and more under theMagic, 366:knows that this involves concentration in order to focus or orient the lower mind to the higher.Magic, 370:we contact. This bringing of joy to others in order to produce conditions in which they may betterMagic, 388:go out from there into the world of phenomena in order to work with the Plan is probable, but heMagic, 393:his selfhood and uses his personality in order to express the will of the indwelling entity, theMagic, 402:is essentially the keynote of our universal order, could be hastened, and what steps could be takenMagic, 402:then the outer world will fall into a synthetic order. It should be remembered here that theMagic, 407:basic groups: first, those who stand for the old order of things, who are reactionary, andMagic, 407:involve the care and nurture of each part in order that it may contribute to the well being of theMagic, 411:ray, that of ceremonial organization. In the order of their emergence, they are the groups ofMagic, 420:and to refrain from pulling down the old order of living. He must be set to building for theMagic, 426:to the new vision or comes into incarnation in order to take his place in the work and bring in theMagic, 427:esoteric groups and schools for development in order more rapidly to equip them for world service.Magic, 428:that one has at the feet of the Lord of Life in order that the work of world salvage may goMagic, 428:oneself all the time: What can I relinquish in order that I may help more adequately? - that andMagic, 440:indicate the lines of the future astrology in order to safeguard the present. One thing astrologersMagic, 455:Held in shape as long as it is needed in order to perform its specific work. Connected to himselfMagic, 458:upon which the mind imposes its conceptions in order to produce the "idea incarnate", to clothe theMagic, 470:terms of matter. A thought-form exists for us in order [471] to produce an effect. The raisonMagic, 476:word as a means of approach to the public in order to sell an idea, we shall find the firstMagic, 496:two aspects of soul activity brought together in order to make man a living, conscious, functioningMagic, 520:to work subjectively, and this they must do in order to preserve - in this cycle of activity andMagic, 523:I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words in order to create a certain impression; I construct aMagic, 525:deliberately incarnated on the physical plane in order to work within the limits of the humanMagic, 531:and limiting his sphere of activity in order to provide due opportunity and expression for theMagic, 533:sun; pain is the burning in the furnace in order finally to know the coolness of the water of life;Magic, 537:things, both of profound importance: First, in order to release the "prisoners of the planet" thatMagic, 537:destroyer aspect, for it destroys the forms in order to release. Service is a manifestation of theMagic, 541:and these thought-forms would be created in order to express purely selfish desire and mentalMagic, 542:and thought, are not at this time of the highest order, and the physical precipitation of theseMagic, 544:astral world. Selfishness and desire of a low order were the impulses back of them both. The comingMagic, 552:later on) one who will wield power in order to "precipitate" or cause to emerge objective forms.Magic, 552:of energies arranged in a certain form, in order to express the idea of some creative Thinker, andMagic, 571:with these energies in an intelligent manner in order to bring about three happenings: AnMagic, 577:left. Much knowledge is therefore required in order to work scientifically. I have no time to takeMagic, 584:a step further on and seeks to take it in order to gain something to add to the quota alreadyMagic, 590:I cannot too strongly emphasize, and I do so in order to demonstrate to the eager student that atMagic, 601:first of all read the textbook as a whole, in order to grasp its outstanding points, its main linesMagic, 604:the group into three divisions and I do so in order that aspirants and chelas all over the worldMagic, 605:They investigate the great drama of history in order to discover its main trend and so express toMeditation, 9:Higher Self; hence its institution. I would, in order duly to elucidate, take up the study of thisMeditation, 17:rhythm and painting. They withdraw within in order to comprehend the life side of the form. TheMeditation, 18:method, therefore, is the bringing under law, order and rule, of every act of the life in all theMeditation, 23:three factors above named. Let us take them in order. Meditation, 41:the gradual domination of organization, rule and order under the sway of the incoming force, thatMeditation, 41:of social chaos as now you will have social order and rule; instead of the religious differencesMeditation, 41:Forget not that in the apotheosis of law and order and their resultant forms and limitations lies,Meditation, 42:wherein the seventh Logos of Ceremonial Law and Order seeks to straighten out the temporary chaos,Meditation, 42:resultant, on the physical plane, of law and order. The coming period of reconstruction goesMeditation, 75:centers will be rotating in fourth dimensional order, but after initiation they become flamingMeditation, 75:awakening of the centers and their particular order is dependent on several factors, such as: TheMeditation, 77:manner, and when this is accomplished in the order required by the man's primary ray, then the workMeditation, 77:cycle and the goal is reached. (Note that this order has to be attained in the head centersMeditation, 79:The method of arousing the Sacred Fire. The order of its progression. The geometrical forms itMeditation, 79:The geometrical forms it makes as it mounts. The order of the development of the centers, accordingMeditation, 80:and transmission, and instruct him in the order required for its convolutions along the path of theMeditation, 82:rhythm. Growth is one long period of building in order to destroy, of constructing in order toMeditation, 82:building in order to destroy, of constructing in order to disorganize later, of developing certainMeditation, 82:of developing certain rhythmic processes in order to later disrupt them, and to force the oldMeditation, 97:lower planes and for reasons of experience in order that the content of the causal body may beMeditation, 114:a hint: The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law or Order (the ray now coming into power) provides for theMeditation, 126:enumerate a few. Discarnate entities of a low order awaiting incarnation, and who see, in cases oneMeditation, 140:and each point is grasped, will the next in order become clear. The teacher gives an indication,Meditation, 155:the centers are rotating in fourth dimensional order - he may be aware of the effects of hisMeditation, 155:them. ...Let us take up each of the forms in order, but first I would give a warning. I do notMeditation, 169:Logos Himself. For the sake of clarity and in order to satisfy the craving of the concrete mind forMeditation, 179:until you contact devas of a very high order. Mantrams that directly call the attention of one of
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