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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Psychology1, 108:in the Plan. They are working in this way in order to impress a few of the prominent thinkers inPsychology1, 113:may be suggested; meditations may be arranged in order to bring about certain results; andPsychology1, 118:flood of inspirational writings of a high order, and for an outpouring of wisdom from the world ofPsychology1, 118:the highest level of the astral plane, of a high order along devotional lines, but none of thisPsychology1, 122:that is attuned to them: Human beings, devas of order high or low, elementals of a desirable orPsychology1, 128:and through the remaining six in a specific order. The ray predisposes a man to certain strengthsPsychology1, 150:initiation. I repeat this with emphasis, and in order to impress upon you the futility of idlePsychology1, 150:I have worded these impulses as above in order to show the emergent tendency through their mutualPsychology1, 163:for an object. Mars. Rose. Blue. VII Ceremonial order. Ceremonial observances. Control over forcesPsychology1, 170:degree cancelled their previous arrangements, in order to meet the need of the world. There is aPsychology1, 172:found wise to bring about a forcing process, in order to make mankind more sensitive and to developPsychology1, 184:of mankind and bring about an awakening of a new order. Man will be keyed up to a perception and toPsychology1, 188:are silently and steadily building for the new order - an order which is founded on love, whichPsychology1, 188:and steadily building for the new order - an order which is founded on love, which builds under thePsychology1, 210:seventh. His music will always be of a melodious order, and he will often be the composer ofPsychology1, 210:the Seven Rays The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic Special Virtues: Strength,Psychology1, 210:man delight in "all things done decently and in order," and according to rule and precedent. It isPsychology1, 227:at its highest, then the ray of ceremonial order or ritual is but an expression of its polarPsychology1, 228:expression of the dual unity of power and order. It constitutes the "foundation" of the orderedPsychology1, 258:incoming seventh ray cycle, though as law and order and rhythm are imposed upon the planet, and asPsychology1, 261:and pours through this particular center in order to organize and produce the appearance of thosePsychology1, 262:to be controlled by this type of energy [262] in order to bring about the needed changes, and hencePsychology1, 274:mind, but simply as a statement of fact, and in order to awaken in the average reader a realizationPsychology1, 278:when a civilization is crumbling and the old order is changing into a new. Why should this be? ItPsychology1, 279:majority of people. The seventh Ray of Law and Order is coming into manifestation; we arePsychology1, 281:be made which will lay the foundation of the new order, which will inaugurate the new race, withPsychology1, 288:increasing power. Man therefore dies daily in order that Christ may be seen in all His glory. OfPsychology1, 294:still be found, but evolution proceeds apace and order is on its way. What laws will be enacted forPsychology1, 299:whereby life and form are brought together in order that divine purpose may be seen. This is aPsychology1, 300:creating the correct conditions, and in bringing order out of the present chaos. Therefore, thePsychology1, 302:and practically applied, we should have [302] order growing out of chaos, group love supersedingPsychology1, 306:and to live a strictly celibate life, in order to demonstrate to himself that he can control thePsychology1, 306:stringent measures and abnormal conditions in order to offset and rectify past errors and give thePsychology1, 313:revealed within the human heart and brain, in order to be intellectually grasped. The hierarchy ofPsychology1, 322:called by us the Soul, the procedure followed in order to produce conscious control is that ofPsychology1, 324:to develop its powers to the fullest capacity in order to bring real value to the group and toPsychology1, 324:of its powers, latent or developing, in order that those powers may be brought to the helping ofPsychology1, 327:One point I should like to make here, in order to correct an almost universal wrong mentalPsychology1, 354:in development, and of a more intellectual order, than those who reached that stage during thePsychology1, 358:are restored. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Ritual is coming into manifestation. The sixthPsychology1, 369:magical work of blending spirit and matter in order to produce the manifested form through whichPsychology1, 377:covering of that Light, in time and space, in order to produce its intensification and itsPsychology1, 383:Russia 6th ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways." Austria 5th ray ofPsychology1, 383:art. "I serve the Lighted Way." Spain 7th ray of order. 6th ray of idealism. "I disperse thePsychology1, 384:in this way and with this wide objective in order to give to the planet, eventually, a system ofPsychology1, 386:of ordered rhythms, leading to an idealized order and community of interests. Because of this, andPsychology1, 387:reaction and attitude to [387] enforced rule and order has in it more of the magical seventh rayPsychology1, 387:as Germany, which also enforces a standardized order and rule of life. You will note that of thePsychology1, 390:and surely - in spite of appearances - imposing order and hierarchical control upon the planet. ItPsychology1, 390:influences is felt in the following sequential order: The sensing of an ideal. The formulation of aPsychology1, 394:forces and energies, and to "pull strings" in order to bring about desired ends. As a race, theyPsychology1, 466:instinct or aspiration. 18. Ray of Ceremonial Order. Union of energy and substance through groupPsychology1, 420:reflection in the throat. Ray VII - Ceremonial Order or Magic Planet: The Moon. She is the motherPsychology1, 383:Russia 6th ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways." Austria 5th ray ofPsychology1, 383:art. "I serve the Lighted Way." Spain 7th ray of order. 6th ray of idealism. "I disperse thePsychology2, 4:aspect. This works in matter and substance in order to create forms through which the quality mayPsychology2, 4:and intent, and which uses the soul in order to demonstrate through that soul the inherent purposePsychology2, 11:is the necessity for peace and harmony in order that man may specifically work out his destiny.Psychology2, 36:destroyed. What must I do?' The answer comes: 'Order from chaos, O Pilgrim on the way of death,Psychology2, 36:planet will release the hidden Blessed One and order bring."' Ray Two "The Blessed One built him anPsychology2, 39:in which he found himself into some kind of order. He wandered far into the deepest depths andPsychology2, 39:of the Magician. He sought to bring about that order that his soul craved. He talked with all hePsychology2, 39:venture forth. Establish the right rhythm; bring order to the forms of life which must express thePsychology2, 40:of the Plan; The use of destructive forces in order to prepare the way for the Builders; The willPsychology2, 40:the way for the Builders; The will to power in order to cooperate; Power realized as the majorPsychology2, 41:[41] leading to: The manipulation of energy in order to reveal beauty and truth; The use of forcesPsychology2, 43:identification of oneself with reality; Right order through right magic; Power to cooperate withPsychology2, 51:incarnation and undergoes racial experience in order to develop certain manifested qualities, therePsychology2, 52:any individual life takes place in the following order in the life of the average intelligentPsychology2, 54:subordinated to varying aspects of force, in order to produce those fields of magnetic activityPsychology2, 56:the soul appropriates in time and space, in order to experiment and gain experience. It will appearPsychology2, 77:Way of Relinquishment. The Path of outgoing in order to possess. Selfishness, the majorPsychology2, 82:select what they, in time and space, require in order to manifest. The third type of substance isPsychology2, 91:producing changes in the evolutionary cycle, in order to bring about the developed consciousness,Psychology2, 92:of our solar system, which is one of the fourth order. The realization of this may indicate why ourPsychology2, 92:and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms of life nearer to thePsychology2, 92:Devotion" (who are ourselves) chose to die in order that lesser lives might live, and thisPsychology2, 93:re-enacts for the benefit of other souls, in order to hasten their progress towards their goal.Psychology2, 94:the same, - the death of that which is lower in order to release that which is higher, or - on aPsychology2, 94:scale - the death of that which is higher in the order and scale of being, in order to release thatPsychology2, 94:is higher in the order and scale of being, in order to release that which is lower. But the lessonPsychology2, 97:and thus sacrifice another way, to lose in order eventually to gain, - such is the underlying storyPsychology2, 97:is constructed. When this urge to sacrifice in order to win, gain or salvage that which is deemedPsychology2, 97:that this urge to salvage and to sacrifice in order to redeem works out in different ways in thePsychology2, 99:Jupiter and Venus are similarly allied in order to manifest or express a great Life. These factsPsychology2, 101:three planetary schemes are subject to them in order to acquire that psychic sensitivity whichPsychology2, 109:shall learn to sacrifice the non-essential in order that the work may go forward. Little as one mayPsychology2, 121:endeavor to ameliorate those conditions in order ourselves to be comfortable again. The act of thusPsychology2, 129:discussion. It is for this reason and in order to develop a group of servers who can work alongPsychology2, 143:They are those who investigate the form in order to find its hidden idea, its motivating power, andPsychology2, 149:of divinity. It "rejects the undesirable in order to find that which the heart craves, and thusPsychology2, 172:to die and took a body or series of bodies in order to raise or elevate the lives of the formPsychology2, 194:a part. They are brought to our attention in order to evoke our lasting cooperation. Psychology2, 203:human beings whose intelligence is of such a low order, and their awareness of themselves and ofPsychology2, 206:on the physical plane is now of such an order that they can pass on to the Probationary Path. TheyPsychology2, 207:A detailed analysis is not, however, in order, owing to the limitations of men's minds. The abovePsychology2, 208:of contact which they have constructed in order to enable them to function in the world as we knowPsychology2, 210:cycle of evolution as human beings, - of a low order as far as the lowest of our present humanityPsychology2, 224:time, ideals - to be desired and fought for. In order to materialize these ideals, the trend toPsychology2, 240:parts: the work with individual human beings, in order to awaken them to soul consciousness, and
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