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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Psychology2, 244:via a man's own soul. The Hierarchy exists in order to render possible in form that sensed Plan andPsychology2, 260:or delay their entry into physical life in order to effect a conditioning of the processes ofPsychology2, 273:as desired. It is the work of the Ray of Magical Order which will bring about sensitivity to one ofPsychology2, 288:by the man who is an integrated personality, in order to bring one or another of his vehicles intoPsychology2, 289:fourth type of energy when upon the Path, in order rightly to condition his mind and through thePsychology2, 293:connection with the rays of the mental body in order to enable us to grasp not only the complexityPsychology2, 319:which should be dominant in our minds today, in order that we may rightly understand the correctPsychology2, 320:activity. I have expressed these three in the order of their appearance. We are apt to considerPsychology2, 324:Today this knowledge is of a very high order, and the world is full of personalities. SupplementingPsychology2, 325:intelligent mind uses forms of speech in order to limit the concept intuited within terms which canPsychology2, 329:of all the forces of the consciousness in order to force the issue and thus emerge intoPsychology2, 331:stages upon which we have touched but in reverse order, and this time upon the upward arc,Psychology2, 347:brings about the "death of the form" in order that it may "again arise and live". The other is thePsychology2, 348:into the family unit, the nation, the social order, the current civilization, the world of nations,Psychology2, 349:make some living contribution to the whole, in order to evoke its integrating power. His motive,Psychology2, 352:to their purposes. They destroy and tear down in order to rise to greater heights upon the ruinPsychology2, 365:at work in a personality of a very high order, and they are themselves necessarily of a relativelyPsychology2, 366:when the disciple "relinquishes the fight in order to stand, thereby discovering victory ahead,Psychology2, 378:[378] of danger when the disciple knows not order within his own life, and when the ritual of thePsychology2, 378:rhythm not obeyed. The pentagram is closed when order is restored and the ritual of the Master isPsychology2, 389:the recognition of the use of symbolic forms in order to express quality and meaning. As a resultPsychology2, 391:of the average disciple, but in any case in order to bring suggestion to your minds. Isolated UnityPsychology2, 397:synthesis, beauty, science, idealism and order. But there are others, further back behind thePsychology2, 400:that which is sensed, focused attention in order to "bring down" into manifestation the newPsychology2, 402:before you at the start of our discussion in order to evade no issue, to paint no silly optimisticPsychology2, 403:of life (and also those of the group or social order) are considered to the exclusion and evenPsychology2, 426:bringing together of certain types of energy in order that their fusion might produce a morePsychology2, 449:of mankind been of so high and general an order. Never before have so many people forced themselvesPsychology2, 452:and I state these effects in various ways in order to produce clarification in the many differingPsychology2, 456:violent partisans in any group, in any church, order or government. They are frequently sadistic inPsychology2, 460:and at variance with the forces of law and order. Psychology2, 474:plane, for instance, is naturally of a very high order. It is, consequently, most deceptive in itsPsychology2, 477:psychic powers in the service of the Plan and in order to do some special work upon the astralPsychology2, 490:be used by the Guides of the race at times in order to help and guide humanity. They can also bePsychology2, 495:life and an astral consciousness of a very low order), up to the idealistic schemes and thePsychology2, 499:psychologists could elaborate and develop in order to handle the three types of modernPsychology2, 521:Devotion - Solar plexus. Ray seven - Ceremonial Order - Base of spine. Much could be learned if onePsychology2, 558:below the threshold of his current awareness in order to develop the mind and thus become himself aPsychology2, 570:the words which are heard can be of a very high order. Nevertheless they are still astral, for theyPsychology2, 576:initiates and adepts, present in incarnation in order to carry forward the externalized work of thePsychology2, 576:attention of the masses. This must be done in order to enhance the magnetic power of the lovePsychology2, 576:aspect of the hierarchical effort and not in order to awaken fear or awe, for that is of the oldPsychology2, 576:to awaken fear or awe, for that is of the old order and must disappear. I might here touch upon thePsychology2, 580:they must be thrust into the background [580] in order that the mind principle may assert itsPsychology2, 583:interpretative ability. It is seldom of a high order because the psychic is not of a high order ofPsychology2, 583:high order because the psychic is not of a high order of mentality or influence himself. ThosePsychology2, 591:the centers up the spine and in the head is in order but must be carried forward under carefulPsychology2, 631:forms of religion, of politics and of the social order, must give place to newer ideals, to thePsychology2, 631:to the synthetic understanding, and to the new order. The laws and modes of procedure which arePsychology2, 631:these will, in time, institute the new social order and the more inclusive regime. The world todayPsychology2, 632:always that the objective of the new social order, of the new politics and the new religion is toPsychology2, 635:fanatics, and the protagonists of the new social order and economic regimes (as interpreted to themPsychology2, 635:by the desire to see justice done and the new order of things established. Above everything elsePsychology2, 636:people who are beginning to form a new social order in the world. They belong to no party orPsychology2, 637:occupied with the formulation of the new social order. From the purely physical angle, they are notPsychology2, 637:are not fighting either for the best in the old order or for the betterment of world conditions.Psychology2, 637:with the task of inaugurating the new world order by forming throughout the world - in everyPsychology2, 637:or giving partisanship to any cause - the new order can be firmly established upon earth. [638]Psychology2, 638:religion, forming the basis of the new social order, into which the masses are patientlyPsychology2, 639:one subject, the ushering in of the new world order. To do this, we must recognize the situation asPsychology2, 639:methods considerably, where based on the old order. This new party can be regarded as thePsychology2, 641:[641] Every day sees money spent like water in order to offset the propaganda of some leader, or toPsychology2, 641:are swept today by the desire to change the old order and bring in the new era of economic comfortPsychology2, 641:- are attempting to salvage the world, to bring order out of chaos, and to defend the right as theyPsychology2, 643:any existing government, religion or social order. They engage in no political activity of anyPsychology2, 643:activity of any kind, and attack no existing order. They are neither for nor against a governmentPsychology2, 644:and under that government [644] or religious order) work for good will, for the breaking down ofPsychology2, 644:and the characteristics of the new social order, which is essentially a subjective realignment,Psychology2, 647:to bring about the manifestation of the new order on earth, to inaugurate the New Age, and toPsychology2, 648:the New Age and participate in the new social order, free from the ancient hatreds, relinquishingPsychology2, 648:nor will they work against the established order. They will throw themselves into those movementsPsychology2, 650:religious. These four groups are named in the order of their importance in the present worldPsychology2, 652:but a restatement of [652] the situation is in order, for it will enable us to lay our plans withPsychology2, 653:the national life, by the production of order, stabilization, and above all, freedom. Each nationPsychology2, 655:world peace and thus organize the new world order. They will do this without the use of the oldPsychology2, 655:force which are characteristic of the old order. Their method is the method of education; they willPsychology2, 656:the ancient mysteries and institute again the order of Initiation. Such is a broad and general ideaPsychology2, 659:the necessity for world peace, international order and religious understanding - all leading in thePsychology2, 660:analysis to economic stability. The [660] right order by which men will find that stability is thePsychology2, 666:will in the world during the next few years in order to turn the tide in human affairs, avertPsychology2, 669:with the New Group of World Servers is to bring order out of chaos, and to resolve the widelyPsychology2, 669:about a period of relative quiet in which to order the newer ways of living, so that the widerPsychology2, 669:remain unaware of the implications of the new order. These thinkers may be oriented towards [670]Psychology2, 670:They enforce drastic measures upon the people in order to bring about the acceptance of these ideasPsychology2, 671:and of the world crisis and depression in order to impose (if need be, by force) those systems ofPsychology2, 672:World Servers Out of this condition, how shall order be restored? How can the economic situation bePsychology2, 683:and tact, and wisdom must be cultivated in order to avoid all antagonism, all criticism and allPsychology2, 684:communication with each other and cooperating in order to bring about a receptivity on the part ofPsychology2, 685:the human being to respond and to understand. In order to effect this transmission of force, aPsychology2, 685:to a most definite form of training in order to present to these interested Spiritual Beings WhoPsychology2, 689:the objectives sequentially and [689] in the order of their importance, and with as much clarityPsychology2, 711:doing three things, which I give to you in the order of their importance: The moulding of yourPsychology2, 723:its divisions, can arrest the process and bring order into a distressed and agonizing world.Psychology2, 726:all are engaged with the task of bringing order out of chaos and are working together (each in HisPsychology2, 727:of personal ambitions and methods in order to meet the serious emergency by which humanity isRays, 4:and the displaying of one's light in order that circumstances may be irradiated and fellow pilgrimsRays, 4:of mobility, of constant and conscious change in order to ascertain what is the Real and throughRays, 8:surrounded in time with thought-forms of a lower order (from the standpoint of the soul) and beforeRays, 25:There is much difference between a Law, an Order or Command, and a Rule, and these distinctionsRays, 38:of the steps of the initiate before the door in order that he may "prove himself to be initiate"
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