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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDER

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Telepathy, 93:and greater impression and inspiration in order to increase his ability to serve. [94] Telepathy, 98:the indwelling self has to control and use in order to register impression or to direct etheric orTelepathy, 111:substance is largely used by the Hierarchy in order to reach the minds of disciples. It is onlyTelepathy, 113:of men in an invocative form; it does so in order to bridge the gap existing in consciousnessTelepathy, 114:(from no matter what source) must pass in order to make an impact upon the human brain is theTelepathy, 117:instruction from the Master of their Ashram, in order to reach such neophytes and thus to impressTelepathy, 117:creations and are therefore not of a truly high order. In a few of them - a very few - the throatTelepathy, 138:is simply the Great Illusion. It was in order to hasten the dispelling of this great illusion ofTelepathy, 162:initiate to retain that which is from above, in order that "as above, so below." There are threeTelepathy, 172:can be distributed, under skilled direction, in order to make a needed impact upon those centers orTelepathy, 177:the original teaching has been amended in order to bring it into line with the usual theories ofTelepathy, 180:us to use the [180] same terminologies in order to express the same factual truths or ideas. Again,Telepathy, 186:Civilization to that of the social and financial order. That time will surely come, but it willTelepathy, 197:is to increase men's capacity for freedom in order to function effectively with that "life more
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