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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDERED

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Glamour, 168:This is necessarily no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in itsGlamour, 256:agent, can control the centers and produce an ordered purpose in life. Therefore, it is theGlamour, 257:into the light of day. But they must follow an ordered process of gestation and of timedGlamour, 262:responsiveness and then establishes the ordered and cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature.Healing, 137:producing the vitalization of all the centers in ordered rhythm, according to the soul ray. ThisHealing, 215:of energizing the centers in a certain ordered rhythm which is again determined by the rays, byHealing, 242:the subtler bodies and bring the centers into ordered activity, according to ray and point inHealing, 417:feeling, emotion, desire, harmony, synthesis and ordered sequence - and back of these analogiesHealing, 435:of the present war), death will be seen as an "ordered" process, carried out in full consciousnessHealing, 439:to. Careful thought will here show that this ordered process of detachment, which the group lifeHealing, 712:and thus the work is done. Color and sound in ordered sequence must meet and blend and thus theHercules, 30:outcome of the situation. Eurystheus, the King, ordered Hercules to capture them. Many attempts hadHercules, 117:she had been told that the Presiding One had so ordered, not because she felt unity. Did she do itHercules, 130:sent his elephants against Scipio, the latter ordered soldiers to blow trumpets into the cars ofHercules, 134:phrased differently, it might be called an ordered arrangement of energies directed and controlledInitiation, 4:systems, but in the progression of the aeons an ordered harmony will eventuate, and the day willInitiation, 5:angle of a Master we know that all proceeds in ordered sequence. Seen from the angle of divineInitiation, 42:is left to sudden eventuation, but all moves in ordered cycles and under rule and law, thoughInitiation, 177:of his own body, building right material into an ordered form, and has therefore to learnIntellect, 56:brings about [56] reveals to man. Through its ordered technique, man discovers that unity which isIntellect, 60:the spiritual, which is as real and as vital, as ordered and as phenomenal as any we now know. HeIntellect, 68:and also those which are the outcome of an ordered intelligent approach to Reality, and which areIntellect, 72:Personality has been transcended through an ordered process of soul unfoldment, and a consciousIntellect, 77:the same symbology. Meditation is, therefore, an ordered process whereby a man finds God. It is aIntellect, 77:the divine. The important words here are "ordered process." There are certain rules to be followed,Intellect, 78:accompanied by the other requirements under the "ordered process" (such as self-control and activeIntellect, 82:René, Man and His Becoming, page 37. Through the ordered stages of the meditation process, aIntellect, 85:these words: "The soul's lower powers should be ordered to her higher and her higher ones to God;Intellect, 151:be gained, and produces for our consideration an ordered process and method which carries man toIntellect, 193:goodness." "The soul's lower powers should be ordered to her higher, and her higher ones to God;Magic, 109:enters into meditation. The work proceeds in ordered stages and with cyclic activity. The light ofMagic, 463:to us as the laws of nature. The ideas of ordered activity and of a conscious and purposeful goalMagic, 533:peace, that light and that liberation, with the ordered harmony of the cosmos are for all the sonsMeditation, 12:achievement through the instrumentality of the ordered occult meditation, based on law. For someMeditation, 27:here sound a warning. All this proceeds not in ordered sections, if so I may term it. It proceedsMeditation, 41:R. Out of the present turbulence will arise the ordered and organized form of the new world.Meditation, 41:expression itself regulated into form and all ordered by law; instead of economic and politicalMeditation, 57:and sounds that forth, the result being an ordered harmonious life in the three worlds. Then heMeditation, 74:below the solar plexus, and is passing upward in ordered progression until it is focused andMeditation, 74:to the heart center and the three rotate in ordered measured unison. I would point out that theMeditation, 78:their increased force through meditation (the ordered occult meditation) that the shattering of theMeditation, 175:the great Building Devas, and all move upward in ordered beauty from plane to plane, from system toMeditation, 199:effects, or the purificatory efficacy of ordered sound joined to movement and unity; theMeditation, 222:he brings his life systematically and in ordered occult cycles under those seven great influences,Meditation, 222:those seven great influences, and so produces an ordered beauty in his manifestation of the Ego.Meditation, 233:when they contact matter) move in their own ordered cycles. These cycles we describe as the comingMeditation, 235:the force extant. All this he does through the ordered forms of the true and occult meditation. AsMeditation, 250:but it will simply be the utilization of ordered sound to achieve certain ends. [251] You will ask,Psychology1, 133:Through the Words of Power the worlds came into ordered being, and the Lord of the Ray ofPsychology1, 195:motion and energy, and always a coherence, an ordered purpose, a growing synthesis, a Plan, and aPsychology1, 228:order. It constitutes the "foundation" of the ordered physical structure or the universe of ourPsychology1, 228:is taking over the control of affairs and the ordered working out of the Plan, so as eventually toPsychology1, 229:first and seventh rays. Their united will and ordered rhythm have produced this Earth and thePsychology1, 229:into its original condition, plus the gain of ordered rhythm and the tendencies and qualitiesPsychology1, 255:and their adaptation to the conditions of ordered living, are part of the divine process ofPsychology1, 255:of integrating the Plan and of producing an ordered and harmonious expression of the divine intent.Psychology1, 290:of the creative throat, and of the divinely ordered will of the head. Of this relation between thePsychology1, 294:be guided not only by love and desire, but by an ordered intellectual appreciation of the truePsychology1, 386:the imposition of an enforced ceremonial of ordered rhythms, leading to an idealized order andPsychology2, 41:intelligently for the furtherance of the Plan; Ordered rhythmic activity in cooperation with thePsychology2, 128:and past life expression; it will be colored and ordered by environing conditions, - by time, byPsychology2, 166:of Ray I "The garden stands revealed. In ordered beauty live its flowers and trees. The murmur ofPsychology2, 171:just behind his back, and yet within the room of ordered beauty, a magnet vast began toPsychology2, 241:Hierarchy - the initiates and disciples in their ordered ranks and various gradings - to cooperatePsychology2, 360:or love of my ideas or forms; love of the ordered process must control, not love of my own wildPsychology2, 419:usually demonstrates itself through a program or ordered plan, originates in the mind and not onPsychology2, 429:of children to make choices (to the end that ordered purpose may emerge in their lives) will be twoPsychology2, 429:The sense of the whole - plus The sense of ordered purpose should govern our training of thePsychology2, 429:subordinated by the understanding of the ordered purpose which is working out in the world. Psychology2, 502:function harmoniously. A capacity to pursue ordered activity at night or in the hours of sleep.Psychology2, 527:All the centers in the body are then swept into ordered activity by the forces of love and will.Psychology2, 597:of it; that they are not preserving the right or ordered sequence of development, as outlinedPsychology2, 653:living conditions so ameliorated and wisely ordered that the present state of fear and of intenseRays, 11:can be useful to all sincere aspirants. In the ordered regulation of the life comes eventualRays, 85:The relation of spirit and matter produced this ordered process which again, cyclically and underRays, 102:to. Careful thought will here show that this ordered process of detachment, which the group lifeRays, 238:upon the physical plane. All is planned and ordered; the right energies and forces will beRays, 305:he required to destroy? Why is this destruction ordered? Let me start with a basic statement:Rays, 403:refer to progress from point to point in an ordered sequence. It refers to high states of awarenessRays, 496:making your work for me and for the group an ordered part of the daily life, which you can adjustRays, 588:our planetary life is one immense synthesis of ordered activity. The ray energies, utilizing theReappearance, 134:This is necessarily no rapid process; it is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in its
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