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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDINARILY

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Astrology, 283:achievement of brotherly love which is wisdom. Ordinarily speaking, the mass of men would passBethlehem, 151:upon earth; this light marks them off from the ordinarily intelligent person, making their words ofDiscipleship1, 690:going to define for you active discipleship as ordinarily understood. Every esoteric student knowsDiscipleship1, 726:as possible. He takes on some karma which ordinarily would be precipitated in some later life. HeDiscipleship2, 752:to character expression or to being what people ordinarily call good. I refer to effectiveHealing, 605:to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. Ordinarily, the spiritual healer is depending upon theIntellect, 170:up to consciousness regions of psychic events ordinarily covered with darkness. The fact that, inPatanjali, 31:and the bliss enjoyed is more mental than we ordinarily understand by the word, yet nevertheless itPatanjali, 264:is in itself a dual condition but not in the ordinarily accepted sense. There is, however, a stillPsychology1, 278:twin souls, or to any perversion of reality, as ordinarily understood today. I refer to the divineSoul, 116:is the cerebrum, the activity of which is ordinarily associated with conscious volition and
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