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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORDINARY

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Discipleship1, 242:in your own thought. You are not jealous in the ordinary sense of the word because your prideDiscipleship1, 245:I can but reply to you with simple and ordinary truths - so simple and so ordinary that theirDiscipleship1, 245:simple and ordinary truths - so simple and so ordinary that their scientific value is easilyDiscipleship1, 321:upon the physical plane. Go forward with the ordinary routine work as I have [322] outlined it forDiscipleship1, 387:high water mark has been reached for you in the ordinary sense and under the law of normalDiscipleship1, 395:nature in their daily life. The entire rhythm of ordinary existence has been changed. This IDiscipleship1, 401:beauty lies ahead, if so you will, or the more ordinary life of one whose vehicle is not young andDiscipleship1, 453:beliefs. I am not going to give you an ordinary, set meditation to follow. I am going to ask you toDiscipleship1, 631:wings of love and on errands of compassion. The ordinary man works from emotional levels, unaidedDiscipleship1, 742:to help. The shift of the consciousness of ordinary and mediocre individuals will be on to levelsDiscipleship1, 771:is an esoteric loyalty which is different to the ordinary world loyalty which I seek to seeDiscipleship2, 20:human problems is not identical with that of the ordinary human being. I do not desire to deal withDiscipleship2, 68:but it is not in fact irritation in the ordinary connotation of the word. The surface ripples ofDiscipleship2, 68:connotation of the word. The surface ripples of ordinary irritation and the evanescent angers toDiscipleship2, 156:the Kingdom of God. They mean one thing, to the ordinary man, and that meaning is good, powerfulDiscipleship2, 197:responsible for transforming the desire of the ordinary human being upon our planet into theDiscipleship2, 225:he for whom all men wait is on his way back to ordinary visibility. The billions which are spent atDiscipleship2, 318:in the world; it will, however, prove to be the ordinary form of occult teaching during the nextDiscipleship2, 339:and the conclusion of a karmic cycle. The ordinary teaching on Karma (particularly as to the timeDiscipleship2, 340:Karma ends. By this I mean that Karma - as the ordinary student understands it - is no longerDiscipleship2, 366:ever that the program of a disciple and of an ordinary aspirant are not in any way identical.Discipleship2, 372:which lies behind the mental perception of the ordinary man and with the revelation which comes toDiscipleship2, 389:disciple finds that he must walk again in the ordinary light of the world; he knows now what is,Discipleship2, 391:mode of turning the hierarchical ideas into ordinary human ideals are of importance to the MasterDiscipleship2, 391:closer in touch with the daily life of ordinary human beings, and that the field of his activitiesDiscipleship2, 424:has been formulated into a law capable of ordinary human comprehension; this is the law thatDiscipleship2, 428:the precipitation is also evident in the ordinary consciousness of ordinary mankind. ThisDiscipleship2, 428:is also evident in the ordinary consciousness of ordinary mankind. This statement, you will have toDiscipleship2, 435:procedure and sequence of events has been the ordinary form for centuries and all the time the ideaDiscipleship2, 487:permanence of their importance. With the mass of ordinary humanity, focused in all their activitiesDiscipleship2, 489:exercise of withdrawal) only going through an ordinary everyday process. If facility in doing thisDiscipleship2, 502:close to the three score years and ten of ordinary human enterprise, as you do today. TheDiscipleship2, 502:by the decision made. From the standpoint of the ordinary aspirant, the choice is relativelyDiscipleship2, 502:life expression or will the strong undertow of ordinary human frailty pull him back from renewedDiscipleship2, 526:refer in connection with you is not that of the ordinary person. You are confronted with theDiscipleship2, 578:by it, be it an individual disciple, or an ordinary human being. It is largely incident at thisDiscipleship2, 596:November 1948 BROTHER OF MINE: Today in the ordinary course of events and as part of my finalDiscipleship2, 638:required (?) withdrawals. This is a usual and ordinary way of approaching one's declining years andDiscipleship2, 652:You have passed the three score years and ten of ordinary living and you are privileged to lookDiscipleship2, 653:a long time to come. I am not putting it in the ordinary form, for all of you in this group shouldDiscipleship2, 692:failed to see life from the angle of the ordinary man and from the effect which karma produced inEducation, 2:in man's consciousness between the world of ordinary human experience, the threefold world ofEducation, 13:and necessities, and thus they will render the ordinary faultfinding attitude of the teacherEducation, 40:"sensitive" of a higher order than the ordinary human being, and the interpretation of God andEducation, 59:into a certain secret realm to which the ordinary student is not permitted to penetrate. If thisEducation, 71:wisely to hasten the child's unfoldment. Modern ordinary astrology, with its prevision factor, itsEducation, 72:schools and colleges preserve as much of the ordinary demanded curriculum as is possible, so as toEducation, 95:than the substance of the three worlds of ordinary human evolution. It concerns the substance ofEducation, 116:be people who could be termed 'religious' in the ordinary sense of that word, but they will be menExternalisation, 17:schools present a different problem from that of ordinary psychism and Mediumship. These men andExternalisation, 48:today represent civilization and the masses of ordinary intelligent people, educated under the massExternalisation, 54:and other ways of governing, and analyze their ordinary modern expressions and future spiritualExternalisation, 98:method was the leaving of a minority to the ordinary course of evolution. These latter todayExternalisation, 102:is the separative and protective nature of the ordinary human consciousness. It is this sense ofExternalisation, 103:nature) that I have emphasized so strongly the ordinary characteristics of the trained disciple,Externalisation, 205:the creative workers, the industrialists, in ordinary homes and in the ranks of labor. Externalisation, 234:done. The same love of peace which inspires the ordinary pacifist inspires those who are todayExternalisation, 327:financial relations, plus the disruption of the ordinary means of communication. Add to this theExternalisation, 425:enormous, for they recognize no restrictions or ordinary decent, human limitations; they workExternalisation, 545:is no desire to make them Christian (in the ordinary sense of the term), but that they should allExternalisation, 619:frustrations or, wish to waste time with the ordinary platitudes and the well understood replies,Externalisation, 620:tries to dovetail his spiritual efforts into his ordinary outer life, struggling to find time andExternalisation, 653:and the formulation of plans in line with ordinary human methods and techniques must not beExternalisation, 662:- if success is expected along these most ordinary lines. Externalisation, 690:from Their retreats and live among men in the ordinary intercourse of daily life, has necessitatedExternalisation, 695:Christ is a basic and fundamental factor. The ordinary devoted person, who constantly pledges andExternalisation, 696:on earth? Will They come through the methods of ordinary birth, of childhood and maturity? SomeExternalisation, 696:and maturity? Some initiates may follow this ordinary pattern, some are already passing through itFire, 106:aspect we are dealing with now) will be in the ordinary conditions of living. The three fundamentalFire, 386:mental plane; these therefore are invisible to ordinary sight. Fire, 393:- The Theosophist, Vol. VII, III, p. 59. "An ordinary person will by Vasana (Aroma or smell) repeatFire, 467:are occurring which - though invisible to the ordinary man - are apparent to the eye of theFire, 502:and to arrive at conclusions apart from the ordinary apparatus - the mental body and the physicalFire, 525:of books, and of lectures, and form part of the ordinary thought of the masses. This again willFire, 536:FIRE. We have studied it briefly from the more ordinary angle, and in materialistic terms,Fire, 628:force, for every human being (be he Adept or ordinary man) builds and creates his thought forms -Fire, 636:can be seen, and touched in the exoteric and ordinary connotation. The internal heat of substanceFire, 683:or the Nirmanakayas as these stand to the ordinary humanity. The angels were such Brahmins inFire, 712:of the body of the Ego on the mental plane. In ordinary electric light, we have a faintFire, 749:cannot comprehend the matter. Of these, the most ordinary method is the first. All these methods ofFire, 750:and guard himself, as the adult man has to do in ordinary life; that the ultimate goal was theFire, 760:may come if the student remembers that: An ordinary man demonstrates the third aspect ofFire, 764:we shall deal only with the process followed by ordinary men. Pralayas, with the intent of arousingFire, 828:of the work hitherto has been pursued under the ordinary laws of evolution and has beenFire, 858:emanating from his group centers, and to the ordinary driving force inherent in form, and to theFire, 858:his physical brain. I do not here refer to the ordinary animal psychism displayed by the higherFire, 928:of the man who employs it. Uttered by an ordinary man it serves to stimulate the good within hisFire, 981:their previous use of words and to refrain from ordinary methods of talking. Then the new languageFire, 992:body and its innate persistence. These are the ordinary "lost souls" spoken of in the SecretFire, 1083:in a cycle so vast as to be beyond the powers of ordinary man to comprehend, and which necessitatesGlamour, 13:this second stage of symbol interpretation and ordinary meditation. You have exhausted the methodGlamour, 62:is strengthened. This is one of the most ordinary forms of illusion, and is one of the first waysGlamour, 64:to many initiates of fairly high degree. The ordinary disciple, such as you and others in thisGlamour, 139:in a thick fog of varying densities. The ordinary light of the ordinary man, which is similar toGlamour, 139:of varying densities. The ordinary light of the ordinary man, which is similar to the headlights ofGlamour, 150:actuate, motivate and energize the life of the ordinary man. Under their influence he is helplessGlamour, 174:of consciousness which are supernormal from the ordinary human angle but entirely normal from theGlamour, 205:Mental concentration and control is now the ordinary theme of all instructions given by educatorsHealing, 10:beliefs in the real freedom of humanity from ordinary ills of the flesh, are they not frequentlyHealing, 28:all such information you can gather from the ordinary textbooks, if you so choose, and these you
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