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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANISM

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Magic, 285:of the universe of matter enters into the human organism through the spleen. The centers have threeMagic, 295:and from the sun to every part of the astral organism, thus putting man en rapport with all partsMagic, 311:list the major energies which impress the human organism and circulate through the sentient body ofMagic, 329:a picture of the true nature of a spiritual organism - will so stimulate and energize the thoughtsMagic, 330:each other's message, and constitute an [330] organism through which the spiritual energy andMagic, 337:structure, ascribing the reactions of the human organism - mental, emotional, and physical -Magic, 340:extent that it is now a coordinated integrated organism, a usable structure and ready for theMagic, 341:to the lowering of the vitality of the bodily organism. When such is the case, the astral bodyMagic, 391:blended and coordinated into one functioning organism. A personality is therefore a blend of mentalMagic, 407:may contribute to the well being of the entire organism. It involves, for instance, the rightMagic, 434:reality of the energies playing upon the human organism can be seen to be true; their claims as toMagic, 448:upon the physical plane. I use the word "organism" deliberately, for it will serve to convey thePatanjali, 199:principle (as manifested through the physical organism) into the dynamic demonstration of it asPatanjali, 311:results. He knows too the danger to the physical organism when their lower or physical aspect isProblems, 89:may benefit. It is a living, vital, spiritual organism and not a selfish, material organization. Psychology1, 20:radiation and life upon every atom and cell and organism within the radius of immediate influencePsychology1, 120:in nature (regarding that kingdom as a distinct organism, just as man's body nature or personalityPsychology1, 120:man's body nature or personality is a distinct organism, separable from him as a soul) is on thePsychology1, 133:brings about the organization of the divine organism. Through the application of the Finger of GodPsychology1, 220:being. There are certain parallels in the human organism and certain correspondences which are ofPsychology1, 259:and the development are from within the [259] organism itself, and are the result of growth, of aPsychology1, 290:a marvelous symbolic happening. In that living organism is enacted that drama whereby the purelyPsychology1, 295:women will know themselves as cells in a vital organism, and their activities and outlook will bePsychology2, 187:on the inner side of life, forms an integrated organism, characterized by mutual love, life andPsychology2, 195:in a group, thus forming them into one living organism. The recognitions eventuating are those ofPsychology2, 201:of the cells of the body - the sentiency of the organism, in other words. As a gradually evolvingPsychology2, 232:and governing most of the habits and life of the organism. Much of the emotional life is thusPsychology2, 294:energies and with the instinctual life of the organism. These constitute the sum total of thePsychology2, 348:in unison, we regard as constituting a living organism. The many parts form one whole, workingPsychology2, 392:"isolated" refers to that complete organized organism of which the man can feel and know himself toPsychology2, 394:of the inner relationships of the organized organism through which Deity is working out His PlansPsychology2, 536:human races will no longer be an atrophied organism with its true functions not understood andPsychology2, 592:galvanizing and controlling the entire human organism. There is no part of the physical body whichPsychology2, 597:is seeking to enter him and permeate his whole organism only reaches as far as the heart center andPsychology2, 667:is usually found in the world. The group is an organism, not an organization. It is not aRays, 296:are not occupied with form, but with life, with organism rather than organization, with ideasRays, 296:massive organization in every land but a living organism is non-existent. In the new world religionRays, 299:own physical body. This he knows to be a complex organism which constitutes a functioning unityRays, 368:is organized and is recognized as a living organism, it will definitely receive energy fromReappearance, 183:each other's message, and constitute an organism through which the spiritual energy and principleSoul, 19:character and the acquired experiences of the organism." - Durant, Will, The Mansions ofSoul, 19:secretion. That is, Man as a distinctive organism is the product, the by-product, of a number ofSoul, 20:is therefore largely ruled out in favor of the organism, the nervous apparatus, and of theSoul, 32:under investigation. "Psychology deals with the organism as a whole, as an integrated andSoul, 32:the science of the activity of man, as a living organism, in the [33] environment in which he findsSoul, 33:It has been defined as "all that is not the organism, whether cultural, social, physical, orSoul, 35:have been summed up in the following terms: "An organism is a transforming device which changes theSoul, 35:in the complete act or behavior of the organism." - Leary, Daniel B., Modern Psychology: Normal andSoul, 39:the 'hormones' or chemical messengers of the organism which excite some of the most marvelousSoul, 67:matter so infused we give the name of a living organism. Living organisms are to be [68] regardedSoul, 68:purpose. Like the universe itself, each living organism is formed of a substratum of matter whichSoul, 70:to the 'place' thus stressed the psychic organism actually shifts its center, and thus actuallySoul, 83:its grasp of senses and the like, is an isolated organism determined by its past karma, and has itsSoul, 115:lower mind and psychic nature of that integrated organism we call man, the personality. The fiveSoul, 115:column concern the varying activities of the organism as the man demonstrates his animal instinct,Soul, 116:are essential to the continued existence of the organism. The Medulla, again, is also both a pathSoul, 122:as more central and almost more essential to the organism than the heart. Indications of theSoul, 129:a triple hypothesis to account for man as an organism, demonstrating life, self-consciousness andSoul, 134:we shall have the integrated and coordinated organism; the structure can then be regarded as readySoul, 136:concerns. This produces radical changes in the organism and substantiates the truth of theSoul, 148:etheric body or the ether in which he, as an organism, has his place, is yet an untouched field.Telepathy, 145:underlies and occupies the entire physical organism and, secondly, as it extends beyond theTelepathy, 148:human mind. Everything - every form, every organism within all forms, all aspects of manifested
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