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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZATION

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Astrology, 33:seventh Ray of Magical Order and of Ceremonial Organization. The basic function of this ray is toAstrology, 49:of all divine purposes, and, with the physical organization of a certain great cosmic Life.Astrology, 71:and Jupiter appear and produce a "beneficent organization" of the totality of energies found in theAstrology, 108:embodied first ray force develops the power of organization, of control over forces, particularlyAstrology, 308:Sun - 2nd ray - love-wisdom. Uranus - 7th ray - organization or directed manifestation. Neptune -Astrology, 314:time, with full awareness and properly fulfiled organization, so that form is a perfect expressionAstrology, 359:in incarnation, or initiation, or the start of organization as well as organisms. It should beAstrology, 364:is concerned, and that is the seventh Ray of Organization, Ceremonial Magic and Ritual. ThisAstrology, 539:human affairs today. It was responsible for the organization which lay behind the World War - anAstrology, 539:organization which lay behind the World War - an organization involving all three levels in theAstrology, 540:houses. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization is felt in the house of relationships,Astrology, 574:via the Hierarchy, into which spiritual organization he is being gradually integrated throughAstrology, 601:as regards humanity, its highest expression is organization. In the above statements anent theAstrology, 602:Vision Education Intuition Liberation Idealism Organization. A close study of these seven majorAtom, 133:utilized, and the small and petty differences of organization, and of explanation, overlooked.Atom, 145:fundamental ideas, and upon varying methods of organization. When the scientist, for [146]Autobiography, 14:I love children and cooking, and "mothering" an organization; Leo, because I am very individual (byAutobiography, 41:of my youth) at the meetings of the heads of the organization, because my aunt was the president. IAutobiography, 119:a Jew to get a footing in your group or business organization, it will not be long before hisAutobiography, 158:demonstrated for two years their loyalty to an organization? Why should people be required to severAutobiography, 188:of New York - an unofficial independent organization - and I was cooking, sewing, doingAutobiography, 189:of Theosophists, a rival and most sectarian organization. They represent the fundamentalistAutobiography, 196:to them to work it out in the church, society, organization or group, the home or community inAutobiography, 197:people and members of almost every possible organization which has a spiritual or religious basis.Autobiography, 227:in India interested me very much. There was an organization in India called the Suddha DharmaAutobiography, 228:and my faith in the righteousness of the organization was restored. I heard no more for some timeAutobiography, 228:he had requested the seven senior members of his organization to join the Arcane School and putAutobiography, 234:unity. The second part of the group in the organization of the New Group of World Servers isAutobiography, 246:Masters were also shown as interfering with the organization life of the various occult groupsAutobiography, 255:to do thus and so, to form this or that organization nor do They indicate some persons as ofAutobiography, 255:these disciples, the implicit obedience of organization members, nor do They exclude from theAutobiography, 255:various disciples or other Masters, and any organization in which the Masters are interested wouldAutobiography, 262:having no name, represented by no exoteric organization and having no recognized leaders. This oneAutobiography, 263:The average esoteric group is today a closed organization, exclusive in its membership, fosteringAutobiography, 270:an esoteric school; no definite and planned organization takes shape in [271] his mind. He isAutobiography, 271:life in a living organism and not the head of an organization. Herein lies the difference betweenAutobiography, 271:of the business world; he may build a helpful organization but he does not found an esotericAutobiography, 286:as do some of the esoteric groups. We - as an organization - exact no service from them; we have noAutobiography, 286:we leave them free to work in any group, church, organization or social and welfare activity whichAutobiography, 290:be found. It has no desire to be a competitive organization with related loyalties to local lodges,Bethlehem, 26:to the Masters of the Wisdom, and to their own organization leaders; they have stressed adherenceBethlehem, 114:that true individuality - greatness of range and organization - augments personal distinction asBethlehem, 192:against Whom he has sinned. Again, every great organization or group religion or cult of any kindDestiny, 29:and the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Organization. The sixth ray began to pass out ofDestiny, 96:of these five centers that the United Nations organization is to work here. There are two centersDestiny, 121:at this present time through the seventh Ray of Organization and Relationship. When we studied theDiscipleship1, 9:just as the various departments of some great organization work together effectively as a unit.Discipleship1, 33:your ears, versed as you are in physical plane organization work; they mean little or nothing toDiscipleship1, 37:emotional and physical - through the right organization and circulation of force. Present dayDiscipleship1, 42:just as the various departments of a great organization work effectively together as a unit. TheyDiscipleship1, 71:carrying forward as members of a great spiritual organization. If it is successful and if theDiscipleship1, 111:your past psychic links which led you into the organization whose work you have aided for someDiscipleship1, 111:whose work you have aided for some years - an organization whose work is predominantly carried outDiscipleship1, 144:secondary ray makes him so. Executive work and Organization are not for you. You must learn to workDiscipleship1, 163:be preserved from undue crystallization and over-organization. It must, however, express itselfDiscipleship1, 163:you the opportunity - much to do with the right organization of the outer expression of the NewDiscipleship1, 164:inner push, carried forward through right organization of the outer factors of time and physicalDiscipleship1, 166:urge you to a greater activity but to a greater organization upon the inner planes and greaterDiscipleship1, 192:at this time; it will bring about an inner organization of your forces which in a year's time willDiscipleship1, 248:efficacy of that suggested; the inner work of Organization can proceed easily e'en when there is noDiscipleship1, 273:or for the selfish ends of their own particular organization or group) has been based upon thisDiscipleship1, 280:to you. A living organism and not a vital organization warrants consideration, and its life seemsDiscipleship1, 280:the mind and the intuition produces a consequent organization of spiritual faculty which works outDiscipleship1, 290:the rhythm of a "ceremonial order and organization." I would ask you to bear in mind that groupDiscipleship1, 336:problem, brother of mine, which entails the organization and the right relation of the differentDiscipleship1, 343:and goal of the group, but not with the organization angle which is ever kept in the background.Discipleship1, 343:functioning aspects. That of the outer active organization is only too familiar. It is the secondDiscipleship1, 379:has, therefore, inclined you to field work, and organization work. You will, from all the above,Discipleship1, 401:many years with the cares of a great business Organization and your imposed (and rightly imposed)Discipleship1, 401:ray. Fortunately for you, it was the aspect of organization and the tendency to the occult lifeDiscipleship1, 402:you a love of harmony which has aided you in organization rule, a love of beauty which enabled youDiscipleship1, 535:have to say to you has reference to the definite Organization of your life. You must and shouldDiscipleship1, 581:at present related; it may be any other group, organization or school of thought; it may beDiscipleship1, 610:definitely negate your usefulness. It is the "organization spirit" and the "manipulative faculty"Discipleship1, 614:already laid; the groups are already formed; the organization, connected with my work, is alreadyDiscipleship1, 625:the thrill of stately ceremonial and of rhythmic organization, you find your line of leastDiscipleship1, 681:non-essentials; they deal with points of organization. They are not so important as the inner unityDiscipleship1, 703:spiritual impulse and functions through one firm organization (like electrons around the positiveDiscipleship1, 749:at a sense of right proportion and of correct organization of his life processes, trends andDiscipleship1, 778:Masters were also shown as interfering with the organization life of the various occult groupsDiscipleship1, 787:to do thus and so, to form this or that organization, nor do they indicate [788] certainDiscipleship1, 788:these disciples, the implicit obedience of the organization members, nor do they exclude from theDiscipleship1, 788:various disciples or other Masters, and any organization in which the Masters are interested wouldDiscipleship2, 86:Arcane School is that of an organism and not an organization, and it will grow through its ownDiscipleship2, 86:it will be damaged by planning, interference and organization. Let the work alone, giving itDiscipleship2, 136:It constantly "substands" or underlies the world organization. See it as a growing, vital reality,Discipleship2, 219:evoke a response from humanity and a cycle of organization, of planning and of effective expressionDiscipleship2, 221:the influence of disciples on the seventh Ray of Organization or of Ceremonial Order, that powerfulDiscipleship2, 231:group appeared in the nineteenth century but the organization, as it now exists, is of relativelyDiscipleship2, 236:women in every country who, under due and proper organization, will "simultaneously andDiscipleship2, 407:the narrow claims of any church, religion or organization; many will claim (as they have ever done)Discipleship2, 407:found focused in any world religion or esoteric organization. It is simply and solely what itDiscipleship2, 443:activities and focusing all your efforts upon organization work. Such organization work has everDiscipleship2, 443:all your efforts upon organization work. Such organization work has ever faintly glimmered you. TheDiscipleship2, 447:if you refrain from regarding your planned organization as unique and if you do not attempt to liveDiscipleship2, 450:and the concrete; then an organism, and not an organization, takes shape before your eyes. III.Discipleship2, 457:worldwide public opinion of such strength and organization that it cannot be ignored. Your lifeDiscipleship2, 458:momentum) results in unity for all. A super-organization which emphasizes unity is the last thingDiscipleship2, 507:in quality, whilst the physical ray of the outer Organization is seventh. These are points whichDiscipleship2, 592:about the major welfare movements, led to the organization of the groups which wrought for human
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