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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZATION

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Discipleship2, 707:how useful they may be from the angle of the organization. Have you the perception to realize whatDiscipleship2, 727:schemes for world regeneration and for a super-organization, and yet all that time the work that IDiscipleship2, 741:there that you assist, and there is no rhythm or organization in your service, owing to theEducation, 84:Science of Right Human Relations and of Social Organization. This gives a comparatively new purposeEducation, 88:a truer perspective than in the past upon social organization. When the young people of the futureEducation, 109:Our theme is the study of the educational organization of humanity, involving as it does (in itsEducation, 113:- a change in education, religion and social organization commensurate with its unfoldment.Education, 113:marching on to fuller Self-government and group organization and synthesis. I would remind you alsoExternalisation, 11:of the technique of their work and the organization of their bodies. They would then be betterExternalisation, 51:thousands of men and women in touch with Their organization because they will be developed enoughExternalisation, 69:analysis, from the esoteric angle, of the social organization of humanity. I seek to have you graspExternalisation, 81:of any kind, in every religion, group and organization, then indeed you can go forward with courageExternalisation, 85:his centers, their activity and their internal organization are different. And it is the same forExternalisation, 100:two great necessities are vision, plus living organization. The vision has to be sensed, sought andExternalisation, 100:to the revelation which leads next to the organization of the group life and relation, or to aExternalisation, 102:which leads unerringly and inevitably to the organization - interior and subjective - of the seedExternalisation, 103:realities and laws governing that kingdom. The organization which follows the Vision is entirelyExternalisation, 114:where attachment to the material aspect or organization is present, spiritual values are lost. Externalisation, 140:But the spirit of Christ was lost in clerical organization; emphasis has been laid upon technicalExternalisation, 192:of the whole at heart, can change the detail of organization whilst preserving the life of theExternalisation, 205:The new group of world servers is not a new organization which is forming in the world. It isExternalisation, 206:ready to respond to a clear call and intelligent organization in the service of reconstruction. LetExternalisation, 263:of an economic idea, or some other type of organization with some planned objective. MuchExternalisation, 328:activity. This must be accompanied by sound organization, based on a long range vision of what mustExternalisation, 330:drawn up for general circulation; wise business organization should be applied from the very start;Externalisation, 336:inclusive attitude should permeate the entire Organization, and thus the departmental spirit needExternalisation, 403:They have been hindered by the Organization, oft despised by the theologians, and have remainedExternalisation, 414:oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligent Organization of spiritual energy and of the forcesExternalisation, 424:a war of nerves, the culture of fear, the organization of groups and of isolated workers in everyExternalisation, 452:spite of much shouting, demanding and proposed organization, there is no truly free press anywhere;Externalisation, 499:that wealthy and reactionary ecclesiastical organization, has already expressed its disfavor,Externalisation, 507:and of education. As the seventh Ray of Organization and of ceremonial work is now coming intoExternalisation, 511:the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organization than can be realized, and is intendedExternalisation, 518:The Masters utilize the form (a form of Church Organization, a Masonic Fraternity, an esotericExternalisation, 523:Christ. The Ashrams concerned at the Coming. The organization of the implicated Ashrams into dueExternalisation, 534:Consciousness Substance Livingness Organism Organization Apprehension Polarization Focus ofExternalisation, 548:the political groups of any powerful religious organization, such as the Church of Rome, who are asExternalisation, 549:an inspiring and flaming ardor and a minimum of organization may implement the new presentation ofExternalisation, 598:speech and right human relations. This unknown organization has proceeded with phenomenal speedExternalisation, 624:have also to provide the trust, foundation and organization through which the money given may beExternalisation, 630:use of the separated self or for a separative organization or church. In the new age which is uponExternalisation, 630:and not for the growth of any particular organization. The organizations so demanding must workExternalisation, 633:and who were gathered together in no limiting organization but primarily by their trend of thoughtExternalisation, 634:group of world servers (and particularly in the organization of men of goodwill), to find andExternalisation, 644:to the Master Who was responsible for the organization of Labor. This work He began to do in theExternalisation, 650:and the salvaging of mankind demand courage, organization, [651] business acumen, psychology andExternalisation, 652:or manifests itself as a definite and recognized organization upon the physical plane. What willExternalisation, 652:needed changes be made? How will the proposed organization take place? Of how much of these changesExternalisation, 652:take place? Of how much of these changes and organization will average humanity be aware? These andExternalisation, 653:is to prepare humanity for two events: The organization of certain of the Masters' Ashrams in theExternalisation, 653:of the Ashrams and their physical plane organization. How, where, when and in what manner theExternalisation, 659:Masters concerned with the initial stages of the organization of the Hierarchy on earth are theExternalisation, 660:of these energies is concerned with the desired organization, for it must ever be remembered thatExternalisation, 660:for it must ever be remembered that though the organization which we are considering is concernedExternalisation, 679:and therefore magnetic to that spiritual organization. Goodwill will draw forth from its holyFire, 74:The Ray of Mind is the quality of intelligent organization, demonstrating through forms, which areFire, 74:of basic motive that utilizes the intelligent organization of matter in motion to demonstrate inFire, 114:Idealism. The Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization. Fire, 207:of the centers, with their function, their organization and their gradually increasing activityFire, 329:Pairs of Opposites: - From The Science of Social Organization, by Bhagavan Das. 25 The DivineFire, 423:century. This is the intensification of business organization, and the bringing (under law andFire, 453:between units and between groups. The organization of business on lines hitherto undreamt of. TheFire, 579:problem, or whether it demonstrates in business organization, in scientific development, inFire, 601:drives, propels, and produces the activity and organization of all forms. The realization of thisFire, 847:Initiation) System I - was characterized by the organization of a center, and the mysterious lifeFire, 853:roughly grouped according to the stage of lotus organization, as follows: Egos who were producedFire, 869:the stage which we are considering (that of the organization and unfoldment of the first tier ofFire, 870:with the love nature, with astral or emotional organization, and with the recognition (by the manFire, 968:consciously to create, which he does through the organization of thought, concentration andFire, 971:its tenuosity is great, but it shows signs of organization and the outline of its form. StudentsFire, 978:much is hoped from it in these days. If in any organization on the physical plane the Masters canFire, 1207:of all divine purposes, and with the physical organization of a certain great cosmic Life.Glamour, 46:of Church authority, with the emphasis upon organization, government and penalties, or theGlamour, 49:out to be. It is not the control of an external organization, dedicated to so-called occult work.Glamour, 71:and there cannot be until there is some definite organization of the mental body. His familyGlamour, 122:of the form which hides reality. The glamor of organization. The glamor of the outer, which hidesGlamour, 156:idealistic development. The Physical ray - 7th - organization, business. The soul ray controls forGlamour, 171:the idea can then be extended to the group, the organization, the nation, and to humanity as aGlamour, 251:which appropriate energies can flow and the full organization and purpose of a functioning son ofGlamour, 252:them; they are steadily brought into a beauty of organization which has been described as a "lifeGlamour, 253:and direction" in the head reach a stage of organization and become Active and functioningHealing, 50:1st The Divine Will Monadic 2. Ajna Center 7th Organization Direction Atmic 3. Heart Center 2ndHealing, 51:Aspiration. Right direction. Seventh ray. Organization. Base of the spine Self-interest. PureHealing, 129:of life upon the physical plane and with the organization of the relationship between spirit andHealing, 161:he too becomes the heart of a group or of an organization - small at first but becoming worldwideHealing, 176:form of a human being, the form of an idea, an organization [177] built around a central truth, theHealing, 329:of the person through the production of definite organization and alignment. Soul healingHealing, 481:this phase of medical [481] application as the organization of those methods whereby disease willHercules, 12:signs of the zodiac, we can see the marvellous organization of the plan, the focusing of theHercules, 88:latter is a marvellous symbol of the collective organization of the human family, and is one of theHercules, 108:devastating force in the family group, society, organization with which he may be affiliated.Hercules, 186:it negates the progress upward in any lodge or organization; it negates all assuming of officialInitiation, 52:and philosophies, and thus producing within the organization itself an expansion, a widening, and aInitiation, 53:he launches his scheme, founds his society or organization, and disseminates the necessaryInitiation, 102:unaware of it, yet their centers and nervous organization carry proof to those. who have the innerInitiation, 131:a coherent whole some race, nation, or large organization. Every nation has its "magnetic point,"Initiation, 131:or keynote of any religion is struck, and of any organization with a religious basis. By SanatInitiation, 131:into coherent activity. All physical plane organization - governmental, religious, or cultural - isInitiation, 131:and energies, takes place on etheric levels. The organization of the Freemasons is a case in point.Initiation, 182:far wider than this, and includes the methods of organization which are demonstrated in all
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