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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZATION

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Psychology2, 484:on to the rank and file of the membership of the organization and prompt unquestioning obedience isPsychology2, 530:and Mystics All these transferences and interior organization produce normally and naturallyPsychology2, 541:is a nation, or a big business institution or an organization of some kind or another (such as aPsychology2, 541:directed thoughts of those connected with his organization. Can you see why, therefore, the seniorPsychology2, 636:found in every government, party, society, and organization, and in every Church and religiousPsychology2, 642:man of good will has hitherto been given to his organization or endeavor. It is the intention ofPsychology2, 642:whole all these people, without creating a new organization or sidetracking any of them from thePsychology2, 643:be interpreted as attacking or defending any organization of a political, religious, social orPsychology2, 644:no such process exists (there being no formal organization) but through the development of thePsychology2, 644:that the New Group of World Servers is not an organization. It has no headquarters, but only unitsPsychology2, 662:on certain exclusions, on working for their organization more than for humanity, and on thePsychology2, 663:crash upon the ancient rocks of doctrine and of organization. The members of the New Group mustPsychology2, 666:personal prestige, or for the emphasizing of one organization at the expense of another, or for thePsychology2, 666:may arise if undue emphasis is laid upon the organization aspect of the New Group of World Servers.Psychology2, 667:forgotten that there is here no ordinary [667] organization, such as is usually found in the world.Psychology2, 667:in the world. The group is an organism, not an organization. It is not a propaganda group, as thatPsychology2, 667:and unity, peace and plenty. The outer organization is of importance in so far as it leads to thePsychology2, 667:skillful use of opportunity and money, but the organization is again only a means to an end. ThePsychology2, 667:is again only a means to an end. The organization of the New Group of World Servers is notPsychology2, 667:to work as they individually see fit. It is the organization of the available resources to which wePsychology2, 676:who are fighting against, any group, religious organization, political affiliation or form ofPsychology2, 680:party, any economic strategist, or any religious organization. Only principles of universalPsychology2, 694:The illumination of men's minds and the renewed organization of man's efforts to brotherhood can bePsychology2, 694:name, and will remain perfectly fluid and a free organization, directed by no committee, butPsychology2, 704:can be produced. The average man works from the organization angle and having visioned somePsychology2, 714:ways: The urge to betterment already noted. The organization of the minds of men, so that new ideasPsychology2, 715:Today - The Great Approaches 2. The renewed organization of the New Group of World Servers. How farPsychology2, 725:needed sacrifices, and are willing to sink their organization differences in the needed activityPsychology2, 728:on earth the counterpart of the inner spiritual organization. The problem to be met by thePsychology2, 732:expression is to be preferred to the words "the organization of good will". Good will is today aRays, 78:of matter, and their vitalization and organization into forms of expression of the unknown Real.Rays, 85:decision of the Great Council. The Energy of Organization: This is the energy which set in motionRays, 86:The episode which indicates the energy of organization and the relation of the spiritual will ofRays, 88:of the third Shamballa energy - the energy of organization. The new world will be built upon theRays, 131:the Hierarchy. It is illumination and consequent organization which is needed profoundly at thisRays, 142:the world and is the goal of much of our world organization; the terminology of light controls evenRays, 186:a slow, broad, though somewhat negative organization of the prevalent forces. But then a third andRays, 187:realm of maya. All throughout this period, the organization of the etheric plane has been going on,Rays, 237:factors can be seen also working in every group, organization, world religion, and in every nation,Rays, 254:emphasis upon the Full Moon meetings, a careful organization of the Triangle work and the GoodwillRays, 296:form, but with life, with organism rather than organization, with ideas rather than ideals, andRays, 296:on truth itself; they have created a massive organization in every land but a living organism isRays, 299:relationship is usually non-existent and outer organization and recognition lack. The unity isRays, 299:to every taint of separateness. The inner organization, to which we have given the name of the NewRays, 300:group, every religious cult or sect, and every organization - no matter what their expressedRays, 300:- if done on a large scale and through proper organization - will destroy on a large scale theRays, 342:plane. I said group, my brother, and not organization, for they are two very different things. HaveRays, 490:plane - it produces an interior activity and an organization of the substance present. There thenRays, 575:demonstrate a developing sense of order and of organization, to express consciously andReappearance, 44:speech and right human relations. This unknown organization has proceeded with phenomenal speedReappearance, 137:The theologies now taught by the ecclesiastical organization (both in the East and in the West) areReappearance, 138:come, as far as one can see, from any religious organization, whether Asiatic or Western. Some ofReappearance, 151:oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligent organization of spiritual energy and of the forcesReappearance, 172:have also to provide the trust, foundation or organization through which the given money may beReappearance, 179:use of the separated self or for a separative organization or church. In the new age which is uponReappearance, 179:and not for the growth of any particular organization. The organizations so demanding must workReappearance, 185:people in every nation, every religion and every organization of humanitarian intent - we shallReappearance, 186:I prefer that expression to the words "the organization of goodwill." Goodwill is today a dream, aSoul, 23:individual's striped or unstriped muscle-tissue organization." - Dorsey, George A., Why We BehaveTelepathyof world servers and knowers, is that the outer organization which holds them integrated is
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