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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZATIONS

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Magic, 283:somewhat by all those engaged in forming organizations and groups for active service in the world.Magic, 327:religions, churches, cults, sects and organizations, two main lines of thought are emerging - oneMagic, 339:the family unit to the world, and hence the big organizations, fraternities, clubs, leagues andMagic, 394:groups, and organisms. He becomes the head of organizations and of parties, of religious andMagic, 395:medium of religious and mystical literature and organizations for the imparting of metaphysicalMagic, 399:will supersede all churches, all groups, and all organizations and will [400] eventually constituteMagic, 475:organisms, those expressions of ideas and those organizations which live their life cycle and serveMagic, 589:religious propaganda and the efforts of the many organizations and groups throughout the worldMagic, 610:into being those physical plane creations and organizations which will more adequately embody theMeditation, 69:connection with the Initiate heads of the great organizations. In considering this you need toMeditation, 165:day when there is an Initiate Head to all these organizations (such as Masonry, various esotericProblems, 63:work into social relations and through the many organizations which are trying to bring to the massProblems, 71:of international cartels, monopolies, trusts and organizations and directors of huge corporationsProblems, 71:and Employment In every nation, such men and organizations - responsible for the capitalisticProblems, 71:under false names and through deceptive organizations, aided by neutrals of their own way ofProblems, 77:have been accumulated by the great national organizations everywhere. The Labor Movement is itselfProblems, 78:human beings) and between the quarreling labor organizations. Labor is today a dictatorship, usingProblems, 122:but simply the problem of those people and organizations who attempt to teach religion, who claimProblems, 131:be driven from the human heart. If all church organizations disappeared from off the earth, theProblems, 136:of countless millions? Or will they work for organizations and the churches? Will the institutionalProblems, 156:of all men everywhere is the existent clerical organizations and their militant attitude toProblems, 180:women of goodwill all over the world; of those organizations, groups and parties who are alsoPsychology1, 129:and hence this treatise. 5. Groups of people, organizations, nations and groups of nations are allPsychology1, 177:the Fellowship of Religions (of which the outer organizations are an externalization) will greatlyPsychology1, 188:ends, who are fighting no other groups or organizations and who have eliminated the word "anti" outPsychology1, 232:eventually identified with religious beliefs and organizations. Mental comprehension of the rayPsychology1, 324:can also be seen going on in groups, in organizations and nations. Hence the many experiments. APsychology1, 365:work, the drill of the army or navy, business organizations, the proper functioning of a home, of aPsychology1, 365:mails, and the regular broadcasting of the radio organizations, - all of these impose a rhythm uponPsychology1, 411:Ray II. Lower expression: Churches and religious organizations. [412] Ray VII - Higher expression:Psychology2, 198:World Religion Schools of Thought Churches Organizations Love of Ideas Philosophy Devotion IdealismPsychology2, 390:later still into the power to create groups or organizations which will express some idea or somePsychology2, 489:and many well-meaning leaders of groups and organizations get their inspiration from these sources.Psychology2, 636:parties, all creeds, and all social and economic organizations; they recognize all governments.Psychology2, 637:They are found in all nations and all religious organizations, and are occupied with thePsychology2, 642:and evil personalities, and to [642] attack organizations, groups, parties, religions and nationalPsychology2, 642:but who see no way to end it, as all the organizations to that end seem powerless in the lastPsychology2, 646:of human conditions by groups, churches and organizations, working along the new lines, withoutPsychology2, 662:ideal of brotherhood has been presented by many organizations, by many fraternities and manyPsychology2, 662:the idea of brotherhood in these various organizations are themselves too separative and sectarianPsychology2, 663:That hundreds of the members of the various organizations are affiliated with the New Group ofPsychology2, 663:of the law of love and not upon affiliation with organizations, with their labels and theirPsychology2, 681:be members of political, religious or other organizations committed to activity of the kind whichPsychology2, 681:of good will all over the world, and of those organizations and groups and parties who are workingPsychology2, 682:New Group of World Servers. Secret societies are organizations ever open to attack and suspicion.Psychology2, 728:paralleling activity. The leaders of the peace organizations could be approached with a definitePsychology2, 730:civilization - working, through the religious organizations, the educational systems of everyPsychology2, 749:might bring them under suspicion of being secret organizations. This they are not. This non-secrecyRays, 67:he has acquired the habit of right contact with organizations in the three worlds and rightRays, 95:groups which will be living organisms and not organizations; it will make group initiation possibleRays, 95:to overlook the distinction between groups and organizations is still very deep seated; the comingRays, 135:rapidly to a more spiritual culture; our church organizations, with their limiting and confusingRays, 164:The same process can be seen taking place in organizations and in civilizations in which the formRays, 307:and great political ideologies and with social organizations which produce permanent changes inRays, 499:of the great humanitarian movements, the welfare organizations, and the widespread evocation of theRays, 604:the modern world of nations and of fundamental organizations. The result of this fourth rayRays, 613:is also active in all institutions, groups and organizations in all lands and in every departmentRays, 614:life of the individual, in the lives of groups, organizations and churches, in the life of nationsRays, 617:the focal point; if it should be the religious organizations of the world, it may prove to beRays, 622:interference, pressure groups, religious organizations, or by any dictating parties or dictators.Rays, 639:active in all nations, in all religions, in all organizations, leading to the emergence of the NewRays, 750:is testified to by the thousands of groups and organizations working to end cleavages and to pullReappearance, 48:guide human living; they are building those new organizations, movements and groups - large orReappearance, 48:is possible, in view of the multiplicity of organizations, books and speeches. Thirdly, we are toldReappearance, 89:of energy distribution. Governments, churches, organizations and groups are all energyReappearance, 89:and forms were dying on every hand; old ideals, organizations and [90] groups were passing away andReappearance, 139:and sidetrack the people away from orthodox organizations of a religious nature? Why does MentalReappearance, 139:attract people away from the better established organizations? Note the use of the wordReappearance, 139:organizations? Note the use of the word "organizations"; it holds the key to the problem. Why isReappearance, 141:it rests upon the failure of the religious organizations throughout the world to preserve the truthReappearance, 173:occurred ere now had the churches and religious organizations everywhere done their duty. IntoReappearance, 179:the growth of any particular organization. The organizations so demanding must work with theReappearance, 179:the minimum yet reasonable salary. Not many such organizations exist today, but the few nowReappearance, 183:of every nation and race and of all religious organizations and humanitarian movements who areSoul, 83:nature. The differences are due to the physical organizations that obscure and thwart the life ofSoul, 90:of its power, and through the influence of such organizations as Christian Science and New Thought,Telepathy, 114:formulated platforms, and the many groups and organizations which are dedicated to the betterment
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