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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZED

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Astrology, 48:found functioning as the involutionary matter (organized and unorganized) of the logoic denseAstrology, 346:institution was - as I have earlier told you - organized under the influence and impulse of thisAstrology, 418:of this essential beauty of coordinated and organized movement and its power to qualify andAstrology, 479:process is completed, it will have been organized. At present a pattern of squares is the majorAstrology, 540:takes initiation. This seventh ray sweeps into organized and directed activity the world of forcesAstrology, 541:spirit of freedom will triumph as it is organized into revolt against slavery. To this end, theAstrology, 572:of the souls of men, massed and blended, organized and focused by the vision of the general welfareAstrology, 579:is as yet the strongest force in the world; organized, unified desire was the basic reason for theAstrology, 579:great divine aspect. There was little of that organized, spiritual will shown by the [580] allies;Astrology, 580:of a fixed and united desire. It is not the organized use of the will. The secret of the will liesAstrology, 587:one practical suggestion. Might there not be organized a group who would take this subject as theAstrology, 588:When this is better established, there can be organized and known cooperation and the members ofAtom, 18:of it some plan, some coordinated scheme, some organized concept which is working itself out byAutobiographywritten. The mounting pressure of the worldwide, organized work for which Mrs. Bailey wasAutobiography, 188:of some of my housework. Foster at this time organized the Committee of 1400 - a committee pledgedAutobiography, 189:the Committee of 1400. Foster, however, had not organized in order to put into power a man whoAutobiography, 189:would represent the committee. The committee was organized to present the issues involved and theAutobiography, 193:were confronted. We, therefore, in April 1923, organized the Arcane School. Autobiography, 198:Swiss section and a South American section with organized work in Turkey and West Africa andAutobiography, 256:They call the Hierarchy the "society of organized and illumined minds" - illumined by love andAutobiography, 259:or body must therefore be large and highly organized, fully equipped with material, and underAutobiography, 269:not critical) and in possession of a rich, well-organized mental equipment. The head and the heartAutobiography, 290:Arcane School does not start groups, lodges or organized meetings in the many cities in the worldAutobiography, 297:years have come and gone and we are today a well-organized group of servers carrying forwardAutobiography, 301:It is this factor that has given to our organized work in the world its pioneering aspect and hasBethlehem, 28:sleeps. When the spiritual body begins to be organized and to grow, and when the eye of wisdomBethlehem, 36:the Word went forth, bringing into being our organized solar system as we now have it, and theBethlehem, 71:is goodwill there must be peace; there must be organized activity and a recognition of the Plan ofBethlehem, 121:by affirmation, but by conscious intelligent organized soul contact. This results in living asBethlehem, 237:he put on the perfected bliss body, now fully organized as a vehicle of consciousness. In that heBethlehem, 246:be guided and helped; the kingdom of God must be organized on earth. And still the risen ChristBethlehem, 281:His mission has not failed. The kingdom is now organized upon earth and is composed of those menDestiny, 14:aspect of first ray force has been the organized and scientific destruction of forms in the animalDestiny, 17:and brings death to those material forms and organized bodies which hinder the free expression ofDestiny, 29:and which gains power through the very force of organized numbers. This truth will emerge moreDestiny, 39:authoritative religion as expressed by the organized and orthodox churches. All formulatedDestiny, 84:Libra influence. Ray 7. - Ceremonial Order or Organized Ritual, reaching our planet via Uranus andDestiny, 115:the subtler planes are being rapidly unfolded, organized and recognized and it is by means of theseDestiny, 130:nature of the energies to be employed are organized and related), by his understanding of theDiscipleship1, 14:functions telepathically when fully and rightly organized. Any phenomena of a mystical andDiscipleship1, 23:and energized by one Life. Its Members are organized to further the Plan which they consciouslyDiscipleship1, 52:groups for a definite and specific end. They are organized to provide channels in the world for theDiscipleship1, 55:to meet the need of the hour. The hardest organized push of the Hierarchy is now taking place andDiscipleship1, 56:which stir the astral or emotional body into organized activity, based on ancient habits. For theDiscipleship1, 73:or misunderstanding, then they can pass on to organized group work. This is necessarily dependentDiscipleship1, 106:more quiescent activity hard at first, for well-organized is your mind and life but, until May,Discipleship1, 107:Its note is sounding and its influence is being organized. It will in the next few years organizeDiscipleship1, 134:your case. You are starting in at the stage of organized group work. Will you do this with patientDiscipleship1, 190:But first of all, we must get you into a better organized condition so that you can present to yourDiscipleship1, 278:in a subjective group endeavor - loosely organized on the physical plane and intended to remain anDiscipleship1, 278:of fellow aspirants is the attitude you hold to organized forms. Another is your power of intuitiveDiscipleship1, 279:and of form building, with the creative work of organized detail in every balanced production.Discipleship1, 279:Observer, using the concrete mind as a divinely organized instrument. Work with symbols will beDiscipleship1, 281:plane is given to the freely imposed rhythm of organized service, then power can be conferred, andDiscipleship1, 284:dealt with by you as an arranged opportunity for organized effort. Will you understand me, myDiscipleship1, 284:aid in bringing in your seventh ray power or organized creativeness which is one of your realDiscipleship1, 287:and of beauty should increasingly drive you into organized and planned activity. In this lastDiscipleship1, 359:to make your spiritual diary a more vital, more organized and more easily available document forDiscipleship1, 415:have the mental ability and the leisure (if you organized your daily life aright) to read andDiscipleship1, 415:by a quieter life of reading, gentle thought, organized activities, silence and the refusal to takeDiscipleship1, 416:It will come more easily if you live a regular, organized life, move with greater gentleness, talkDiscipleship1, 587:your sixth ray astral body - sensitive, finely organized and motivated by high aspiration - isDiscipleship1, 612:unrelated to the work already undertaken and organized prior to your joining that particular groupDiscipleship1, 644:perspective (free from false values) and an organized active service. Discipline for yourself (andDiscipleship1, 759:formulates the telepathic impressions into organized formulas which are then available forDiscipleship1, 788:They call the Hierarchy the "society of organized [789] and illumined Minds" - illumined by loveDiscipleship2, 4:It is this which blends the group into one organized whole, which the Masters of the Wisdom can useDiscipleship2, 7:joint cooperation (as regards your training) was organized by me into seven teaching units:Discipleship2, 55:of groups will some day be superseded by the organized approach of humanity as a whole. This thirdDiscipleship2, 83:schools (so called) in the world, when A.A.B. organized the Arcane School she deliberately refusedDiscipleship2, 84:confidence in your leadership. You have shown no organized group ability to take a piece of workDiscipleship2, 103:Ashrams which are steadily and constantly being organized to meet planetary need. You will noteDiscipleship2, 128:have been following since the new seed group was organized have not done what was intended and onlyDiscipleship2, 138:alignment exercise you endeavored to bring that organized instrument of service into contact withDiscipleship2, 202:from all branches of human enterprise, of which organized religion is only one. There areDiscipleship2, 203:of relationship; today, the group is newly organized and the task of invocation and evocation isDiscipleship2, 222:of manifestation are brought about through organized and conscious meditative methods; planetary,Discipleship2, 223:the pattern which he eternally vitalizes. He has organized a group which is responsive to hisDiscipleship2, 236:these premises are accepted) that there must be organized - in the near future - a group of men andDiscipleship2, 239:meditation which can be immediately effective is organized and developed. [243] Discipleship2, 251:is achieved) and the greater world of an organized group, integrated and functioning as a unit, andDiscipleship2, 457:made available - in moments of world crisis - an organized, ready and worldwide public opinion ofDiscipleship2, 498:today disciples are learning that a fused and organized and blended plan or scheme of worldwideDiscipleship2, 498:lines. I did not say along the original organized lines. I would ask you to do so at first in aDiscipleship2, 549:always on guard against any intrusion into his organized field of determined self-government. LetDiscipleship2, 578:adjusted and the time equation most carefully organized and planned. Your second ray [579] natureDiscipleship2, 580:vital body) is now strong enough to warrant an organized body upon the physical plane. I haveDiscipleship2, 580:the former. The growth of a network (through organized enterprise) is something that the averageDiscipleship2, 582:automatically and easily conditions the physical organized vehicle. When your work is notDiscipleship2, 593:with power and usefulness. The potentialities of organized services for the spiritual strengtheningDiscipleship2, 707:school essentially has to be? It is not an organized method of meeting world problems, ofDiscipleship2, 714:you? How can the coming years be constructive, organized and creative? These three words -Discipleship2, 714:and creative? These three words - Constructive, Organized, Creative - have been chosen by me withDiscipleship2, 740:you should endeavor to have a larger and more organized output of work in that connection; it willDiscipleship2, 741:through your soul, could lead to a planned and organized activity upon the physical plane. But itDiscipleship2, 750:your personal instructions since this group was organized. This will give you (as nothing else can)Education, 25:and not with the imposition of as much imparted organized knowledge concerning phenomenal existenceEducation, 43:have been regarded for centuries as the task of organized religion, whereas it is essentially andEducation, 80:proved that educational processes when properly organized and supervised, systematically plannedEducation, 100:may be a cooperative, intelligent part of that organized whole which we call a nation; that he may
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