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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZED

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Education, 100:it may seem) started when the first school was organized, thousands of years ago. These schoolsEducation, 122:to the good of the whole. The growth of organized brotherhoods and fraternities, of parties and ofEducation, 136:fundamental changes - regulated sex life, an organized parental life, and mental differences in theExternalisation, 19:the average aspirant is so sensitive and finely organized that excessive meditation, a fanaticalExternalisation, 64:is ever to be made. [64] Each group has been organized to fulfil a specific task. This united groupExternalisation, 83:on this.) I would ask you to realize that the organized efforts of the Great White Lodge areExternalisation, 83:White Lodge are directed toward lifting the organized forces of materialism to a higher andExternalisation, 102:and to the magnetic pull they evidence when duly organized. Thus they produce fusion and blending.Externalisation, 104:groups must seek to develop is that of an organized, scientific activity. Esoterically, thisExternalisation, 104:and this will be the task of the New Groups when organized and functioning correctly. In theseExternalisation, 130:the planned activities, so within that group or organized body which goes by the name of humanityExternalisation, 143:the method outlined by me is studied and rightly organized by each of you, and so the goodwillExternalisation, 182:thus bring in the present era of gangsterism. Organized gangs in the United States came into beingExternalisation, 191:under the opposite category. A fair and properly organized distribution of the wheat, the oil andExternalisation, 207:of Hitler, they are basically the victims of an organized deception. [208] Since 1914 they haveExternalisation, 208:to settled peace activities, and from the organized tensions of war to the comparative relaxationsExternalisation, 261:today whose focused and illumined thought can be organized and directed towards these Lives in suchExternalisation, 263:of mental invention. A thought-form is then organized, whether it is the thought-form of a sewingExternalisation, 338:It is this united appeal which must now be organized. Thus the mass of humanity will be stimulatedExternalisation, 340:of the forces of evil. The will-to-power and an organized, evil minority took control. Freedom ofExternalisation, 342:is, as yet, the strongest force in the world; organized, unified desire has been the basic reasonExternalisation, 342:divine aspect. There has been but little of that organized, spiritual will shown by the UnitedExternalisation, 342:of a fixed and united desire. It is not the organized use of the will. The secret of the will liesExternalisation, 356:in individual man, in groups and nations, in organized forms and in religion, in humanity as aExternalisation, 368:practically inexhaustible and are rapidly being organized. The man power and the resources ofExternalisation, 382:individual importance at all. A brief period of organized effort and, at the end, death, is of moreExternalisation, 390:Full Moons of May and June. Can the forces be so organized and the energies, pending distribution,Externalisation, 420:list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, all men of spiritual inclination andExternalisation, 424:or embodied Energies of darkness and of evil organized themselves and took the needed steps (soExternalisation, 449:conferences, through Leagues of Nations, [449] organized parties and legislation. All of this willExternalisation, 453:For this struggle certain of the well-organized churches, through their conservative elementsExternalisation, 453:selfishness are to be found actively organized in the churches in all continents and of allExternalisation, 462:minds of men, if the people of the world can be organized to stand with massed intent behind thatExternalisation, 469:do both as individuals and as representing the organized Christian Church. It is a picture of aExternalisation, 469:responsibility, who refuse to be gathered into organized churches or who go idly or wickedlyExternalisation, 475:the combined forces of evil. These forces were organized by beings of most evil and expertExternalisation, 476:and that potent groups of evil beings were organized to exploit the existing world situation. TheyExternalisation, 479:so today; this is a point which the churches and organized religion would do well to remember.Externalisation, 481:mean the end of all aggressive fighting and all organized resistance, leading to a period ofExternalisation, 494:preparations were halted and the Masters then organized for renewed effort (through TheirExternalisation, 499:stockholders, the banking firms and the wealthy organized churches will oppose all change, exceptExternalisation, 572:They are preparing the way for the first organized body of disciples and initiates who - comingExternalisation, 572:the first real externalization upon a large and organized scale will succeed upon the aboveExternalisation, 594:Will of God is known," are also mobilized and organized to assist His work. The spiritual line ofExternalisation, 603:today and demanding recognition. It is an organized body which is already evoking recognition fromExternalisation, 615:power of the Roman Catholic Church, with its organized political plans - plans which are growingExternalisation, 651:a point of balance are very close today. Organized evil is not in power; organized good is stillExternalisation, 651:close today. Organized evil is not in power; organized good is still quite ineffective, largelyExternalisation, 656:of the Christ. 4. The energy of humanity itself, organized and directed by the advanced thinkersExternalisation, 674:will be the task of the externalized Ashrams, organized to function openly. It was the knowledgeExternalisation, 674:are: There is naught in manifestation except organized energy Energy follows or conforms itself toExternalisation, 674:of God brought the universe of energies into organized form upon the highest of the seven planes,Externalisation, 675:and a vortex of spiritual forces will there be organized to hasten and materialize the plans of theExternalisation, 678:draw out that which must appear when a center is organized. They are in fact creating the neededExternalisation, 678:second ray work of teaching is the first to be organized. Subjectively, the first ray workers areFire, 91:of this prana is absorbed to keep the form organized. This is the whole object of the ethericFire, 119:to the monadic ray; these three major rays are organized on the three higher subplanes of theFire, 635:brain is such a close interaction as to make one organized whole. This microcosmic correspondenceFire, 768:third subplane of the mental plane begins to be organized, as the result of the downward pull ofFire, 774:and their fifth spirilla is awakening into organized activity in this round. All in NatureFire, 822:yellow and indigo. These three petals are organized and vitalized in the Hall of Ignorance, butFire, 822:and only begin to unfold as the second circle is organized. II. The middle "love" triad: Petal 1 -Fire, 822:that four colors are now seen. These petals are organized and vitalized in the Hall of Learning,Fire, 824:great occurrence. This inner circle of petals is organized and vitalized in the Hall of Wisdom, andFire, 826:Egos who are only "bud" Egos, and those who have organized the outer circle of petals, and whoseFire, 840:be seen at many differing stages from the newly organized "buds," representing freshlyFire, 840:at least one petal open. All the lotuses are organized, but there are vast differences among thoseFire, 842:path, having unfolded one tier of petals, and organized the second. All these lotuses of the firstFire, 852:who therefore come in with their petals already organized, and perhaps with several [853] petalsFire, 855:The Master's group. These egoic lotuses are all organized, and have a number of petals unfoldedFire, 861:This takes place usually when the fifth petal is organized. This whole question can also be viewedFire, 862:The astral substance is as yet insufficiently organized, and when aroused by egoic energy movesFire, 867:circles of petals are unfolded, and the third is organized. Thus he is brought, through rightFire, 869:found helpful: Knowledge Petals - First circle Organized in the Hall of Ignorance. Guided by theFire, 869:Pitris affected. Love Petals - Second circle Organized in the Hall of Learning. Guided by the forceFire, 869:Will or Sacrifice Petals - Third circle Organized in the Hall of Wisdom. Guided by the force andFire, 870:takes place when the second circle of petals is organized and ready for unfoldment. This time theFire, 871:groups in whom the knowledge petals are being organized and unfolded come under the primaryFire, 883:is related to one of the three circles, and is organized as each of the three circles is unfolded.Fire, 915:the lesser devas. There are naturally many other organized intelligences in the great Army of theFire, 917:of vitality which acts as a focal point in every organized form, and only when they are willing toFire, 983:day work of average man, but are speaking of the organized creative work, under law and rule, ofFire, 1166:by incessant activity, arises and manifests the organized world, the trib huvanam, the tripleFire, 1206:found functioning as the involutionary matter (organized and unorganized) of the logoic denseFire, 1231:Chohan to think in terms of the negation of organized substance and of the non-existence of form.Glamour, 43:they outline your way and your service... I have organized somewhat our ideas and outlined the planGlamour, 89:the training of the body and the organized physical direction of the youth of the world today inGlamour, 125:That this glamor is very ancient, powerfully organized, and is the dominant characteristic of theGlamour, 152:only when the mind is alert and the intelligence organized (as is becoming the case today on aGlamour, 162:in individual man, in groups and nations, in organized forms and in religion, in humanity as aGlamour, 243:maya and can be disregarded, that forces can be organized and directed by energy and that the worldGlamour, 256:my brother, only the directed will, using the organized rhythmic breath as its agent, can controlGlamour, 260:the result of right breathing, of controlled and organized rhythm, of true pure thought and of theHealing, 14:eventually give place to the use of death as the organized, freeing process in order to conserveHealing, 125:the rhythm of his outer and inner life, and has organized his reactions so that he extracts theHealing, 129:of his nature. He can become extravagantly over-organized through the medium of some over-activeHealing, 240:will develop when the centers are all properly organized and directed, that the effects of theHealing, 243:trace or isolate, because man is today so highly organized and integrated that these externalHealing, 318:Euthanasia Some students are concerned over the organized effort to legalese euthanasia, and wonderHealing, 350:that true techniques and the possibilities of organized soul action are always parodied and falsely
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