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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZED

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Psychology1, 173:of the hardest of the tasks which the Society of Organized Minds has ever set itself. RacialPsychology1, 174:In America, you have the dictatorship of organized business [175] seeking to regulate and controlPsychology1, 177:of Nations will eventually be equally well organized, with its outer form taking rapid shape byPsychology1, 178:as I now repeat, the workers on all the rays are organized to take part in one supreme effort, - anPsychology1, 178:desired results. The seven groups of workers are organized therefore as follows: In the departmentPsychology1, 219:the solid material of our planetary life, organized into the varying mineral forms. These mineralPsychology1, 224:soul. There is a fourth stage of potency or of organized expressed power, but this lies ahead, andPsychology1, 226:the Kingdoms in Nature The seventh ray is one of organized ritual, and in form building thisPsychology1, 226:speaking symbolically - when perfected forms and organized vehicles and dynamic power are relatedPsychology1, 227:or will of God expresses itself through the organized systematized processes of the seventh ray.Psychology1, 313:manifest itself on the physical plane in an organized group form, instead of through thePsychology1, 363:But where it is demonstrated that ritual and organized ceremonies are but the evidence of a custodyPsychology1, 369:The coming era of group work and power and of organized synthetic ritualistic activity willPsychology1, 372:ray, which produces those initial reactions to organized movement and ritual which, at the close ofPsychology1, 373:shall see the Temple of God, the solar system, organized objectively and subjectively; its courtsPsychology2, 12:and submerge their separative identities in organized group activity and synthesis. This is thePsychology2, 68:When these are fused and blended, thoroughly organized and utilized, then we see a functioning andPsychology2, 145:word, and embody the group aspiration in an organized movement, which, it will be noted is quitePsychology2, 191:Law of Rebirth. Therefore, when these groups are organized, it will be with that subject that thePsychology2, 294:the sum total of the available energies, organized into the form of the automatic physical body,Psychology2, 311:generalization), the training of the body and organized physical direction (which is taking placePsychology2, 336:have been developed, utilized, refined and organized; step by step the sensory apparatus of man hasPsychology2, 392:word [392] "isolated" refers to that complete organized organism of which the man can feel and knowPsychology2, 394:and refer to the intricate internal life of the organized creation of God wherein the consciousnessPsychology2, 394:equipment and more detailed purpose of the organized whole which we call a man, so the disciple, inPsychology2, 394:wider aspects of the inner relationships of the organized organism through which Deity is workingPsychology2, 400:and possibility of the divine nature, and an organized stability and purity of life. Ponder onPsychology2, 404:by this release will be that of psychology. Organized religion has, alas, much to answer for,Psychology2, 412:Later ensues a period of synthesis, of organized activity and of a fuller expression of divinity.Psychology2, 460:lead a man into much trouble, into conflict with organized society, thus making him anti-social andPsychology2, 479:vehicles of contact is the most powerful, best organized and well developed. It will indicatePsychology2, 517:higher values, by the kingdom of souls, by the organized work of the spiritual Hierarchy, aided byPsychology2, 630:the armies of unrighteousness and sinfulness, organized under that figment of the imagination, thePsychology2, 636:the large middle class is reached, swayed and organized for political, religious and social ends.Psychology2, 642:effort has been made to find and blend into one organized whole the men of good will, of peacefulPsychology2, 642:an unused power which has never yet been organized into a whole, as the loyalty and effort of thePsychology2, 642:to arrest any activity, but to gather into one organized whole all these people, without creating aPsychology2, 649:firmly established, and a day of prayer is duly organized; if the daily recognition of forgivenessPsychology2, 655:machines, the violent propaganda, and the organized force which are characteristic of the oldPsychology2, 690:of the proffered opportunity. They stand, organized under the direction of the Christ, the MasterPsychology2, 691:communication, to the task of cooperating in the organized effort to change the current of worldPsychology2, 693:be brought about, and the world be swept into an organized effort for world peace and cooperation,Psychology2, 696:with which I have presented you. It is more than organized aspirational longing on the part of aPsychology2, 728:means of a more specific and definite "push" or organized activity, to reach the leaders of groupsPsychology2, 728:considered mental work, subjective reflection, organized visioning and significant sacrifice. APsychology2, 729:made and the ranks of the men of good will, as organized under hierarchical impulse, can be greatlyPsychology2, 738:upon their fellowmen or nations. In a world of organized religions, the same condition of chaos isRays, 63:divine aspects remain; the perfected, radiant, organized and active substance through which theRays, 76:May and June Full Moons. Can the forces be so organized and the energies so distributed that theRays, 85:will, through the right use of the mind, to the organized planning of his separate and individualRays, 130:world Directors, that "Society of illumined and organized [131] Minds" which is known under theRays, 162:a time when the Hierarchy itself, as a body organized and functioning in order to implement certainRays, 187:steadily in potency. Gradually the forces took organized form and the four "veils of maya" or theRays, 188:seven Rays) appeared, motivated from Shamballa, organized at this time upon the higher levels ofRays, 202:for the time being and in order to see certain organized activities upon the star Sirius perfectedRays, 218:the astral body, and the group mind will be well organized and functioning rhythmically. Thus theRays, 331:which can express, in powerful ritual and in organized detailed rites, the history of man's movingRays, 368:later, when the New Group of World Servers is organized and is recognized as a living organism, itRays, 384:aeons ago - when all seven Ashrams were fully organized, and through them passed a steady flow ofRays, 387:all the seven major Ashrams have been fully organized and are steadily increasing in radiatoryRays, 416:through Sirius; it is an expression which is organized and vital beyond anything man can vision andRays, 418:and long antedating the Jewish dispensation, was organized under direct Sirian influence andRays, 490:constructed by its means the desired form, and organized the substance which is to be employed inRays, 490:a change. Each disciple, having successfully organized the bridge substance, having brought intoRays, 490:and performance, proceeds now to move the organized substance forward, so that from the center ofRays, 491:needed projection of the accumulated energies, organized by the creative imagination and brought toRays, 550:lives and moves and has his being is the living, organized vehicle of manifestation of theRays, 559:leaving behind them faint traces of ancient organized civilizations and cultural remains, plusRays, 573:today as men search for the new ways, for organized unity and peaceful security, is beingRays, 573:qualities and institute those new regimes and organized modes of creative activity which willRays, 599:buddhic plane, pours down into the clarified and organized body of sensitive response which is allRays, 623:and prohibitions from the Vatican (via the organized priesthood) as to right attitude and rightRays, 681:which Hitler gathered around him - have again organized their attack on the spiritual developmentRays, 742:be accomplished looms too large; there is little organized [743] cooperation among them, and noRays, 743:helpful. If the Forces of Evil are active and organized, the Forces of Light are equally active,Rays, 743:of Light are equally active, but not so well organized. The basic goal is the freedom and theRays, 744:thought and modes of government, confronted by organized opposition. One basic premise can be laidRays, 745:exploiting the ignorant through misinformation, organized lying and limited education. They areRays, 750:goodwill, when truly established and correctly organized, is the needed preliminary to revelation,Reappearance, 18:here. This is a point which the churches and organized religions would do well to remember. ThereReappearance, 38:will of God is known," are also mobilized and organized to assist His work. The spiritual line ofReappearance, 50:today and demanding recognition. It is an organized body which is already evoking recognition fromReappearance, 154:list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, all men of spiritual inclination andReappearance, 159:and from ignorance to wisdom. If the great organized religious groups of churches in every land,Reappearance, 171:of a sound intelligence and the practice of an organized life. But today the motive shifts from theReappearance, 181:time, he finds that there exists on Earth a well organized and integrated group to which can beReappearance, 181:are functioning in every country and in all the organized religious groups and all other groups,Soul, 63:the worlds of intellect and matter being that of organized vitality, occupying the whole domain ofSoul, 141:His personality then may be regarded as organized, and he can be deemed to have reached hisTelepathy, 3:matter and thus make possible the building of organized effects on the physical plane. TheseTelepathy, 28:the light of your own soul. 3. By the conscious organized use of the energy of the etheric ajnaTelepathy, 89:his life then becomes more self-directed and organized, more fruitful from the angle of service,Telepathy, 182:to you that these are only terms or methods organized to convey a better picture than heretofore.
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