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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANIZER

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Autobiography, 3:and without any planned intention - and the organizer, with Foster Bailey, of an InternationalDiscipleship1, 613:own spiritual ambition. You desire to be a group organizer under the Plan. You long to produce someDiscipleship1, 613:find those to whom you can stand as a spiritual organizer. They are ever those of no great accountDiscipleship2, 668:to present a balanced instrument to the Divine Organizer of their future work. Just what this workDiscipleship2, 728:clear vision to enable you to be a leader, an organizer or a drawer of blueprints for theExternalisation, 463:of men in the immediate future. [463] The organizer of these Forces at this time is the Buddha. HeExternalisation, 506:churches. He is distinctively a great leader, an organizer, and a wise general executive. A specialMagic, 131:to the sons of men. To the disciple who is an organizer and transmitter of the Plan falls the workPsychology1, 263:and the constructive energy of the magical organizer. The reader must bear in mind, as he studiesRays, 107:of form. He is Will, the ruler of time and the organizer, in time, of space. This he does, but everRays, 285:light as the emanating creative energy - the organizer of the symbol, the revealer of the meaning,Rays, 597:In this connection, the mind has acted as an organizer of astral reaction and as a [598] dispeller
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