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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORGANS

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Psychology1, 290:with these force vortices are two physical plane organs, the pituitary body and the pineal gland.Psychology1, 290:negative and the second is positive. These two organs are the higher correspondences of the malePsychology1, 290:higher correspondences of the male and female organs of physical reproduction. As the soul becomesPsychology1, 413:Stomach. Liver. Solar Plexus. Human Brain. Vocal Organs. The two Head Centers. II. Mineral Base ofPsychology1, 420:habitation." Instrument of Sensation: Tongue. Organs of speech. Plane: Astral or emotional Plane.Psychology2, 64:system, interlinking all the material organs and the atomic [65] substance of the physical body.Psychology2, 348:body as a functioning aggregate of physical organs, each with its own duties and purposes. These,Psychology2, 417:It works through the solar plexus and the organs of reproduction. Intelligence distinguishes thePsychology2, 420:its activities and expressing itself through the organs of speech. Sometimes this possessionPsychology2, 475:races but for ages the activity of the body-organs has lain, most desirably and safely, below thePsychology2, 523:sacral center (governing the sexual life and the organs of physical creation) must be raised to thePsychology2, 546:tract, upon the liver and upon the other organs found below the diaphragm. The mystic, as is wellPsychology2, 548:upward. This will produce over-activity of the organs in the physical area governed by the center,Psychology2, 549:death. This death affects the atoms in the organs involved and causes the preliminary stages ofPsychology2, 550:physiological abnormalities, connected with the organs of reproduction (both male and female).Psychology2, 551:congestions, inflammations and diseases of the organs vitalized. This is particularly the casePsychology2, 553:directed, integrated personality, so will the organs of the body be affected. The solar plexus canPsychology2, 612:their life expression from the head via the dual organs of the soul and the personality - the ajnaPsychology2, 622:all brought about a dangerous condition in those organs of the body which lie below the diaphragm.Rays, 364:of consciousness, so that the unfoldment of the organs of sensory perception in primitive man or inSoulof meanings, and not merely a city of cells. Its organs are no mere facts, but symbols, perilousSoul, 20:functioning of the physical cells and the bodily organs. Free Will is therefore largely ruled outSoul, 31:of the body, to the hair, heart, blood and organs of generation. All this can be gathered out ofSoul, 38:are known as the ductless glands, or 'endocrine organs' and their products have been calledSoul, 39:Dr. Rubin says: [39] "These ductless glands or organs of secretion are often referred to as theSoul, 46:clearly connected with the ducts of the sexual organs, but in the march of evolution upwards, "thatSoul, 59:solid firmaments of the nerves, from the outward organs of sense to the brain, and from the brainSoul, 65:and entirely on the nature of our sense organs, which tell us of matter and do not tell us ofSoul, 88:and the covering membranes of the internal organs... Recognizing that the nervous system is inSoul, 101:the center also of conscious life. In sleep the organs of the soul remain in the heart, and thereSoul, 101:the heart is based is angrily rejected. Not the organs however alone, but all beings are based uponSoul, 118:through intermediate conductors with the gross organs of generation, micturition, digestion,Soul, 123:well as to the alimentary canal and generative organs. Nor is it unconnected with the lungs andSoul, 140:of vitalizing and empowering all [140] the organs and structures of the body, but the soul force,Soul, 142:into being of the true man; of this the sex organs and their reproductive activities on theTelepathy, 155:head, plus the lungs, from all the rest of the organs of the body; these are all of them of theTelepathy, 155:what the man IS. Below the diaphragm are found organs whose use is far more objective even if ofTelepathy, 156:importance; though each [156] of these lower organs has a life and purpose of its own, theirTelepathy, 192:head, the heart and the throat centers) are the organs of reception for energies coming from the
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