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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTAL

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Problems, 129:on the degeneration of the churches. In the Oriental religions a disastrous negativity hasProblems, 138:There is no indication that the great Oriental religions are taking an active lead in producing aPsychology1, 83:to the publication of the mass of mystical and Oriental literature on meditation and allied topicsPsychology1, 401:and blend with the rest of mankind. Even the oriental races, who are the remnants of the greatPsychology2, 385:or lotus of force. The teaching given in the oriental and theosophical books refers primarily toPsychology2, 413:lower man, an occidental interpretation of the oriental teaching about the centers of force throughPsychology2, 524:the wheel, as it is esoterically termed in the Oriental teaching) is relatively quiescent. There isPsychology2, 564:(which are called the lower siddhis by the oriental philosophy) is demonstrating true powers. TheyPsychology2, 577:ruled on the physical plane by a group of six oriental leaders and six occidental leaders; of thesePsychology2, 577:leaders and six occidental leaders; of these the oriental are the most powerful because [578] theyPsychology2, 580:off-shoots. A group which bridges between the Oriental races and the Aryan race which we call thePsychology2, 580:we call the Semitic. This race is neither purely Oriental nor is it Aryan. The Jews are a group ofRays, 42:higher Way and the attainment of Nirvana (as the Oriental calls it) appears before him, and heRays, 331:participates will recognize this most ancient of Oriental prayers, giving the key to the threeRays, 464:has to be built by the conscious aspirant. The oriental term for this "mind stuff" is chitta; itReappearance, 139:the various yogas, upon Buddhistic teachings and oriental faiths? Why do such teachings asSoul, 18:of the time is the growing understanding of the Oriental point of view, and the tendency toSoul, 27:than understanding is He." - III, 42. Thus Oriental psychology deals with the cause, with theSoul, 42:a special interest in view of the conclusions of Oriental philosophers. Most of the books note thatSoul, 44:away, And fade into the light of common day." Oriental philosophy confirms this possible connectionSoul, 54:Chapter III The Theory of the Etheric Body The Oriental psychologist starts with that which theSoul, 55:unfoldment and a perfect mechanism. This Oriental emphasis upon spiritual energy and the OccidentalSoul, 55:fact of the existence of the etheric body. The Oriental system is abstruse and intricate, andSoul, 76:a teaching which is entirely in line with the Oriental philosophy. They bridged the gap thereforeSoul, 76:principle, as did St. Gregory. Most of the Oriental schools regard [77] the soul as the self, theSoul, 77:Christ. A close comparison of the Christian and Oriental teachings leads to the conclusion that theSoul, 82:80. The soul, the self are synonymous terms in Oriental literature. The main treatise upon theSoul, 83:Religion and Philosophy of India, pp. 39, 94. An Oriental writer comments as follows: "All organicSoul, 90:East and the West. It is now possible for the Oriental teaching as to the triplicity of soul, mindSoul, 92:its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy Chapter V Oriental Teaching as to the Soul, Ether and EnergySoul, 93:scientist recognizes ether and motion. The Oriental teacher speaks of the akasha and of prana. BothSoul, 94:as their medium of expression. A study of the Oriental books gives us a picture of a material worldSoul, 94:extracts from The Serpent Power give the Oriental teaching about matter and ether. "RecentSoul, 106:the head. The whole scheme and technique of the Oriental teaching as to the centers in man have inSoul, 122:for this may lie in the correctness of the Oriental theory as to the force centers. The conditionSoul, 129:etheric body which can be affected by certain Oriental practices of breathing, mantras and posture.Soul, 140:When the soul is "enthroned" (as the scientific Oriental books put it) in the head, it attractsSoul, 147:where the claims of the student of the Oriental philosophy in connection with the vitalizing soulSoul, 157:not these conditions be a substantiation of the Oriental theory? Many people from force ofTelepathy, 169:is the "jewel in the lotus," to use the ancient oriental appellation; it is the point of life byTelepathy, 171:emphasis has ever been laid upon them both by oriental and occidental writers; there is far tooTelepathy, 173:of the new occultism in the coming New Age. The oriental symbols which are often superimposed upon
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