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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTATION

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Astrology, 52:signs the man is prepared for the "crisis of orientation" wherein he slowly and gradually reversesAstrology, 60:is utilized. In one horoscope, [60] the new orientation and the embryonic reorganized inner lifeAstrology, 174:The Mutable Cross The Fixed Cross Centralization Orientation Decentralization Individual unityAstrology, 175:Aryan symbol for this sign, signifies the orientation of the man towards a definite goal. The manAstrology, 182:Sagittarius - Ambitious desire. Direction. Orientation. Virgo - Material life. The cherishing of anAstrology, 224:the desire to change the old order and the old orientation into the new. This produces the reversalAstrology, 230:of the wheel and the beginning of the new orientation and of discipleship in Scorpio, the directed,Astrology, 254:sin of man is hidden in this truth, for a wrong orientation took place at one stage in humanAstrology, 254:is only upon the path of discipleship that right orientation is achieved and humanity swings intoAstrology, 298:is now ready for the second initiation. This orientation is brought about by what is called "theAstrology, 333:Gemini moves towards Libra Mutation of relation Orientation of Right relation "I serve myself" "IAstrology, 342:and emphasizes the pains and penalties of wrong orientation. It is the conflict of the soul withAstrology, 373:and distress can lead to a reversal of human orientation upon the wheel of life, just as it does inAstrology, 398:aspects of basic change in purpose, interest and orientation must manifest in Scorpio, thus provingAstrology, 408:studies. Certain basic changes in the orientation of the Earth's axis are now taking place, andAstrology, 408:and deduction is unattainable. When the orientation and "pointed direction" of the Earth's pole hasAstrology, 409:center. This powerfully affects the Earth's orientation and is responsible for the presentAstrology, 451:creative. These two conditions are: A conscious orientation towards the soul and towards theAstrology, 459:up according to the purpose, aspiration and orientation of the entity (human or national); it canAstrology, 472:Individualization Cancer Cardinal 2. Crisis of Orientation Reversal Aries Cardinal 3. Crisis ofAstrology, 542:more definite and arresting way and involves an orientation towards freedom which will later standAstrology, 559:self-awareness and right direction. His orientation is now "the spiritually vertical which involvesAstrology, 573:upon the Fixed Cross, the Cross of right orientation. It is for the use of those men and womenAutobiography, 22:in a most constructive, directional manner. The orientation of the life could be determined andAutobiography, 38:not the experience and the mental and spiritual orientation required, that true disciples areAutobiography, 182:and learn mental concentration and spiritual orientation whilst peeling potatoes and shelling peasAutobiography, 276:and the breathing apparatus but upon correct orientation and the rhythmic adjustment of the life toBethlehem, 23:initiation. Mind control and right orientation towards the soul, with a complete transmutation ofBethlehem, 82:But the acceptance of this divine idea and the orientation of the life in order to make the idea aBethlehem, 265:are many) train themselves to aid in the right orientation of humanity? How can they become theBethlehem, 270:always conscious of purpose, of progress and of orientation. The wonder of the process is that itBethlehem, 272:but will be essentially an attitude of mind, an orientation to life, to man and to God. It willDestiny, 61:the rare mystical spirit and the truly religious orientation of the people is the eternal guaranteeDestiny, 94:way according to the purpose, aspiration and the orientation of the entity (human or national); itDestiny, 110:of necessity, to achieve a different and right orientation to [111] the world of spiritual values,Destiny, 111:authority of the Churches can be seen. This orientation of man to the world of higher values hasDestiny, 112:there has never been a time when this basic orientation has not been going steadily forward, it isDestiny, 112:much higher, rarer and more difficult process of orientation has been held before the race and forDestiny, 136:in the Aquarian Age I have hinted at the orientation which has been or will be carried out inDestiny, 137:connected with the first ray) the first faint orientation of the spiritual man towards ShamballaDiscipleship1, XII:full of love, a mind open and illumined by right orientation to truth and a life dedicated toDiscipleship1, 50:constantly, all day long. It infers a constant orientation to life and the handling of life fromDiscipleship1, 58:of right external conduct based upon right inner orientation and attitude. But under the new systemDiscipleship1, 95:discover for himself. It is a matter of interior orientation and not a matter of outsideDiscipleship1, 122:profited by this experience and your subjective orientation is stabilized upon a rightful basis.Discipleship1, 128:towards vagueness and a lack of the sense of orientation in time. This is frequently the case withDiscipleship1, 164:other point remains for me to touch upon. Your orientation to the Plan is right, and you haveDiscipleship1, 206:which must, in its turn, be based on a true soul orientation and dedication. Decisions must not beDiscipleship1, 215:link is established with that Hierarchy. Your orientation - esoterically speaking - is towardsDiscipleship1, 229:in your chosen work has been good. The inner orientation to the soul as love, is also good. LetDiscipleship1, 257:your mind back to [257] the year in which that orientation became definite? Such retrospects haveDiscipleship1, 258:one-pointedness must be based on an inclusive orientation. It has, hitherto, been based on sixthDiscipleship1, 300:you the following to incorporate: 1st month - Orientation. 2nd month - Lucidity. Clarity. 3rd monthDiscipleship1, 314:is now called to that attitude of life and that orientation to other purposes and goals which weDiscipleship1, 324:of coming duty, of quiet living, of steadfast orientation towards the light, of silentDiscipleship1, 324:them dynamically and then never again will their orientation be purely personal. The task ofDiscipleship1, 348:time three things have happened to you: Your orientation towards reality has been stabilized; youDiscipleship1, 375:effort of your personality will towards directed orientation. The divine aspect of your personalityDiscipleship1, 401:sphere of activity, you have preserved an inner orientation to the spiritual values and a fixedDiscipleship1, 424:All disciples who are steadfast in their orientation entered, at the Full Moon of May, 1936, into aDiscipleship1, 443:undertaking and will serve to stabilize your orientation and your direction, using this last wordDiscipleship1, 497:and exactitude, make the needed adjustments and orientation when situations occur. Your wholeDiscipleship1, 517:upon the garnered fruits of a life of constant orientation towards the light and demonstrate theDiscipleship1, 555:past six months have produced in you a definite orientation towards your next expansion ofDiscipleship1, 577:not your service. It is all a question of inner orientation and of attitude; it is not a questionDiscipleship1, 583:any idée fixe (beyond that of a right spiritual orientation) can be a deterrent to progress, ifDiscipleship1, 639:is due primarily to the fact of environment and orientation. Ponder on this. You are at a point inDiscipleship1, 660:of achievement. It is a condition of correct orientation and direction and not so much a painfulDiscipleship1, 663:conscious personality renunciation, upon a right orientation of the personality to the soul (who isDiscipleship1, 682:with love for his fellowmen that his entire orientation is towards the service of the Plan and notDiscipleship1, 688:deflection towards the vision and a conscious orientation towards it. There is one aspect of theDiscipleship1, 716:spiritual life, to follow the way of determined orientation to the things of the spirit and to liveDiscipleship1, 735:Right tension is brought about first by correct orientation; this necessitates a true sense ofDiscipleship1, 749:the Ashram to where he is a trusted agent. His orientation is now fixed and though he is subjectedDiscipleship1, 760:for a long time through purity of life, correct orientation, and non-criticism. This correctDiscipleship1, 760:orientation, and non-criticism. This correct orientation involves a paradox with which allDiscipleship2, 5:of work with personalities and with those whose orientation is primarily in the three worlds ofDiscipleship2, 25:is faced. The problem of balance and of dual orientation is a very real one. As regards theDiscipleship2, 28:these exist and where there is also a determined orientation towards the light. It is thisDiscipleship2, 28:towards the light. It is this determined orientation which has enabled W.D.S. to stand steadyDiscipleship2, 57:fused his outer activity and [57] his inner orientation into one blended concentrated spiritualDiscipleship2, 57:so occupied - was he to lose sight of the inner orientation and specific recollection. All the timeDiscipleship2, 62:conditions brought about by the activity, the orientation and the emanated decisive thoughts of theDiscipleship2, 62:and have our being, just as the activities, the orientation and the thinking of a human being carryDiscipleship2, 65:the more advanced initiates is that your basic orientation is different to that of the Masters.Discipleship2, 67:consciously aware of these revelations. If his orientation is towards his life expression in theDiscipleship2, 142:in a more definite manner; the purpose of such orientation is that the "life of the triangles mayDiscipleship2, 148:II. The Center of Focused Thought: Polarization. Orientation. Meditation on theme word. OM. Pause.Discipleship2, 153:receptivity is brought about by a stabilized orientation. Disciples need constantly to reflect uponDiscipleship2, 175:pledge through [175] affirmation, stabilize your orientation and give you intuitive insight intoDiscipleship2, 175:that is the point of importance. The Stage of Orientation. This is a period of quiet thought uponDiscipleship2, 221:esoteric approach. Their guided, mystical orientation will be one of the most powerful factors inDiscipleship2, 244:and (when understanding is present and right orientation) the help which those can give who haveDiscipleship2, 256:matter," I have elsewhere told you, "of interior orientation and not of outside information."Discipleship2, 256:and not of outside information." Recognition and orientation are the keynotes of this phase. AlwaysDiscipleship2, 260:effort. That effort is directed towards an orientation to the greater center of life - Shamballa.Discipleship2, 260:Shamballa. Students are apt to believe that the orientation of the Hierarchy is towards humanity.Discipleship2, 260:and are custodians of the Plan; but the orientation of the entire hierarchical group is towards theDiscipleship2, 261:this point of focused effort and this attained orientation is the basic idea lying behind theDiscipleship2, 294:conform to the rapid progress being made in mass orientation, and that a new light upon the [295]
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