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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTATION

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Discipleship2, 297:as a step towards development. 3. The sense of orientation to humanity. I presume you willDiscipleship2, 297:fine but you have not yet the habit of correct orientation and much that you do is the result ofDiscipleship2, 300:him to the need for occult obedience, for right orientation, for persistence, and for devotion toDiscipleship2, 319:revelation. The revelation - induced by right orientation and right thinking - is a part of theDiscipleship2, 342:the dual life of the disciple and correct orientation. [343] Do I recognize in the life-trainingDiscipleship2, 368:thought and which presupposes an emotional orientation to light and revelation, and that which isDiscipleship2, 388:I pointed out that revelation - induced by right orientation and right thinking - is part of theDiscipleship2, 408:by all struggling to attain spiritual orientation and stature), and is rapidly becoming a strongDiscipleship2, 465:brother? Is your stamina, your inner spiritual orientation and your fixed psychic determinationDiscipleship2, 476:to instruct you as to the nature of your life-orientation and the desired quality of your serviceDiscipleship2, 478:brothers. In this way the days of your personal orientation in meditation will be gladlyDiscipleship2, 500:Work to bring the light of love and of spiritual orientation to those whom you are called to serveDiscipleship2, 505:"three activities": Outward moving, persistent orientation, and interior withdrawing orDiscipleship2, 505:upon the astral plane? How would "persistent orientation" appear or express itself upon the mentalDiscipleship2, 516:well ask, therefore, how it happens that your orientation has been towards the Master M. and thatDiscipleship2, 523:group brothers. Aim simply to achieve a point of orientation towards me and the Ashram; endeavor toDiscipleship2, 537:he stands." It is tied to the whole theme of orientation and of spiritual location and to theDiscipleship2, 544:own decisions, leading thus to a most definite orientation or focus of the entire personality.Discipleship2, 546:of the problem and its solution. In the orientation of your life towards the soul, the keynote ofEducation, 12:of thought-forms, and eventually to the steady orientation of the mind to a wider and wider fieldEducation, 75:the age of eleven onward, is of small moment. An orientation has been effected, an attitudeExternalisation, 32:are positive and their positive mental orientation produces the culture of their time, or theirExternalisation, 83:is the result of a joyous attitude and a true orientation to the soul. Externalisation, 212:experience, trial, pain and instinctive human orientation lead all men finally back into the lightExternalisation, 253:relationship of man to divine purpose, his right orientation to the divine goodwill, and hisExternalisation, 294:and has made a true effort towards correct orientation, then - when the conflict between good andExternalisation, 309:time. But it is the inner spiritual activity and orientation (paralleling the outer activity) whichExternalisation, 310:a certain changed attitude in the race, a new orientation to the life of the spirit, and a focusedExternalisation, 377:(based on the spirit of sharing) and to a fresh orientation of man to man, of nation to nation, andExternalisation, 394:be described as the gaining of a new spiritual orientation and a new attitude towards God, toExternalisation, 433:conditioned the attitude and the changed orientation of the USSR, and has brought them to aExternalisation, 456:to a certain degree, is to arrive at a right orientation as regards human affairs. Let us thereforeExternalisation, 468:years ago. They express the needed attitude and orientation: I ask you to drop your antagonisms andExternalisation, 474:of humanity and to produce a new and fresh orientation to the spiritual values, and thus avert war.Externalisation, 479:consciousness of man may be enlarged and right orientation may be brought about. It is, however,Externalisation, 541:because it takes place at a time when a definite orientation of the Hierarchy will take place, andExternalisation, 566:by the restoration of the Mysteries. 7. The new orientation of the human family within itself toExternalisation, 584:This movement is symptomatic of a change in the orientation of man's thinking, and therein lies itsExternalisation, 584:to bring about the needed changes and the new orientation, and not any [585] recognition of MastersExternalisation, 682:Who function in physical bodies, has had its orientation upon the subjective levels of life; theExternalisation, 684:the problem is one of a change in the orientation of perception but not necessarily in modes ofExternalisation, 684:physical plane adjustments. Hierarchical orientation has for some centuries been one of a veryExternalisation, 686:the majority have been receiving in "cosmic orientation," in the use of the will-to-be (aExternalisation, 689:of mankind and to the steady, even if slow, orientation of mankind to the spiritual Hierarchy, theGlamour, 2:of a personality, governed by a strong soul orientation, and the group-conscious soul. Intuition isGlamour, 87:is concerned. The moment, however, that an inner orientation towards the world of higher valuesGlamour, 89:following phrases: Physical coordination. Astral orientation. Mental direction. PersonalityGlamour, 90:coordination Mineral kingdom Maya. 2. Astral orientation Vegetable kingdom Glamor. 3. MentalGlamour, 155:of the Dweller is gradually overcome; its orientation towards reality and away from the GreatGlamour, 218:the mind held in steadiness and with a positive orientation. Again the Sacred Word is sounded withHealing, 21:of this, mental science has been groping. Its orientation and purposes are right and good andHealing, 43:towards the plane of physical experience. That orientation shifts at times and, temporarily in theHealing, 113:right thought, leading to right attitudes and orientation, and with the principle ofHealing, 127:right identification achieved and correct orientation established. Whilst this basic, inescapableHealing, 158:it is that procedure (distinguished by right orientation, concentration and meditation) whichHealing, 236:and will disappear for three reasons: The orientation of humanity towards the light is steadilyHealing, 425:fear of death is primarily caused because the orientation of the kingdom of souls, the fifthHealing, 432:leading to a turning inward or to a new orientation of the human mind, with unpredictable results.Healing, 451:of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation to reality. The best is yet to be.Healing, 508:integration of the personality and its correct orientation towards the world of spiritual values.Healing, 529:be that disciples and men and women of spiritual orientation will enter the medical [530]Healing, 545:but in the bringing about of a more correct orientation. What this really means is that the channelHealing, 579:or with little, if any, spiritual [579] orientation). He heals but does not know how or why; pranaHealing, 676:The will-to-good signifies the stable, immovable orientation of the initiated disciple, whilstHealing, 681:one of the qualities or aspects of the stage of orientation. Learning by sight is definitelyHealing, 683:of abstraction, or the period wherein complete orientation is brought about, the way into theHercules, 34:that in Aries right direction and right orientation have their beginning, and Hercules, theHercules, 52:right understanding of purpose, through right orientation to reality and right use of spiritualIntellect, 14:rapture an intellectual achievement (an orientation of the mind) which enables them to do more thanIntellect, 58:mechanism is at first entirely objective in its orientation, and swings into activity throughIntellect, 66:differs from prayer in that it is primarily an orientation of the mind, which orientation bringsIntellect, 66:is primarily an orientation of the mind, which orientation brings about realizations andIntellect, 87:emotions and of thought. It involves also its orientation at will to the world of the soul, and itsIntellect, 134:an intense mental attention and a one-pointed orientation to the new world in which that which weIntellect, 140:brain must play their part, but with a differing orientation and attention. It becomes simply aMagic, 90:The only lonely periods are the result of wrong orientation and the holding on to that which hidesMagic, 262:Through the right direction of the form and its orientation in the needed direction, the purpose ofMagic, 268:enterprise, knowing that right thought and right orientation lead to correct functioning and theMagic, 273:early in the work and after the process of orientation the work of building proceeds, for theMagic, 276:until the New Age is really with us and the new orientation achieved. The form of humanity isMagic, 310:have been dominated all that remains is right orientation and polarization in the soul. We willMagic, 310:registers sensory impression, we shall have the orientation which will eventually raise theMagic, 512:provided he can preserve constantly a right orientation, purity of motive and of life, a stabilizedMagic, 580:for where there is correct direction, true orientation, exact understanding of purpose andMagic, 582:world); it is the achievement of that spiritual orientation, held steadily - no matter what theMagic, 583:unfoldment, steady aspiration and spiritual orientation, plus the unusual qualities of positiveMagic, 604:will perforce give way to a steady spiritual orientation and then meditation as now understood andPatanjali, 190:disciplining of the physical vehicle, the steady orientation of the emotional nature and the mentalPsychology1, 198:of the animals is to be found a steady orientation towards understanding, and a consequentPsychology2, 74:of planned and carefully timed and directed orientation or focusing. In this last process, the gainPsychology2, 97:conditioned by a temperament, an attitude and an orientation that is that of a "Divine Rebel." ItPsychology2, 100:leads to selfishness, to a grasping, and to an orientation of the materially-minded towardsPsychology2, 136:of the server's astral body and his inner orientation. It may enhance the glamor and deepen thePsychology2, 137:not yet free, however, from ambition, and their orientation is still basically towards personalityPsychology2, 146:during the day, the attitude of inner spiritual orientation. As we learn to obliterate and effacePsychology2, 164:The repudiation of desire 6. Attention Correct orientation Third ray force The Law of ExpansivePsychology2, 260:"pull." They are, therefore, without as true an orientation to the physical plane as are the bulkPsychology2, 299:a man's expression during the life wherein the orientation has been altered, the emphasis of thePsychology2, 309:an automaton. The moment, however, that an inner orientation towards the world of higher valuesPsychology2, 419:is based on a sense of direction and a definite orientation of the will to a recognized objective,
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