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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTATION

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Psychology2, 427:inclined. The sense of cleavage, the need for orientation, the bridging process and the ultimatePsychology2, 473:able to function in the mind nature; because his orientation is good and right; because he is onPsychology2, 477:of contact with the soul, and when his entire orientation is towards the world of spiritualPsychology2, 586:This also presupposes a tendency to spiritual orientation on the part of the psychic. By a coursePsychology2, 588:enough and intelligent enough to change his orientation and type of work. But what of the man whoPsychology2, 588:to the stage of mental focusing and spiritual orientation. Before this can be done, the lower doorPsychology2, 602:should bring about much wholesome and needed orientation. Psychology2, 606:visionary and life-giving, spurring on to right orientation and stabilizing certain standards andPsychology2, 625:Humanity as a whole is becoming mystical in its orientation and consciousness. The intelligentsiaRays, 31:Little by little, then, the focus and the orientation shift out of the astral life and from theRays, 45:On this level of pure impersonality and of right orientation the group stands, obedient to the ruleRays, 46:understood. It embodies the ideas of orientation, implacable determination, ability to wait and toRays, 46:ability to wait and to preserve intention and orientation unmoved by aught which may occur. It alsoRays, 99:and experience has been left behind, and a new orientation to a world of values, higher than evenRays, 103:is the will that, in the last analysis, produces orientation, focus, emphasis, the world of form,Rays, 135:of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation to reality. The best is yet to be.Rays, 136:a definite (though relatively temporary) "act of orientation." This will force the Hierarchy, ofRays, 136:type of relation with humanity. That period of orientation will end when a powerful, earthlyRays, 171:effort. This is a great step onward in orientation and will lead to a change in consciousnessRays, 235:the other kingdoms, producing rapidly changing orientation and attitudes. These forces and energiesRays, 299:based upon oneness of motive, of recognition, of orientation (towards the spiritual world andRays, 304:human beings, thus bringing about erroneous orientation and preventing what is really meant byRays, 362:This involves in them a new and higher type of orientation, and though it remains as yet impossibleRays, 469:Direction-Will (which are words describing the orientation produced by the understanding of the twoRays, 469:and desire-love) must produce the final orientation of the personality and the soul, fused andRays, 469:stage of the process I am emphasizing the words "orientation" and "attempt." They simply indicateRays, 469:of the spiritual will, as the result of right orientation, in the life of disciples today. [470] InRays, 484:towards spiritual light and towards a major orientation will take place. Just as the individualRays, 485:appear on physical levels. Because of his fixed orientation, that which he builds will "moveRays, 487:indicate a different direction, however, for the orientation they desire is not that towards theRays, 487:necessary steps are: The achievement of right orientation; and this must take place in two stages:Rays, 501:- each in his own place - is to stand with right orientation, undeterred by circumstances, and thenRays, 512:Antahkarana. Intention. The achieving of right orientation Towards the soul Towards the SpiritualRays, 569:which attend the first initiation; a new orientation to life and a new [570] world of thought areRays, 576:the disciple during the period wherein the new orientation is taking place; the disciple isRays, 583:his one-pointed emotional effort towards orientation to the soul makes him "an aspiring point ofRays, 606:was in reality the expression of a shifting orientation, and therefore to a certain extent, of aRays, 610:choices and comes eventually to correct orientation and to the door of initiation, progressivelyRays, 638:develop the ability to think sanely, with right orientation and a broad point of view; let themRays, 642:next one hundred years will see a demonstrable orientation of trained disciples towards the higherRays, 650:achieved, can be regarded as a form of focused orientation. Throughout the many lives the discipleRays, 651:submitting himself to the fifth initiation, the orientation and the focus attained remains aReappearance, 17:consciousness of man may be enlarged and right orientation be brought about. It is, however, truerReappearance, 71:effort. This is a great step onward in orientation and will lead eventually to a change inReappearance, 141:the result of the misapprehension and the wrong orientation of the human mind, of the emphasis uponReappearance, 150:process has brought him to the point of a fresh orientation to divinity and to the acceptance ofTelepathy, 49:impacts from other minds, good or bad in their orientation, and from the thought currents of thatTelepathy, 108:of the aspirant and, above all, in his orientation. He becomes an evocative and invocative centerTelepathy, 112:of the antahkarana and upon the steady orientation of the aspirant or disciple toward the Spiritual
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