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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTED

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Astrology, 288:when they are only swayed by desire and are oriented towards the satisfaction of that desire orAstrology, 291:the soul are complete and developed. But souls - oriented towards incarnation and theAstrology, 291:form, gradually prepared, adjusted, aligned and oriented during many aeons of time; behind thisAstrology, 297:into love-aspiration and are dedicated to and oriented [298] to the soul; the entire emotional orAstrology, 307:he must be fully self-conscious, mystically oriented and occultly developed. He must be aware ofAstrology, 361:the focus of the power in London is also rightly oriented and is released into increasedAstrology, 372:unprepared and the unready and from the wrongly oriented and the selfishly polarized person. ThisAstrology, 448:reversed wheel in the case of the spiritually oriented man and the disciple, it is the firstAstrology, 459:If the person or nation [459] is spiritually oriented, the result of the energy impact will be goodAstrology, 498:in question, focused in his personality life and oriented towards the material world. Much progressAstrology, 508:Sun) are "houses of the personality, mundanely oriented" and the reason is not far to seek. TheAstrology, 508:so purely material nor are they so exoterically oriented, yet all the twelve indicate limitation orAstrology, 508:the other hand, they offer opportunity if he is oriented towards the higher life. I might againAstrology, 572:people in the world, and the correctly oriented attitudes of the intelligent aspirants andAstrology, 573:who think in terms of world service and who are oriented towards light - the light of knowledge,Autobiography, 18:To her I owe more than I can ever repay. She oriented me spiritually and though her theology wasAutobiography, 196:or a disciple one is still a spiritually oriented human being requiring training and discipline. Autobiography, 198:which was inclusive and not exclusive and that oriented its students toward a life of service asBethlehem, 26:Towards this the disciples of the world are now oriented. Then there is the stage of achievement,Bethlehem, 88:the mind is definitely directed and properly oriented, it is brought en rapport with the Mind ofBethlehem, 119:the [119] wish life of the race has been wrongly oriented and human desire has been turned outwardBethlehem, 120:When we live as souls, when our inner life is oriented to God, not because of what we can receiveBethlehem, 253:manifested through the nations and groups) are oriented towards synthesis and cooperation. TheBethlehem, 266:a new and regulated inner attitude, one which is oriented to God because it is oriented to theBethlehem, 266:one which is oriented to God because it is oriented to the service of man, in whom God isBethlehem, 276:Such is the glorious future towards which man is oriented today, and for which all world events areDestiny, 94:If the person or the nation is spiritually oriented, the result of the energy impact will be goodDestiny, 127:form and responsible for the activity is wrongly oriented, selfishly impulsed and incorrectly used.Discipleship1, 45:activity upon the physical plane is wrongly oriented and inspired. These new types of groups willDiscipleship1, 48:integration, and yet remain impersonally oriented towards other people. He seeks recognition of hisDiscipleship1, 111:by the man who is mentally polarized and rightly oriented towards service. You are no doubtDiscipleship1, 121:done in an effort to galvanize you to a greater oriented reaction to the urge of your soul and thusDiscipleship1, 122:of those dependent upon you. Secondly, you have oriented the astral body to the higher values andDiscipleship1, 143:seepage of vitality, for you are constantly oriented towards giving. Your course is obvious butDiscipleship1, 174:steady and your life tendency has been directly oriented towards your goal; but your rhythm, orDiscipleship1, 216:in the soul realm and to be more definitely oriented - as a soul - to the world. This will in noDiscipleship1, 278:in my Ashram is composed of human beings who are oriented towards the light, who [279] have madeDiscipleship1, 382:persistency for years, his life tendency becomes oriented towards the light and this becomes aDiscipleship1, 387:been good. Your life purpose has been rightly oriented and in the next life you will reap theDiscipleship1, 423:you. Such is not the case, for your life is oriented thereto. But the strenuous aspiration and theDiscipleship1, 503:preservation of the rightly focused and rightly oriented consciousness which we seek to guard andDiscipleship1, 526:your life tendency is firmly and unchangeably oriented. But in dealing with circumstance andDiscipleship1, 664:who are undergoing the same experiences, who are oriented in the same direction, who are occupiedDiscipleship1, 668:quality for all those second ray people who are oriented particularly to treading, at some futureDiscipleship1, 705:is focused in his lower mind, but consciously oriented towards the soul and is becomingDiscipleship1, 760:which all disciples must wrestle, i.e., to be oriented to the soul, and, consequently, to theDiscipleship1, 760:soul, and, consequently, to the Ashram and to be oriented at the same time to humanity. OnlyDiscipleship2, 34:There is (within the man) the inner disciple, oriented consciously towards the Hierarchy [35] andDiscipleship2, 65:is different to that of the Masters. They are oriented to Shamballa; they are relatively unaffectedDiscipleship2, 65:and all initiates below the third initiation are oriented to the Hierarchy. Not the Council ChamberDiscipleship2, 81:progress of all movements, particularly those oriented to the work of the spiritual Hierarchy ofDiscipleship2, 101:continuity of knowledge and of a rightly oriented attitude. Thus time will not be lost; you can -Discipleship2, 142:of the Ashram as a functioning soul) must be oriented to humanity in a more definite manner; theDiscipleship2, 177:of the inner spiritual man might be correctly oriented and aligned, and thus present no obstacle toDiscipleship2, 195:to the disciple, and because the mind is oriented towards the Spiritual Triad, is a definiteDiscipleship2, 260:he has done and takes a firm stand, correctly oriented towards the vision (or to word it otherwiseDiscipleship2, 272:so that the entire man - now become the oriented mechanism of the Monad - is flooded with thisDiscipleship2, 297:still bewildered over the problem of flow to be oriented to the Hierarchy and your soul, and at theDiscipleship2, 297:and your soul, and at the same time to be oriented to humanity and your fellowmen. But the timeDiscipleship2, 300:possible if the disciple is rightly focused and oriented. These are within latent possibilities. IfDiscipleship2, 335:a definite soul intention, all are definitely oriented in their personality life to the spiritualDiscipleship2, 363:of God and from the Hierarchy. They are rightly oriented energy patterns. They are related to theDiscipleship2, 368:of thought and which is the seed of an oriented [369] perception of that which lies permanentlyDiscipleship2, 376:untold numbers of those who are definitely [376] oriented towards the light, who are spirituallyDiscipleship2, 448:the three phases of your life into one rightly oriented functioning whole. Is your creative workDiscipleship2, 497:brought to the point of detached and spiritually oriented servers. I would like to take thisDiscipleship2, 546:the life focus becomes either irrevocably oriented toward the soul, as must be the case with newlyDiscipleship2, 567:that your will is weak. It is constantly oriented towards that which is good and towards theDiscipleship2, 615:You are an earnest disciple, my brother; you are oriented to and serve the Hierarchy; you areDiscipleship2, 658:energy but the effects work out in a fanatically oriented and powerful astral body. The consequentDiscipleship2, 708:and tendency of your impulses is right and truly oriented. This is a major asset in your life. YouDiscipleship2, 733:will be - with definite purpose - physically oriented; your demonstration of right living upon theEducation, viii:only a few indications of contemporary inwardly-oriented researches. The re-entry of the spiritualEducation, 19:purpose and the life tendency is correctly oriented towards reality. The right direction of theEducation, 65:at a measure of this knowledge and having oriented himself towards the qualified life aspect, heEducation, 102:upon the young people they have taught and thus oriented them and led them forward to betterEducation, 120:that its desire and plans shall no longer be oriented to form living, the Guides of the race haveExternalisation, 51:the ruling spiritual body and a people who are oriented to a world of right values. This form ofExternalisation, 65:vision of the objectives. Those who are not oriented to the spiritual Hierarchy and to the Path areExternalisation, 95:these four factors in mind: The dedicated oriented man - the personality The over-shadowing,Externalisation, 123:in destroying those who were wrongly focused or oriented and, therefore, dedicated to the life ofExternalisation, 126:can be expressed in terms of a humanity which is oriented towards the higher spiritual andExternalisation, 213:us now. One - new, right and spiritually oriented; the other, ancient, evil and undesirable.Externalisation, 223:the well-meaning efforts of the emotionally oriented people and the agonized longings of theExternalisation, 263:handling of the present crisis by spiritually oriented humanity may bring about the release of someExternalisation, 305:stronger far than the demand of the spiritually oriented people - the disciples, the aspirants, theExternalisation, 308:necessarily influence sensitive, spiritually oriented disciples and aspirants, and thus theExternalisation, 313:which the average man who is not spiritually oriented can do as well, if not better. Some disciplesExternalisation, 350:servers and all the esotericists and spiritually oriented people of the world must work in fullExternalisation, 414:planned, defined invocation of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligently convincedExternalisation, 428:souls of men and with those minds which are so oriented and disposed that they react to soulExternalisation, 433:their children are in the future to be rightly oriented, and to live correctly. The temporaryExternalisation, 487:immovable in its spiritual strength, steadily oriented towards world salvation, and acting everExternalisation, 497:it has ever been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started byExternalisation, 524:forces, or to the thought currents of those not oriented to the Kingdom of God, does not constituteExternalisation, 539:forces, but groups of disciples whose quality is oriented towards mankind and whose potency ofExternalisation, 571:and sound, broadminded and sane, and rightly oriented and dedicated, will find their way intoExternalisation, 583:call it so) in their extreme youth and thus be oriented towards their life task from the veryExternalisation, 647:of right human relations if you are rightly oriented within the race of men and towards theExternalisation, 681:of Impression, with the illumined and rightly oriented mind as the interpreter, the analyzer and
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