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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTED

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Externalisation, 689:to the influence of human desire - a desire oriented towards selfishness, and therefore towardsGlamour, 86:direction and a higher control - either through oriented aspiration and mental discipline, or laterGlamour, 173:Path and who are in process of becoming rightly oriented; it is also a sin of accepted disciples asGlamour, 184:and even though much of this is rightly oriented and expresses the fixed determination of theHealing, 43:of the stream of consciousness. [43] It is oriented, if I may so express it, outwards or towardsHealing, 43:or the Master, the astral body is steadily oriented towards the soul. In the mystic, the aspirantHealing, 96:been good or bad, rightly motivated or wrongly oriented. It is simply the effect of integration,Healing, 235:one of the Masters has called "a tubercularly oriented race." Death by drowning and death byHealing, 349:a fine quality and so selfless and so happily oriented, that the evil is frequently offset by theHealing, 366:mystically inclined people and those rightly oriented visionaries who have not yet built in thatHealing, 425:it. The percentage of the souls of those who are oriented away from expression in the three worldsHealing, 456:for the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented human being. This is the first and mostHealing, 531:and metaphysicians who are commercially oriented; they are, however, a minority. In the sincereHealing, 531:becoming increasingly sensitive and subjectively oriented. [532] Healing, 545:the inhabitants of the earth are being rapidly oriented towards good, towards righteousness, as theHealing, 546:the sense of Oneness which marks the rightly oriented person. In the New Age, teaching anent theHealing, 554:the patient's emotional nature via his correctly oriented solar plexus center. I refer here to theHealing, 565:do advanced people, spiritual leaders and those oriented to the spiritual life, suffer soHealing, 705:unable to work on a patient who is spiritually oriented to the slightest degree, and is thereforeHealing, 705:they work through a healer who is spiritually oriented. When they attempt to do so they findHercules, 20:to a high grade intellect and with mental powers oriented to divine knowledge, they will produceHercules, 148:the point where fear is found. The spiritually-oriented individual has centered his thought at aIntellect, 137:the mind and brain are held steady and positive, oriented to the soul, and according to theMagic, 273:building, the time came when the form had to be oriented in the right direction and set upon theMagic, 342:undesirable, it produces in those of you who are oriented towards the light a tension which resultsMagic, 413:and ages, but each one must be spiritually oriented, all must be conscious servers, all must beMagic, 416:Great Ones are those whose daily thought life is oriented by the new ideal. That this thought lifeMagic, 437:the highly evolved, of the true aspirant who has oriented himself, and is thus escaping from theMagic, 464:are predominantly emotional and are physically oriented, it is not a particular life that sets theMagic, 472:[472] To send out his thought-form correctly oriented to his goal, and so truly directed that itMagic, 481:or to the varying modes of human activity have oriented the mind (not the emotions but theMagic, 482:of a loving spirit characterize those who are oriented towards the life side of the divine whole.Magic, 502:for the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented human being. This is the first and mostMagic, 516:active and in so far as it has been rightly oriented and held in a purely receptive attitude, itMagic, 624:life remains poised and normal, sane and rightly oriented. Others are breaking up emotionally andProblems, 6:a new race of men - new because differently oriented. There are necessarily many lesser problemsProblems, 125:inclined or so consciously and definitely oriented to the spiritual values and to the need forProblems, 160:to organize groups of believers into an oriented and united approach to God; however, the emphasisProblems, 161:to produce a group stimulation when successfully oriented and focused even to the point of ecstasyPsychology1, 11:individual and daily meditation) keep focused or oriented towards that which can be apprehended,Psychology1, 270:of the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented initiate to the same subject, may seem so widelyPsychology1, 329:to an event which takes place) man is [329] oriented towards, and becomes occupied with, a furtherPsychology2, 26:with the submerged masses; that they need to be oriented towards the truly desirable, more thanPsychology2, 112:world of soul energy, so men and women, who are oriented to soul living in their aggregate, form aPsychology2, 137:dedicated selflessness and the attitude which is oriented towards soul guidance) the force, flowingPsychology2, 204:"wish-life" or desire nature, almost entirely oriented towards the physical [205] life. These soulsPsychology2, 218:today. Their plans and purposes are destined and oriented to a larger accomplishment than it is asPsychology2, 260:final determining factor. They are, as souls, oriented towards earth life. Increasingly, awakeningPsychology2, 349:higher integration. The unselfish, spiritually oriented man also integrates the various aspects ofPsychology2, 382:fast. At the same time, the man is definitely oriented to soul contact and knowledge, andPsychology2, 438:then be adjusted and his sense of power rightly oriented. A tendency to over-emphasis may also showPsychology2, 481:as humanity becomes more subjectively oriented, more definitely aware of the realms of inner being,Psychology2, 491:[491] including the emotionally and selfishly oriented person. It should be remembered that no truePsychology2, 545:of the earth, and among those who are clearly oriented towards the light? The answer is that thePsychology2, 602:When, in these modern times, the mystically oriented person comes under the care of a wisePsychology2, 625:and disturbances of the man who is mystically oriented, introspective and enquiring, will, duringPsychology2, 653:perception. This means that they will be oriented towards reality. Average men and women will thenPsychology2, 669:of the new order. These thinkers may be oriented towards [670] unity and good will, but theRays, 36:means that the bulk of the members are correctly oriented; that they are proposing to accept theRays, 43:past and firmly grounded in the highest, rightly oriented aspect of the personality. As theRays, 45:the fruitage of form experience. It is being oriented towards a realized unity and identificationRays, 71:fires. His entire personality, integrated and oriented, is focused at a point of tension; then heRays, 219:focused intent that the group is undeviatingly oriented to the immediate task to be done and isRays, 370:intensification of the livingness of the rightly oriented aspirant. I prefer the word "livingness"Rays, 385:today have taken the first initiation and are oriented towards the spiritual life and the serviceRays, 441:in which he - the soul-infused personality - oriented upon the mental plane, brings into increasingRays, 457:of accepted discipleship. In the present, he is oriented towards the soul; he, through meditationRays, 462:the developed human stage (integrated, aspiring, oriented and devoted), the man stands firmly uponRays, 465:is indicated when his lower nature is: Becoming oriented, regulated and creative. Recognizing andRays, 468:only by the mental type who is spiritually oriented. The personality is also arriving at theRays, 468:as hitherto, in terms of a dedicated and rightly oriented personality. This becomes possible in itsRays, 484:advancement (with pure motive), and who are oriented unswervingly towards the soul, have taken theRays, 488:of a receptive attentive personality and a soul oriented towards the personality and in a state ofRays, 499:vision is oft distorted, that it is materially oriented or only partially seen is sadly true; butRays, 521:It is the impact of the vibration of humanity - oriented specifically to the Great Life of which itRays, 570:peoples everywhere; the life of the personality, oriented hitherto to the attaining of material andRays, 665:lives of those who are consciously and willingly oriented towards the light, who see a wider worldReappearance, 11:is not yet sufficiently developed or adequately oriented to the life of the Spirit to bear easilyReappearance, 28:the center of divine intelligence. Christ had oriented Himself to that divine center which has, inReappearance, 151:planned, defined invocation of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligently convincedReappearance, 158:It is the impact of the vibration of humanity - oriented specifically to the Great Life of which itReappearance, 183:and humanitarian movements who are fundamentally oriented towards the Kingdom of God or who are inReappearance, 189:that He is on His way, then all spiritually oriented people and the disciples and aspirants of theTelepathy, 38:for constructively useful and spiritually oriented and controlled work to be properly carriedTelepathy, 49:form, and this, when correctly created and oriented, will finally lead to the externalizing of theTelepathy, 49:be sensitive to impression and (because he is oriented to the world of ideas and is aware of theTelepathy, 94:normal unfoldment when the disciple is correctly oriented, completely dedicated and learning
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