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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIENTING

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Astrology, 178:of Sagittarius it is with the objective of orienting himself to some new and higher objective, withAutobiography, 239:adult using his mind, making his own decisions, orienting himself finally towards the kingdom ofDiscipleship1, 441:For some few years now you have been definitely orienting yourself to the life and status of theDiscipleship2, 232:The political regimes of the world need orienting to each other; it has never been the divine planDiscipleship2, 321:at the apex of the triangle. The clue to rightly orienting your thinking lies in the realization ofDiscipleship2, 567:the existence of the astral body, As the mind, orienting it with directness towards the soul. ThenDiscipleship2, 567:Center the consciousness anew in the soul, orienting your soul-infused personality towards theExternalisation, 294:fighting the Dweller on the Threshold or with orienting himself to the Angel of the Presence andExternalisation, 685:of impression from Shamballa and are now orienting Themselves - in an entirely new and directedHercules, 204:carried forward is hard mental work for it means orienting the mind to the soul, and you cannot doMagic, 618:is now so strong and humanity is now so potently orienting itself towards the Path that sensitivePsychology1, 85:Alchemical Worker The Builder of the Square The Orienting Force [86] The Fiery Unifier The Key toPsychology2, 481:of activity which may succeed in permanently orienting his life (often quite harmlessly andPsychology2, 486:Groups everywhere are occupied with the task of orienting people to the spiritual life or with theRays, 383:the Hierarchy. In the meantime the Hierarchy is orienting itself to a much closer rapport withReappearance, 183:the Kingdom of God or who are in process of thus orienting themselves. They are disciples of the
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