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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIGIN

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Glamour, 200:groups: Those forms which are of very ancient origin and which are the result of human activity,Glamour, 219:immediately dissipated. It is of too ancient an origin. But a persistent use of this formula willHealing, 24:emotional-feeling nature. Those which have their origin in the etheric body. Those which are basedHealing, 30:tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural formsHealing, 31:is the fact that disease is seldom of individual origin, unless a man misspends his life andHealing, 31:in the world today is almost entirely of group origin, is inherited, is the result of infection, orHealing, 32:healing are peculiar to humanity, and mental in origin. Disease is a fact in nature. Antagonism toHealing, 45:Center Gland Physical Organs Type of Force Origin Body Occultist - Initiate - Master - DominantHealing, 50:these seven ray types: [50] Center Ray Quality Origin 1. Head Center 1st The Divine Will Monadic 2.Healing, 58:in Lemurian times; they are of such ancient origin that the very soil is permeated with the germsHealing, 64:impulses. So few of them have a mental origin, in spite of all that Christian Science or MentalHealing, 72:with difficulties which have an etheric origin. The etheric body is a body composed entirely ofHealing, 74:are not purely subjective or psychological in origin as far as an individual is concerned, [75] butHealing, 88:may arise in the physical body. Their origin is not basically mental but primarily due to the factHealing, 91:in the last analysis, they are not of mental origin at all, but primarily are the result ofHealing, 93:tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural formsHealing, 113:in nature. The bulk of diseases are of: Group origin. The result of infection. Malnutrition,Healing, 128:or physically or both. The trouble is of ancient origin and of long established habit andHealing, 133:tainted streams of energy which are of group origin; third, he shares with all the natural formsHealing, 140:to you that disease (when not of a group origin, or the result of planetary karma or based onHealing, 198:disease, either innate, hereditary, or of group origin. In these words I express for you a futureHealing, 221:and modern humanity; these are largely astral in origin and might be described as Atlantean inHealing, 223:relation with women of every Asiatic or African origin, thus producing a fusion of blood which - ifHealing, 226:The theories held by mankind as to the origin of diseases, and the recognition of bacteria andHealing, 227:to the close relation of the animal kingdom. The origin of the syphilitic diseases traces back toHealing, 232:It is in this situation that we find the origin of tuberculosis. It originated in the organsHealing, 235:of diseases are of such exceedingly ancient origin that I have called them inherent in theHealing, 243:These diseases have no subjective or subtle origin; they are not the result of emotional conditionsHealing, 278:field exists. Modern medicine is of very ancient origin. Over the centuries it has grown andHealing, 292:and racial - still further back to the very origin of creation itself. Karma demonstrates in thoseHealing, 311:[311] diseases, the inner cause is of group origin, and has therefore an outer group effect and isHealing, 311:and diabetes are both diseases which have their origin in the astral body, but if I might put it soHealing, 313:conditions are more generally physical in their origin than cancer. Clear lines of demarcation areHealing, 313:out in a particular incarnation which have their origin in a very distant past; the seeds of theHealing, 316:Far more of these are definitely syphilitic in origin than is generally admitted, and I wouldHealing, 317:the physical condition. It is syphilitic in origin (often carried over from another life) and is,Healing, 320:to indicate the source of some disease or the origin of some form. We talk of a germ or seed ofHealing, 320:means that they have a deep seated and mental origin and one of such magnitude that the finiteHealing, 322:explain more fully than this, for the problem of origin and method remains an insoluble problemHealing, 324:The science of inoculation is purely physical in origin and concerns only the animal body. ThisHealing, 338:quite unrealized and have a truly subconscious origin, or it can be a carefully cultivated habit orHealing, 379:related because the human being is electrical in origin and nature? This must be demonstrated onHealing, 402:theologians. The basic facts of a spiritual origin, of a descent into matter, of an ascent throughHealing, 532:tainted streams of energy which are of group origin; third, he shares with all the natural formsHealing, 543:tainted streams of energy which are of group origin; third, he shares with all natural forms thatHealing, 544:tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. His sharing with all natural forms that whichHealing, 585:Law of Death. The fact of divinity and of divine origin is proved by the fact of life. This is oftHealing, 587:and outstanding testimony of man's divine origin, and the hope, the saving hope, of the world. TheHercules, 34:is God or the soul of man. This universe had its origin in the thought of God, the cosmic Thinker.Hercules, 37:birth to ideas and concepts which have their origin in the kingdom of the soul, and instead ofHercules, 37:error, falseness and cruelty, which have their origin in the lower aspects of man's nature.Hercules, 116:So the war between the sexes is of ancient origin; indeed is inherent in the duality of humanityHercules, 221:father, and the other emerges as we study the origin of the Cross. Initiation, 3:The students of occultism of non-Christian origin may call these Beings the One Ray, demonstratingInitiation, 55:and has many pupils everywhere, is of Kashmiri origin, though the family originally came fromInitiation, 115:in action but also is love wisdom in origin. He merges his consciousness with this Life, andInitiation, 129:appreciated that they are of electrical origin, and that their true significance is concerned withInitiation, 194:are the mainspring of activity and have their origin upon the mental plane. When these threeInitiation, 195:need to do two things, first, to study their origin, to realize their own true psychology occultlyInitiation, 196:and creative force by that which is of higher origin. Initiation, 225:founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. The practice of Meditation as a means ofIntellect, 41:all the world religions, for all are Asiatic in origin. It is responsible for the appearance ofIntellect, 95:The word, to "read," is very obscure in its origin, and philologists seem to think that two wordsIntellect, 162:in mystical language, is a 'return to his Origin'. Hence an inflow of new vitality, extended powersIntellect, 165:can be traced the best that man now knows, the origin of the great world religions, and theIntellect, 172:state, we have [172] probably also the origin of the halo depicted around the heads of theIntellect, 178:the problem of life, trying to arrive at its origin and its cause. More deeply seated still can beMagic, 327:of religions, the foundations of doctrine, the origin of ideas and the growth of the God idea areMagic, 432:for the sake of terminological clarity) has an origin which lies outside the solar systemMagic, 585:to study and work has had a basically selfish origin, and resting on a desire for liberation or aMeditation, 159:body. 25% in the mental body. 50% find their origin in the emotional body. Therefore, thoughMeditation, 360:founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. 2. The practice of Meditation, as a meansPatanjali, 165:ideas and thoughts and desires which have their origin through the "modifications of the thinkingPatanjali, 267:have relative values. The goal is one; the origin is one, but owing to the differing rates ofPatanjali, 385:to the body-nature, such as the divine origin of the man, the fact that the Christ or the soulProblems, 25:is very young. The Italian people are of ancient origin; the Italian state is historically of veryProblems, 25:stock of largely peasant and middle class origin is determining the race. Steadily in all nations,Problems, 26:within the States still bear the marks of their origin and of their racial heritage; they areProblems, 29:the people of America are international by origin and background. Problems, 147:Yet the word is a statement of the underlying origin and goal of humanity and is the keynote of theProblems, 147:or differences in its essential nature, in its origin, its spiritual and mental objectives, itsProblems, 165:as a fact and not only would our oneness of origin, of goal and of life be recognized but thatPsychology1, xxii:of its laws and tradition, its nature, origin and [xxiii] potentialities will become a graduallyPsychology1, 6:They find it impossible to discover its origin; they know not what it is, whether or no it is anPsychology1, 59:and their Answers Question 2 What are the Origin, Goal, Purpose and Plan of the Soul? The sevenPsychology1, 93:of this God to his deeds. Thus we have the origin of the heaven or hell complexes of the presentPsychology1, 124:those physical plane sicknesses which have their origin in the etheric body or double. They willPsychology1, 154:is the basic law of all manifestation and the origin of all evolutionary momentum; and he can restPsychology1, 167:on another ray, it will be well to refer to the origin of the two ray influences which constitutePsychology1, 399:It is the realization of this common origin which has led [400] the British-Israelites into theirPsychology1, 400:today; they have lost all sense of their common origin. There is no pure race in the world today,Psychology1, 401:When humanity awakens to the fact of its common origin, and when the three great major strains inPsychology2, 201:reason for this is that we are considering the origin of the souls which are expressing themselvesPsychology2, 230:else can we speak with clarity?) terms of human origin and therefore [231] limiting, such is ourPsychology2, 324:this statement will be little understood. Man's origin and his goal remain largely unconsidered,Psychology2, 481:in any case, the source of the direction and the origin of the guidance is vaguely called "God", isPsychology2, 481:it would be the part of wisdom to ascertain the origin of the guidance vouchsafed, and so know,Psychology2, 493:the position of the esotericists. The origin of the word "dream" is in itself debatable and nothingPsychology2, 493:their mutual tracing back to some most ancient origin and root we should discover a real meaning?Psychology2, 495:glamors, potent and strong because of ancient origin and racial desire, or they can embody the
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